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Winsor elephant


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Published in: Technology
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Winsor elephant

  1. 1. M KElephants
  2. 2. Interesting Facts An elephants tusks are really 2 teeth that grow verybig. The trunk of an elephant is he larges nose of anyliving animal. An elephant has the largest head of any land animal,and the largest brain. Elephants are very social animals. Elephants canmake different sound.
  3. 3. Where my animal lives My animal lives in Africa. Elephants lives in grasslands.
  4. 4. Why my animal is endangered A Elephant is endangered because people want theirtusks. People sometimes take elephants out of the wild.
  5. 5. How are we saving elephants?International ban an any elephant product.Protection from poachers.Habitat management and protection
  6. 6. Let’s Classify My Animal My animal is a vertebrate. It is a mammal. A group elephants is called a herd.
  7. 7. My animals food chainElephant eat grass then lions eat elephants.
  8. 8. What my animal is related to Elephants are related to manatees. My animal is also related to woolly mammoth.
  9. 9. Animal Artwork I made this in art class