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#50Tips to Hosting Badass Events by Karen Hartline, Reinventing Events #INBOUND15


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Are your events badass? Are they unforgettable experiences delivering ROI, creative brand awareness and community cultivation? Karen Hartline, CEO of Reinventing Events will share her top 50 tips she has gained over the past 13 years of event production experience covering pre-planning, speakers, onsite, sponsors, food & beverage, post-production, and even some insider tips. The tips will help planners design events where the clients’ brands and personalities shine through the entire production, as well give the attendees a one-of-a-kind event experience.

Published in: Marketing
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#50Tips to Hosting Badass Events by Karen Hartline, Reinventing Events #INBOUND15

  1. INBOUND15 Behind the Curtain — 50 Tips for Hosting Badass Events Karen Hartline CEO, Reinventing Events #50tips @khartline
  2. --13 years of event production experience --Orchestrate events in U.S. and U.K. --Produce variety of events including: conferences, dinners, launch parties and road shows --Accommodate budgets of all sizes Karen Hartline | @khartline
  3. --Questions? --Share presentation via email --Learn at least 1 new thing AGREEMENT
  5. INBOUND15 1 Set goals from the beginning #50tips @khartline
  6. INBOUND15 Plan for unexpected fees 2 #50tips @khartline
  7. INBOUND15 3 Give attendees an opportunity to meet BEFORE the event #50tips @khartline
  8. INBOUND15 Speed networking may be cheesy, but it works 4 #50tips @khartline
  9. INBOUND15 5 Absorb the fees #50tips @khartline
  10. INBOUND15 Customize your order form 6 #50tips @khartline
  11. INBOUND15 7 Don’t expect your community to come to you—go to them! #50tips @khartline
  12. #INBOUND15 Mashable Road Tour
  13. #INBOUND15 Twilio Roadshow
  14. #INBOUND15 Whuffaoke
  15. #INBOUND15 Whuffaoke
  16. INBOUND15 8 Turn a negative into a positive #50tips @khartline
  17. INBOUND15 Add personal touches 9 #50tips @khartline
  18. INBOUND15 10 Create templates and checklists! #50tips @khartline
  19. INBOUND15 Be ready for last minute ideas 11 #50tips @khartline
  20. #INBOUND15 TwilioCon 2012
  21. INBOUND15 12 Use a hashtag, not a new Twitter profile #50tips @khartline
  23. INBOUND15 13 Ask speakers to attend the event, not just speak #50tips @khartline
  24. INBOUND15 14 Include more Q&A time #50tips @khartline
  25. #INBOUND15 Tech Cocktail Celebrate
  26. INBOUND15 15 Prep your speakers #50tips @khartline
  27. INBOUND15 Question your speakers 16 #50tips @khartline
  28. INBOUND15 17 Don’t make your panel facilitator do all the work #50tips @khartline
  29. INBOUND15 Don’t ask everyone to speak 18 #50tips @khartline
  30. INBOUND15 19 Make a clear ask #50tips @khartline
  31. INBOUND15 Host VIP reception instead of dinner 20 #50tips @khartline
  33. INBOUND15 Start your event outside the venue 21 #50tips @khartline
  34. INBOUND15 22 Music in between sessions helps keep energy up #50tips @khartline
  35. INBOUND15 23 Have your playlist offline #50tips @khartline
  36. INBOUND15 Have employees staff the event 24 #50tips @khartline
  37. INBOUND15 25 Get your sales team involved #50tips @khartline
  38. INBOUND15 Include a WOW factor26 #50tips @khartline
  39. INBOUND15 Provide a coat check 27 #50tips @khartline
  40. INBOUND15 28 Offer stress relief at your event #50tips @khartline
  41. #INBOUND15
  42. INBOUND15 29 WiFi is a must #50tips @khartline
  43. INBOUND15 Power it up! 30 #50tips @khartline
  45. INBOUND15 31 Don’t sell attendee list to sponsors #50tips @khartline
  46. INBOUND15 Offer creative sponsor activations 32 #50tips @khartline
  47. INBOUND15 33 No pay-to-play #50tips @khartline
  48. INBOUND15 Get your swag on!34 #50tips @khartline
  49. INBOUND15 F&B
  50. INBOUND15 35 Help facilitate lunch discussions with table topics #50tips @khartline
  51. INBOUND15 36 Provide a variety of options for food #50tips @khartline
  52. INBOUND15 Limited catering budgets means getting creative 37 #50tips @khartline
  53. #INBOUND15 Engine Yard Distill
  54. INBOUND15 38 Make your water fancy #50tips @khartline
  55. INBOUND15 Offer healthy snack options 39 #50tips @khartline
  56. INBOUND15 40 EAT! #50tips @khartline
  58. INBOUND15 Say Thank You!41 #50tips @khartline
  59. INBOUND15 42 Prep post-event emails BEFORE the event starts #50tips @khartline
  60. INBOUND15 43 Have content ready to go #50tips @khartline
  61. INBOUND15 Do your own debrief44 #50tips @khartline
  62. INBOUND15 45 Announce your next event #50tips @khartline
  64. INBOUND15 Have an event emergency kit 46 #50tips @khartline
  65. INBOUND15 47 Use a Safe Word #50tips @khartline
  66. INBOUND15 Keep details straight with Boomerang 48 #50tips @khartline
  67. INBOUND15 49 Have work/life balance #50tips @khartline
  69. INBOUND15 Think about it from the attendees perspective 50 #50tips @khartline
  70. INBOUND15 Karen Hartline CEO, Reinventing Events @khartline #50tips karen@reinventingevents. com