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Life cycle of a chicken by annmarie and maria


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Life cycle of a chicken by annmarie and maria

  1. 1. O rang a seby Annmarie Doherty and Maria Sweeney*Life Cycle of aChicken
  2. 2. Our class has startedthe project of the lifecycle of a chicken.We are going to hatchour very own chicks!!*Introduction
  3. 3. *The hen lays one eggeveryday.*How It Begins
  4. 4. *The egg will turn intoa chick after 21whole days if ….*The egg
  5. 5. *The eggs HAVE to bekept warm.Usually the hen sitson the eggs.*Keeping warm !!
  6. 6. *We don’t have a hento use so were usingsomething called anincubator.*Incubator
  7. 7. *The incubator keeps thingswarm enough or cold enough.Can you think of anywhere elsea incubator could be used?Think of little babies!Our incubator will keep theeggs warm enough for thechicks to grow!*What This Means
  8. 8. *We have to turn theincubator three timeseveryday to make sure theeggs are warm enough*The Incubator
  9. 9. *If everything goesright chicks willhatch from the eggs*After 21 Days…
  10. 10. *The eggs hard shellprotects the baby as itgrows.When the chick is ready tohatch it will peck at theshell with it’s beak with itsbeak until the egg cracks*The Shell
  11. 11. *Slowly the chick willcome out of the egg.This can sometimestake up to a day.The chick is wet whenit hatches from itsegg.*Hatching time
  12. 12. *The chicks will dryquickly and will be niceand cute and fluffy soon!!
  13. 13. *The chicks must bekept warm for thenext few weeks .We will use an infrared lamp to keepthem warm.*Staying warm
  14. 14. *We will then feedthem well and lookfor a good home forthem to go to.
  15. 15. *We hope you enjoyedlearning about our project !!*We will now ask you a fewquestions to see what youcan remember !!
  16. 16. *Questions !!*Question 1*How many eggs a day doesa hen lay ???
  17. 17. *Question 2*How many days does it take for a chick tohatch from its egg ??
  18. 18. *Question 3*What do we keep theeggs in to keep themwarm ??
  19. 19. *Well done on answeringthe questions !*Now all we have to do iswait for our eggs tohatch.
  20. 20. *That’s the end of ourpresentation. We hopeyou enjoyed,it go raibhmaith agaibh !!!