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Edmodo Presentation

  2. 2. What is Edmodo?Edmodo (www.edmodo.com) is a web-based social networking tool that allows a school district to provide a secure environment for teachers, students, and parents to work collaboratively. Image Courtesy of Edmodo.com
  3. 3. Use Edmodo…. In any subject area To provide online assessments To interact with students and other teachers in an online academic setting To teach students how to manage their work digitally To provide supplemental support and information to classroom units
  4. 4. Edmodo in Action Click here to see Edmodo in action in the classroom!
  5. 5. Cost FREE! There is no fee to sign up for Edmodo and no limit to the number of users that a site may have Also free of charge are numerous support material to help educate teachers, students and parents
  6. 6. Users: Teachers Teachers can use Edmodo to post assignments, take class polls, and support students outside school hours.
  7. 7. Users: Students Students upload assignments, including podcasts and video recordings, directly to their teacher.They can also interact with their peers and teachers outside of school to gain extra support for class and assignments.
  8. 8. Users: Parents Parents use Edmodo to keep track of their childrens upcoming assignments, events, and grades; and they can receive a text message or e-mail if the teacher sends out an announcement.
  9. 9. Automatically track grades for Store content such assignments and quizzes and as links, videos, calculate scores Google Docs, Schedule events and assignments PDFs, and for others to see pictures Apps such as BrainNook, Schooltube, and ThirdGroups to filter World Farmerinformation forspecificclasses oreducators Post information and files for collaboration Teacher View
  10. 10. Share information and View grades for assignments files with group and quizzes Notifications for new grades, members only assignments, alerts or repliesCustomizeprofiles withavatars,preferedlearning style,quotes, careergoals, andbadges Groups for each class Student View
  11. 11. Quick overview of childs assignments, grades, and calendar notices Instant notificationMessagesfrom teachers Parent View
  12. 12. Choose from a variety of post typesAttach files such asdocuments ormultimedia orinclude links towebsites Filter posts to certain groups or individuals. Messages
  13. 13. Why use technology with instruction? In a study done by Mazten and Edwards (2007), they found that “by utilizing technology in the classroom, there is a shift toward student-centered instruction.” Technology is a catalyst for changing the way teachers teach in a way that moves us away from old traditional instructional methods into new instructional methods that involve the learner in the process.Matzen, N., & Edmunds, J. A. (2007, Summer). Technology as a Catalyst for Change: The Role of professional Development. Journal of Research on Techology in Education, 39(4), pp. 417-430. Retrieved July 9, 2012, from http://www.eric.ed.gov/contentdelivery/servlet?accno=EJ768887