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Learning process


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Learning process

  1. 1. LearningProcess
  2. 2. Looking back at my preliminary task, I feel like I understand the conventions of magazinesmuch more because of the analysis of many music magazines, while with schoolmagazines, it was harder to find on search engines such as Google so I had less inspiration. Inow understand how magazines use different features and techniques to draw the audiencein although I understood some aspects when creating my school magazine, I thoroughlyunderstood all of the techniques used by magazines when creating my music magazine. I’velearnt how to make my magazines look more professional, probably due to my lack of skillswhen it came to programs such as Photoshop and InDesign when creating my schoolmagazine.When creating my preliminary task, I found InDesign and Photoshop difficult and confusing asI’d hardly used InDesign and Photoshop before but now I have learnt new things such assorting out the layout of the page, importing images and text. Although I had used Photoshopmuch more than I’d used InDesign, I found my edited images in my music magazine weremuch better than the edited images used in my preliminary task as I had a longer period oftime to find out about different tools that I did not previously know about. My images could bemuch better edited now, as I learnt about tools such as smudge tool and the lasso tool. Bylearning about the software, I feel that my standard of work has improved.My photo shoot for my music magazine also went much better than in my preliminary task.The reason for this is because I had more time to contact specific people whom I thought fitthe image of my magazine, I had more time to plan what shot types to use and whatimpressions they’d give to my audience by the angles, body language and shot type, I hadmore time to consider the location and I had more time to consider the mis-en-scene whichwas not even considered in the preliminary task.
  3. 3. I’ve also learnt how to download new, interesting fonts from, increasing the visualappeal of my magazine. As well as the complexity of my page layout, I’ve learnt to use layerssuccessfully within Photoshop. I feel I have used more variety of techniques than I did in mypreliminary task.I think that I have developed my critical evaluation skills when it comes to my work, I havewidened my media vocabulary and I think my evaluations are much more thorough now ratherthan when I was evaluating my preliminary task. I have also found new ways of presenting myevaluations so they are more exciting to read and useful to the reader.I have also developed my research skills as I thoroughly looked for inspiration when creating mymusic magazine, while in preliminary task, I evaluated a few school magazines but took noinspiration from them as they were not similar to what I wanted to achieve. I have improved onrecording my research so all the research I have done is on my blog to help gather and developmy idea while on preliminary task, I didn’t record a lot of research as I found it difficult to findinspiration.I have also developed skills when analysing other media products, I have learnt to look for thepurpose of the media product, the audience, the media institution behind it along with thevisuals. It helps me understand how to connect with your target audience, how to fulfil thepurpose and the importance of having a clear purpose and sticking to it.
  4. 4. Overall my understanding of many softwares hasimproved greatly because at the start I had barelyused software such as InDesign and now I haveproduced a better looking, more professionalmagazine because of my development of skills. Ialso feel that I have a greater understanding andknowledge on how to produce amagazine, especially as my music magazine looksmuch more interesting than my preliminary taskand links much better to my research. You canclearly tell the improvement and developmentbetween my preliminary task and music magazine