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Hartman cheetah


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Hartman cheetah

  1. 1. BB
  2. 2.  Most cheetahs live in grassland and dry openareas Most cheetahs hunt in groups at night It is a slender mammal that weighs about 75 to120 pounds Males tend to be larger than females
  3. 3.  My animal is endangered because humanshunt them and for their skin and meat.
  4. 4. People help my animal by protecting them andthey don’t hunt them.
  5. 5.  My animal lives in Asia and Africa andrainforest My animal likes to live in the rainforest My animal protects it’s self from theenvironment by living in caves
  6. 6.  My animal is a vertebrate It is a mammal They don’t travel in a group
  7. 7. GrassAntelopesCheetahLion
  8. 8.  My animal is related to leopards cats andjagaurs.