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Group 9

  1. 1. LITTI ON THE ROAD By Praveen Kumar_144 Praneesh P_135 Nilankan Kumar_119 Manish Kumar_94
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION  LITTI is a signature food of Bihar, UP, Jharkhand and MP.  It is basically an evening & morning snack served with Chokha made out of mashed potato, brinjal, tomato and chutney made by coriander and muster seeds.  It is essentially a thick, baked round ball of flour that is dipped in ghee(optional).  It can be plain or have various kinds of fillings i.e., stuffed with onions, peas and sattu.
  3. 3. BUSINESS IDEA & MOTIVE  There is very rich street food culture across country and there is an enormous scope to tap the potential business of street food.  Our basic motive is to introduce LITTI to other parts of country which is a traditional food in states like UP, Bihar, Jharkhand and MP.  Initial idea is to start a kiosk and offer two varieties of recipes to customers along with two types of chutneys.  We wanted to offer street food at street prices and don't want to burden customers by initially opening a restaurant.
  4. 4. BUSINESS PROPOSAL  In India, majority of people irrespective of their earnings and culture are accustomed to street food.  People purchase street food for a number of reasons like, Also For Nostalgia Reasonably Priced Tasty Food in a Sociable Setting To Experience Ethnic Food
  5. 5.  Asset of this proposal is demand for street food snack items in our country is always high.  People across the country are very much habituated to conventional snacks like pani puri, vada pav etc.  We wanted to introduce a new variety of snack to customers that share a good combination of different tastes and make them enjoy a new and unique snacking experience.  Our aim is to attract customers from Upper Middle Class Section and Middle Class Section.  In particular our targeted customer base is IT professionals, College Graduates and other professionals migrated to other parts of country.
  6. 6.  Below are the general expectations of customers from us. Hygiene Food Taste Ambience Reasonable Prices Upper Middle Class Section Middle Class Section FAVOURABLE ASPECTS FOR SUCCESS
  7. 7.  Young professionals and students can’t find time in preparing breakfast and snacks in their busy schedule.  This products serve the purpose of breakfast and snacks for our targeted customers in metro cities.  We would like to offer products in the same price range of other conventional snacks.  Our focus in also on the customers who prefer home delivery within our radius to minimize delivery charges.
  8. 8. BUSINESS SCOPE & PENETRATION Below aspects determine objective of current topic :  What different are we offering to customers ? >> New snacking experience that gives ethnic taste at reasonable price  How do we introduce new products to customers ? >> We would like to mix regional flavour to our existing products. >> Also introduce signatory snacks of other parts of country.  What is the right time to launch new products ? >> We would like to closely observe the pattern and response of customers towards our products.
  9. 9. >> Timing of new launches will be determined at the time when product sales are increasing gradually. >> Launch of new products will be done only when our customers get better idea on quality of our existing products.  We will market our product in areas where our targeted customer base is high like:  IT/Software Hubs  Vicinity of universities and colleges  Public places like Railways Stations, Bus Stations  Shopping malls
  10. 10. MARKETING STRATEGY  End Customer always advertises a product and our initial motto is to deliver quality product to customers.  Maintaining good relations with parties who are in constant touch with our business.  Initially concentrating on increasing flow of customers and response before expanding business to other geographic locations.  Quoting of competitive prices.