Stock characters in horror


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Stock characters in horror

  1. 1.  The jock is typically the very cocky character. Extremely arrogant and vain characteristics. Loved by the girls, hated by the boys (unless it’s his close circle). Comes across as dumb (mainly academically) as his brain is too busy focused on girls, partying and sport. They always have a sport jacket/jersey on so nobody forgets who they are. He often has a girlfriend or close female companion with him (The “Promiscuous One”) with whom he has sex with at some point during the movie.  There are two very common ways he dies. One is by being cocky. He will often try to go after the killer, inevitably getting himself killed. The other way is while relieving himself through some bodily function (i.e. sex or urination). Examples: Curt Vaughan, Cabin in the Woods
  2. 2.  This is the person that offers to go explore the location. They always get killed due to their isolation from the group which makes them unable the fight the killer or evil themselves. When the other characters notice that the wanderer has been gone for too long, they venture off to find her/him which leads them to being killed too. Tatum Riley in Scream
  3. 3.  The blonde, stereotypically not too bright, is often used as comedic relief for the first part of the movie. Not necessarily in terms of jokes, but laughing at some of the out-there things she says. She typically dies after going off alone to investigate a noise or just wandering around trying to find the group of people she was with. Either way, she dies alone. Chloe in Tucker and Dale vs. Evil
  4. 4.  As previously mentioned, she is often either the girlfriend, significant other, or at least attracted to the Jock. She typically dies within 3-5 minutes of the her significant other, while waiting for him to come back once he left to either relieve himself, grab something to eat or drink, etc. She will hear a noise from nearby, call out to who she thinks is the Jock (often using the classic line, “Come on out! Stop it! If this is a joke it isn’t funny!”). Seconds later she is being burned or stabbed to death. Helen in I Know What You Did Last Summer
  5. 5.  He’s your average Joe. He’s smart, decent looking, and friendly. He’s typically a rational guy, avoiding confrontation when possible. The Normal Guy is typically one of the last two people alive. If he does in fact die in the movie, he dies when a well-thought-out plan to to get rid of the monster or killer doesn’t go as well as planned, or trying to save the Virgin or Good Girl. Chip in Jennifer’s Body
  6. 6.   The Pandora unlocks secrets that weren't suppose to be told, the character (usually female) provokes trouble and is often a trigger for bad events in horror films portraying the Greek mythology from which the characters name is derived 'Pandora's Box' which if opened releases hell on earth Another type of Pandora is that they seem innocent and good-willing throughout the film, which allows them to be a good killer or a good side-kick to the killer. Nobody expects them to be the killer, which gives the film a twist and unpredictable ending. Jill in Scream 4
  7. 7.  Almost always played by a man, the pervert is sexually motivated, usually disturbed and will go through any amount of lengths in order to sleep with women who he desires. The pervert is a minor stock character and is also often first to die as he is often to concentrated on trying to get someone into bed and not paying attention to what is going on around him highlighting that immoral acts will be punished. Blake, House of Wax