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PDS 5b sam, will, hall


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Published in: Education, Career
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PDS 5b sam, will, hall

  1. 1. Stop BullyingStand Out Like A Bill Board What are the impacts of bullying on our society, and what steps can we take to prevent it?
  2. 2. Facts About Bullying• 14% of boys from ages 4 to 11 say people bully once or twice a term• More girls do cyber-bullying because they aren’t physical• When boys bully, they punch• Girls just hide and think that it is different if you say it on the computer then in person, but it isn’t
  3. 3. Ways to Stop Bullying• Tell an Adult. Adults are stronger then bullies, and they want to stop bullying, too.• Get some friends. Bullies mess with little kids who are alone. Try to find some friends because two is better thanone. Adult Friends
  4. 4. Kids Cyber-bullied From 2008-2012 Kids Being Cyberbullied 23% 23% 2012 2010 14% 23% 2008 1 2011 17% 2 2009 3 4 5
  5. 5. Guided Questions• Why is it satisfying to bullies to bully?• Why do people bully?• Why do the victims of bullying want to hide their feelings?• What hurts more? Cyber-bullying or physical- bullying?• What type of bullying happens more? Cyber or physical?
  6. 6. Advice to Parents & Kids• Bullies like to bully people because they are angry and sad, and releases the angriness and sadness on the victim.• Victims hide their feelings because they think that it will all go away, but it doesn’t; it just makes it worse.• Cyber bullying are two different “hurts” because each will hurt the same way; cyber is annoying at first then gets worse, and worse. Physical bullying never gets annoying, it just hurts in the beginning, then can get better.• Cyber-bullying happens more often because you can be alone at your house while it happens, but you have to be with someone to witness physical bullying. Also physical bullying only happens at certain places, and cyber-bullying can happen anywhere, and anytime.
  7. 7. I Used To Think But Now I Think I used to think bullying only happened physically, butnow I see it isnt only physical. I never knew about cyber-bullying, but now I realize it is more common. I realizethat the most hurtful bullying is cyber-bullying, and now Isee how girls bully. I realize that bullying doesnt have tobe public and that it can be only you and the bullyknowing about it. I now see how bad cyber-bullying is andthat it can mean "hurt" for a long time. Bruises goaway, but memories dont. Those memories build up andup, and then the memories hit your heart, and you justwant to hide, and not talk, skip school, etc. That is why Ilearned that you need friends to help you succeed so youdont go into the sad mode.
  8. 8. Sources• - A kid friendly and parent website that tells advice on what to do when you are being and have witnessed bullying• -Clipart is a website with tons of pictures that you can download for free. All of the downloads are not copyrighted, so you have permission to use them.• Microsoft Excel The graph in our presentation was created by Sam N.,WillC., and Hall U. from 5B. Research was from• Google The amazing search engine where you can find recipes for dinner to awesome shiny motorcycles.
  9. 9. Bullying QuizWe would like you to take this quiz to take a stand against bullying. We hope that you give full truth so that we canhelpstop bullying. From Your directors, Sam, Will, and Hall. Bullying Bullying Continued