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Stealing from the Internet

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Stealing
  2. 2. Stealing is taking something without permission or intending to give it back • There are many types of stealing such as streaming downloading games that are made to be paid for or downloading photos off the internet • You could go to jail if this becomes a constant and serious problem
  3. 3. Is it ok to steal on the internet?? • Stealing on the internet can fall into a number of categories such as: • Taking a photo of someone off the internet and using it for yourself • Downloading or streaming videos or games that are meant to be paid for • You can go to jail for this
  4. 4. Stealing from the shop • A lot of people steal from shops • This includes : • Sweets • Money • Toys • And basically anything that doesn’t belong to you and you take without permission
  5. 5. What to do when someone steals from you and what you should remember • If someone steals from you don’t try to get revenge or steal back just report the person and let justice deal with the rest • Never steal because even though you don’t get caught it is still bad • Stealing from someone could trigger a bad relationship with someone which can trigger fights and in some extreme cases with very important people war • Just don’t steal and you will have a happy life