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  • There should someone to be blame due to this bullying issue, others get off to school because of being afraid about this growing issue. I could say that the impact of bullying is definitely not a joke and must be stop. I would like to inform everyone that I have found a service which can be use and beneficial to all. It is called SafeKidZone, it has an application called panic button. By simply pressing it the alert will simultaneously go to a group of safety network and can access to the nearest 911 in the area. For more information about their service check out:http://safekidzone.com/eMail/ProtectorPlus/SafeKidZone/
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Henry, warren, isaih, and john's slideshow

  1. 1. Big Bad BullyingA few facts and reasons why bullying is a big bad problem in the world today!
  2. 2. Verbal• Verbal bullying is name-calling, teasing• Verbal bullying is also a huge feeling hurter.• Guard your tongue!
  3. 3. Physical• Physical bullying is hitting, punching, or shoving.• Physical bullying is the bullying that most people refer to!
  4. 4. Cyber Bullying• Cyber Bullying is using the Internet, mobile phones or other digital technologies to harm others• Cyber Bullying happens a lot because today almost everything is on the world wide web
  5. 5. Social Bullying• Social bullying is spreading rumors, leaving people out on purpose, breaking up friendships• Social bullying mainly happen to girls who like to gossip!
  6. 6. What Is bullying?• Bullying Is…• Unequal power: One child/adult has more power than the other child/adult (or at least it seems that way to the children/adults involved)
  7. 7. POWER!!!!• Power- bullying is an action caused because the bully thinks he has power and if he doesn’t “beat someone up” he belives he won’t have as much power.• Really?
  8. 8. Well, How Can I, ME, help?• 85% of bullying is seen by people, so once again if you are one of the 85% there’s a reason.• If you’re a bully WHAT IS THE POINT? WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT?Most likely the kid will have nightmares, or depression• Also most children don’t report they’re getting bullied so STOP BULLYING SPEAK UP NOW!
  9. 9. In the graph we showed you before…• Percent of all teens who have been bullied in the last 12 months• In Person- 12%• By Text- 9%• Online- 8%• Phone Call- 7%
  10. 10. Thanks!• poster4teachers.org For the pictures• balancedlifeskills.com• trcs.wikispaces.com• callnerds.com• sodahead.com• punjabigraphics.com• graphicshunt.com• anti-socialbullying.blogspot.com• onewordpundit.blogspot.com• selfempowermentsecrets.com• pdsmemphis.haikulearning.com/ktrefz/5thenglish2011- 12/cms_page/view/1407867• school.discoveryeducation.com• childswork.com• epcabc.com
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  12. 12. This Slide Was Brought To You By…• Henry Duncan• John Rack• Warren Turner• Isaiah Ingram