Best Practices in Presentation Design and Delivery


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This presentation provides the most popular and best practices in presentation design and delivery in our world today. The ideas shared in this presentation come from reliable sources all over the United States. This presentation can help you create and deliver an excellent presentation of any matter.

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  • Having a well designed PowerPoint will improve the quality of your presentation.
  • Do not put a lot of information on the slides.Too much information will distract your audience.Provide plenty of open space.Make sure there is no clutter present on each slide.
  • The best slides have little to no text on them.You as the presenter do most of the informing, not the slide.Your audience will listen to what you are saying more if there is less text.
  • Some animation throughout the presentation is good, but too much animation will cause people to get bored.Use animations, sound and video sparingly to give them a more impact when they are used.
  • High quality graphics help the audience connect and gain interest in what you are saying.Visual aids help illustrate points instead of using words to explain points you are trying to make.
  • Do not use PowerPoint templates.Those templates have been seen by your audience probably a number of times. Create a uniqueness to your slides and presentation.This will capture attention.
  • Too much data on a chart can be confusing and looks chaotic.Using simple charts allows your audience to understand the point you are trying to make in an easier way.People will be more interested in simple charts, compared to ones with a lot of data.
  • Using the right color can help persuade and motivate your audience.Warm colors (orange and red) should be used for objects in the foreground.Cool colors (blue and green) works best as a background.
  • Use the same font throughout the entire presentation.Use no more than two complimentary fonts.Use text larger than 18 points so it is easily visible.Avoid using all caps on a slide, make the font larger instead.
  • Use video or audio to show examples.Showing examples to your audience promotes active cognitive processing. Adding quick links to a video is a great way to include video into your presentation.
  • Use the slide sorter in PowerPoint or of some sort to organize your presentation.This will help lay out your presentation and create a sense of flow to your presentation.
  • Now on to presentation delivery..
  • The first 2-3 minutes are the most important of your presentation.This is the opportunity to engage your audience.It is important to grab their attention and and make it so they want to hear what you have to say.
  • It is important to show passion while presenting.Be honest and excited with what you are saying.This will allow you to connect with your audience.
  • Humans have a short attention span so it is important to not drag on your presentation.You should be concise and to the point while presenting your information. Your audience will want more of you if you keep it short and to the point.
  • It is beneficial to move away from the podium and interact with your audience. You should get closer to the audience to help form a better connection with the point you are trying to make.Using a remote control device to control your presentation will allow you to move freely.
  • Using eye contact throughout your presentation allows what you are saying to be more powerful.Again it can increase the connection with the audience.
  • Keep the lights on while presenting.Keeping the lights on will keep the focus on you and not on the screen.
  • Use a television for small group presentations.This can promote a sense of unity among the presentation.
  • Always be courteous, gracious and professional while delivering your speech.This will earn you respect from your audience.
  • It is important to stay confident, relaxed and natural while delivering your presentation.You should work with your slides, instead of getting cues from them.This will gain trust from your audience.
  • Always prepare for your presentation.Practicing and knowing what you are going to say will help you complete a less nervous delivery.
  • It is important to stay calm, cool and collected while delivering your presentation.You do not want to be anxious or nervous during your presentation delivery.This will help you have more authority throughout your presentation.
  • You should not use filler words if you become lost or you are “blanking”.You should just be silent until you get back on track, this gives your audience time to digest what you have just said.
  • Make your presentation interactive by including questions, polls or even games. This will keep your audience engaged and interested.
  • It is beneficial to include anecdotes and stories into your presentation.This will put yourself into the information you are trying to share and allow your audience to see it through your perspective and further your connection with them.
  • Using these practices during your presentation design and delivery will help you create an excellent presentation.
  • Best Practices in Presentation Design and Delivery

    1. 1. Best Practices In Presentation Design and Delivery By: Katlynne Ray Microsoft Clipart Gallery
    2. 2. Presentation Design /261096938/
    3. 3. Keep it simple. Microsoft Clipart Gallery
    4. 4. Limit bullet points and text. Microsoft Clipart Gallery
    5. 5. Use animations and transitions sparingly. /182191565/
    6. 6. High-quality visual aids. 820866907/
    7. 7. Use own templates. /4771132618/
    8. 8. Appropriate charts. Microsoft Clipart Gallery
    9. 9. Appropriate color. /3496095474/
    10. 10. Consistent font. /5056595168/
    11. 11. Use video or audio. _Ls Microsoft Clipart Gallery
    12. 12. Use the slide sorter. /8443988489/
    13. 13. Presentation Delivery /4899321864/
    14. 14. Start strong. /8752384617/
    15. 15. Show passion. Microsoft Clipart Gallery
    16. 16. Keep it short. Microsoft Clipart Gallery
    17. 17. Movement /7145822233/
    18. 18. Eye contact. /3025762169/
    19. 19. Lights on. /4975376460/
    20. 20. T.V. for small groups. /3656749326/
    21. 21. Manners Microsoft Clipart Gallery
    22. 22. Language and manner. Microsoft Clipart Gallery
    23. 23. Be over prepared . Microsoft Clipart Gallery
    24. 24. Calm, cool, collected. /102889348/
    25. 25. Silence Microsoft Clipart Gallery
    26. 26. Make it interactive. Microsoft Clipart Gallery
    27. 27. Tell a story. Microsoft Clipart Gallery
    28. 28. Good luck! Microsoft Clipart Gallery
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