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Group number 15

  1. 1. LUDIS CONSULTANCY Just for Sports Team Members 1. Karthik K (081) 2. Prashanth G (139) 3. Muralidharen R(108) 4. Raja R S (149)
  2. 2. PRODUCT We are a sports management company. What we do? 1. Sports Event Management 2. Sports Consulting 3. Sponsorship and Talent development
  3. 3. PLACE Metropolitan cities where we have well established corporates, colleges and where peopleare ready to invest in sports 1. New Delhi 2. Mumbai 3. Chennai 4. Kolkata 5. Bangalore
  4. 4. Pricing (Rough estimates) 1. For organizing sporting events within the Corporate- Rs15 Lakhs 2. For organizing inter corporate events across the country on our own- Only entry fees for participants- Funds will be made available through outside sponsorship as well. 3. For organizing sports events for organizations to help them market their products- Pricing would depend on the type of sporting event organized
  5. 5. Pricing (contd..) • For providing sport managers to sports professionals- Pricing would depend on the professionalism of the sportsman (could vary from Rs1 lakh to Rs20 lakhs per annum. • For providing sports consulting advice and personal counseling and settings up things to meet your demands-Rs500-Rs1000 per session
  6. 6. PROMOTION • Starting by organizing sports events by collecting entry fees from participants and introducing our brand. • Approaching organizations personally and trying to win contracts to organize their sporting events. • To advertise through media regarding the sports consulting facility. • To sponsor young talented sports players where they would be representing our company in the tournaments.
  7. 7. SCOPE OF THE PRODUCT • India is growing in the field of sports- this can be justified by the increase in the number of Olympic medals. • Sports is transforming itself from being just a sport to a much more technical and management oriented concept. • The concept of Sports Management has already made big strides in many places across the globe like Football in Europe, Basketball in U.S and Cricket in India. • Sports professionals are looking to improve their performances by looking out to sports managers. • There are a lot of other sports in India other than Cricket which are looking to perform and which require sports managers. • Corporates and organizations feel that their products can be marketed through the medium of sports which is genuinely liked by everyone.
  8. 8. THANK YOU