My Learning Plan


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My Learning Plan

  1. 1. Kathreen’s Learning Plan Facilitating Adult Education EDCA 300 Learning Activities Communication Strategy Tools
  2. 2. Current Learning Opportunities The third course is through NING and there are approximately five hundred people participating online in this course. I’m currently participating in three courses. One course is a traditional face to face course that I attend once a week with about twenty other people. The second course is this one with approximately 30 people, using WebBoard.
  3. 3. Learning Activities I would like to know how adult learning is being facilitated in each of these three courses according the attributes described in Module 1. These attributes include: the physical environment; the social emotional environment; the strategies used support, inclusion, trust, group processing and cross cultural awareness. Learning Activity One
  4. 4. Learning Activities Learning Activity Two I want to identify my own PLE (Personal Learning Environment) to investigate which environments I engage in frequently and why I choose some environments or tools over others. More information about Personal Learning Environments: )
  5. 5. Activities Learning Activity Three: I want to investigate and develop a Personal Learning Environment for the people who form an entity in this course, ‘Facilitating Adult Education’. In doing this I may discover connections between the preferences of the individual learner and their effect upon the dynamics of this course including the social, emotional physical environment as well as the strategies to support inclusion, trust and cultural awareness.
  6. 6. Communication Strategy In each of the learning activities I will be looking for ways to share what I have learned and elicit feedback in formats other than just typed text. My goals in communicating my learning are to: • use formats that are accessible and engaging for me and other learners in this course • use formats that allow other learners to respond in ways other than through written text in WebBoard. • incorporate the feedback and contributions of other learners into the ‘final product’ of my learning activities.
  7. 7. Tools Tools that I will be using to create and communicate my learning. MS Word MS PowerPoint Voicethreads Wikis Audacity Blogger and more as I discover them.