Rbtt 2011 tournament schedule


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Rbtt 2011 tournament schedule

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Rbtt 2011 tournament schedule

  1. 1. St Maart Cric Ass t ten cket sociatio on P.O Box 5360 O Phi ilipsburg, St. Maarten N.A N.______________ ____________ _____________ ____________ _____________ ____________ ____________ _____ 201 RB 11 BTT CUP - S C SCHE EDULE ETTo: All Team ms Date: 23rd Augu 2011 ust,From: Cricket St. Maarten Tournam Comm S n ment mittee1S Round ST A-D DIVISIO ON Date Teams oup Gro14th August, 2011 4 2 NA AGICO Unit ted vs MNO Montego B O Bay A st21 August, 2011 1 2 WI Pioneers vs SXM Nat IB tional Squad d B28th August, 2011 8 2 B & C Spartan vs Future Champs A ns C A4tth September 2011 r Ele ectec Lucian vs Winair Conquerors ns s B2n Round nd Date Teams Gro oup th11 Septembe 2011 1 er Fut ture Champs A vs MNO Montego B s O Bay A18thSeptembe 2011 8 er SX National Squad vs Winair Conqu XM W uerors B th25 Septembe 2011 5 er NA AGICO Unit vs B & C Spartans ted A n nd2 October 2011 WI Pioneers vs Electec Lucians IB L B3r Round rd Date Teams Gro oup t th9 October 2011 2 B& Spartans vs MNO Montego Bay &C A16th October 2011 6 2 Ele ectec Lucian vs SXM National Squ ns N uad B rd23 October 2011 3 NA AGICO Unit vs Future Champs A ted e A30th October 2011 0 WI Pioneers vs Winair Conquerors IB C B20th Novem 0 mber, 2011 - Semi-ffinal #1 - A1 vs B2 A th27 Novem 7 mber, 2011- - Semi-ffinal #2 – B1 vs A2 B t th4 Decemb 2011 – ber, Final – Winner of Semi-fin #1 vs W o nal Winner of S Semi-final #2 Page 1 of 2 P
  2. 2. B-DIVISION1st Round Date Teams Group20th August, 2011 Motorworld Kaieteur vs KFC Twisters A27th August, 2011 La Savanne vs A&A Supply Events A rd3 September 2011 Shop For Less Everest vs Future Champs B A2nd Round Date Teams Group th10 September 2011 KFC Twisters vs Future Champs B A17th September 2011 A &A Supply Events vs Shop For Less Everest A24th September 2011 Motorworld Kaieteur vs La Savanne A3rd Round Date Teams Group sr1 October, 2011 Future Champs B vs A&A Supply Events A th8 October, 2011 Shop For Less Everest vs Motorworld Kaieteur A15th October, 2011 KFC Twisters vs La Savanne A4th Round Date Teams Group nd22 October, 2011 Shop For Less Everest vs La Savanne A29th October, 2011 Motorworld Kaieteur vs Future Champs B A5th November, 2011 A&A Supply Events vs KFC Twisters A5th Round Date Teams Group th6 November, 2011 Shop For Less Everest vs KFC Twisters A12thNovember, 2011 La Savanne vs Future Champs B A13th November, 2011 Motorworld Kaieteur vs A&A Supply Events A19th November, 2011 - Semi-final #1 - A1 vs B226th November, 2011- Semi-final #2 – B1 vs A23rd December, 2011 – Final – Winner of Semi-final #1 vs Winner of Semi-final #2 Page 2 of 2