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#ICE14 presentation on making the jump from proficient to excellent in the Danielson model.

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Jump to excellent

  1. 1. Using Technology to Make the Jump from Proficient to Excellent! Barb Georges, Jenny Goettsche, Jason Janczak, Pam Pleviak Grayslake High School District 127
  2. 2. Danielson Framework Following along with the framework: http://www.tinyurl.com/ICEDanielson
  3. 3. Planning and Preparation Activities permit student choice. Lesson plans reference frameworks/standards to ensure accurate sequencing. • Apps (Common Core and NGSS by Mastery Connect) • Schoology, Canvas, Edmodo, Moodle (LMS) o Individualized instruction and curriculum • Lesson Paths o Interdisciplinary and allows students to edit/add to path.
  4. 4. Planning and Preparation Texts are matched to student skill level Lesson plans differentiate for individual student needs • Newsela.com o Differentiation tool for texts in all subjects o Can aim for target range and then differentiate Lexile level on the same article. o Some articles include quizzes that are also differentiated.
  5. 5. Planning and Preparation Students participate in designing assessments for their own work. • Google Forms and Flubaroo
  6. 6. Classroom Environment Respect and Rapport -Have students partner up and get out their devices. Share one song/photo that best represents who they are. -Send out celebration tweets or posts on class LMS for special occasions. -Create a strong understanding for what it means to be a digital citizen (Edutopia, DigitalCitizenship.net)
  7. 7. Classroom Environment Culture of Learning -Use GoogleDocs to have students offer feedback on documents/projects they create -Have a discussion board each unit in your LMS that says “what questions do you have?” Encourage students to answer their classmates questions. -Send out tweets related to the subject your kids are studying.
  8. 8. Classroom Environment Managing Classroom Procedures -Use your LMS to maximize time on task (log into your computers and check the LMS for your assignment, etc.) Managing Student Behavior -Create (or have students create) a video that demonstrates your expectations when it comes to technology use in your class. Share with the rest of class and parents
  9. 9. Instruction • web based • free • easy for students • easy for teachers
  10. 10. Instruction
  11. 11. Instruction Instruction
  12. 12. Professional Responsibilities Maintaining Accurate Records ● Scan ● Save ● Upload to Google Drive ● Share
  13. 13. Professional Responsibilities From this to….
  14. 14. Professional Responsibilities Communicating
  15. 15. Professional Responsibilities ● Bring parents and community members into the conversation.
  16. 16. Professional Responsibilities Participating in a Professional Community ICE Newsletter Blogs Skype Webinars-edWeb Feedly Feedly
  17. 17. Professional Responsibilities Participating in the Professional Community • • • • • ICE NICE IETC ASCD IPA
  18. 18. Professional Responsibilities Partners make perfect!
  19. 19. Thank You For Attending Barb Georges – bgeorges@d127.org @barbgeorges Jenny Goettsche – jgoettsche@d127.org @JennyGoettsche Jason Jancak – jjanczak@d127.org @jjanczak Pam Pleviak – ppleviak@d127.org @ppleviak