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Winsor cheetah


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Published in: Technology
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Winsor cheetah

  1. 1. CheetahRW
  2. 2. CHEETAH DECREASEThis is whathappens whenpeople killcheetahs forpurses and coats,people love thembut one cheetahcan make a wholedifference to their
  3. 3. RUNNING CHEETAHThis is a cheetahrunning so fastyou definitelycan’t catch up
  4. 4. Cheetah territory is also likely to include lightly woodedareas where the cheetahs can rest safely and keep theircubs out of harms way.It’s the cheetahs long legs that make the cheetah thefastest mammal on earth.The largest cheetah weighs no more than 65 kilograms or143 pounds.Most of the animals the cheetah hunts have eyes on theside of their heads.A cheetahs hunt can take anywhere from one minute toseveral hours to complete5 FACTS
  5. 5. Cheetah map
  6. 6. In stores you can buy animal bags and with the moneyyou pay will go to the animals.My animal is being saved by:
  7. 7. Human activities such as farming and logging caneffect all animals habitat.Farmers were killing cheetahs like flies.Cheetahs are fast on track to extinction becausetougher animals such as, Lions and Hyenas forcecheetahs off protected land on African wildlifereserves.My animal is endangered because
  8. 8. My animal is a vertebrateMy animal is in the class of MammalsA group of my animals is called a prideLET’S CLASSIFY MY ANIMAL
  9. 9. My animal lives in Asia and Africa.My animal would prefer woodlands because they likewoods and rocks.My animals shelter is a den.WHERE IN THE WORLD DOES MY ANIMAL LIVE
  10. 10. ALERT CHEETAHThis cheetah has his eyes open andis alert for any predators and alertfor any of his prey to come.
  11. 11. There are no close relatives to the cheetah, but sharethe same subfamily as cougars, caracals, and thedomestic cat.THE CHEETAH IS RELATED TO:
  12. 12. The gazelle eats grassThe cheetah eats the gazelleThe lion eats the cheetahThe worm is the decomposerCheetah’s food chain