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Hartman snow leopard


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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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Hartman snow leopard

  1. 1. ESPSnow Leopard
  2. 2. The snow leopard is related to leopards and cloudedleopards. They are more closely related to normalleopards.Leopard Clouded LeopardSnow leopard relatives
  3. 3. Snow leopards live in mountains and forested regions ofAsia.They are just about 2 meters longThey give birth to live young.They have a pale gray coat with black spots.It eats meat, such as wild sheep and goats.Facts about Snow Leopards
  4. 4. The snow leopard is endangered because of habitatdestruction. Their population in the wild is decreasing.There are only about 6,000 snow leopards left in the wild.Why they are endangered
  5. 5. Snow leopards live in China and Asia.They live in rocky mountains cliffs and ridges.Sometimes snow leopards will stay in caves or dens.Where does the Snow Leopard live
  6. 6. The snow leopard is a mammal. Also, they arevertebrates. A group of snow leopards is called a leap.Let’s classify this animal
  7. 7. GrassWild sheep and goatsSnow leopardsFood chain
  8. 8. Snow leopards are being helped throughout most of theirrange. The International Snow LeopardTrust and theSnow Leopard Conservancy are the two leadingorganizations for this cat.+How they are being helped
  9. 9. ArtWork
  10. 10. Thanks for watching