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Hartman dolphin


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Hartman dolphin

  1. 1. AO*
  2. 2. *1,973,144,00 dolphins died.Dolphins to bring good luck to travelers.They are endangered species.When a young dolphins are best to join another group ofdolphins if there are an emergency.Humans killed other dolphins in the oceans
  3. 3. **My animal is endangered because they areendangered species .*Next, there are 1973,144 dolphins that havedied.* Finally 500,000 dolphins die yearly from toxicpollution .
  4. 4. **They are going to disappear since 2009 theyare likely endangered species . They are tryingto protect areas.
  5. 5. **They live in the oceans .They live in the deepsea .
  6. 6. **The dolphins are related to whales anddolphins are more closely related to hippos .
  7. 7. *Killer wales , dolphins , fish , small fish ,seaweed
  8. 8. **My art work is about dolphins are jumping upoff the water and 4 people taking pictures ofthe dolphins and the dolphins are playingtogether . So that is about my dolphins .