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SalesFUSION Webinar - Supporting sales follow up with nurture-based campaigns


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New - SalesFUSION webinar - explores how companies can use marketing automation software to improve and automate sales follow up to long-term leads.

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SalesFUSION Webinar - Supporting sales follow up with nurture-based campaigns

  1. 1. SalesFUSION Webinar
  2. 2. What we’ll cover today• About SalesFUSION• Marketing automation systems overview• Integrating sales follow up processes with MA• Examples of how to support sales follow up using MA• How to eliminate Lead Leakage from your lead funnel
  3. 3. About SalesFUSION• SaaS Marketing Application• HQ – Atlanta, GA – Sales Offices in Philadelphia, PA• Provide all b2b marketing functionality in a single app• Focus on integrating Marketing and Sales (CRM)• Only solution built on a CRM database• Extensive global partner network• Unique Client Services model• Game-changing pricing structure• 99% retention rate• 90% of all new features added in 2011– customer requests
  4. 4. SalesFUSION B2B Marketing Integration Framework Example text. Example text. Go ahead and replace it with Go ahead and replace it with your own text. Go ahead and your own text. Go ahead and replace it with your own text. This Integrated Marketing & CRM replace it with your own text. This is an example text. Go ahead Multichannel Integrationan example text. Go ahead is Sales Process and replace it with your own text. Campaigns and replace it with your own text. Email Marketing Lead Scoring Routing Sales Process Social Website Publishing Tracking Nurture Event Marketing Management Marketing Process Example text. Example text. Go ahead and replace it Go ahead and replace it with your own text. Go with your own text. Go ahead and replace it with ahead and replace it with your own text. your own text.
  5. 5. Challenges in b2b sales 2012 Online buying environment Buyers research more before engaging with Sales Less human interaction More competition is at the buyer’s fingertips Social media complications Less resources available to sales More selling pressure Marketing is expected to provide more direct support to sales
  6. 6. Marketing’s changing role More pressure on marketing to directly support sales with lead gen Marketing and Sales integration is required at the technology & process levels Tactical programs specifically designed for sales lead capture Responsibility expanded into top of sales funnel MQL/SQL Management
  7. 7. Traditional mismatch in marketing/sales goals & technology Lack of technology to support integrated funnel causes lead leakage MA Software is designed to plug this gapSource: Forrester Research-October 2006, “Improving B2B Lead Management” report
  8. 8. Recent Article on SellingPower –Why the tickler file fails on how to set up a sales tickler file system….this is RECENT! To get started, you will need the Relies upon the diligence of individual following: sales personnel 1. 4" x 6" card file/box... at least 8" Fraught with human error deep. Sales will always migrate to the near-term 2. 4" x 6" index cards...white and an additional color. Use white for Inconsistent prospects. A color card is used to Not data driven record a sale, remind you to send a thank you note, ask for referrals, and No visibility into lead behavior distinguish special customers. 3. Numbered tabs (1-31)...for active follow-up. 4. A-Z tabs...inactive-use for prospects/customers you are no longer pursuing. 5. Monthly tabs...for future follow-up.
  9. 9. Sales follow up should be collaborative Sales & Marketing shared responsibility Marketing – control the electronic messaging and monitoring of a lead (cold or warm or nurtured) Marketing – monitor behavior along the way Alert/Assign follow up tasks when appropriate Provide marketing detail to sales to support the follow up calls
  10. 10. Marketing Automation Primer• Multichannel campaigns – email, web, social• Outbound & Inbound• Manages the lifecycle of the lead from capture to closure• Enriches CRM with marketing intelligence• Reinforce brand & messaging over time with nurture- based campaigns• Coordinated effort between marketing & sales
  11. 11. Marketing Automation PrimerEnabling technologies in MA Software• Multifunctional platform includes – email, landing pages, lead scoring & mgt, website tracking, event management, web-based marketing programs….• Drip & Nurture-based programs• Lead Management• Website Management• Online programs management – inbound and outbound
  12. 12. Matching MA technology with Sales• Demand generation Programs – Inbound/outbound• Lead capture  Landing pages, website, social• Lead scoring  Behavior & demographics• Lead routing  Sales assignment, geos & roles• Lead tracking  Connection between• ROI Analysis campaigns/leads  Opportunity linked to lead to campaigns
  13. 13. A “Leaky” pipeline without MA 13
  14. 14. A healthier pipeline with MA 14
  15. 15. How should marketing & sales work together?• Delineate between MQL/SQL and define ownership & rules• Establish firm criteria to move leads between MQL/SQLMarketing Sales Pre-build short & long term  Manage SQL’s for short-term nurture email campaigns viability Content based on vertical,  When leads go cold, change demog, other criteria status Design content to be impactful  Add key demog’s to record in yet general enough to be CRM that marketing may find relevant “anytime” useful
  16. 16. What does a typical follow up campaign look like? Sales Works LeadLead Capture from Added to MA Scored as SQL Added to CRM No Movement Home Page Database 30-Days MA CRM Lead is “kicked back” to Marketing for Status further Nurturing Status in CRM Lead Table changed by Sales to “Nurture”  Push high-value content to lead via trigger emails  Append new contacts to company records via data appending solutions  Add to newsletter  Invite to events  Rescore new interactions  Send follow up alerts to sales or assign follow up tasks to sales when appropriate
  17. 17. Supporting content for leads kicked back fromSales Marketing should target higher value content at these type of leads  Webinars  White Papers  Case Studies Higher level of personalization in the email campaigns  Emails personalized from the sales person  Reference first name/account name in emails  Reference industry
  18. 18. Supporting content for leads kicked back fromSalesHi ++First Name++Thank you for your recent interest in our company. We have helped companiessimilar to ++CompanyName++ by improving processes that impact how youmanage issues in ++Industry++.I thought you may find this white paper relevant as it discusses many issues thatcompanies such as ++CompanyName++ face.Sincerely++SalesSignature++
  19. 19. Creating a feedback loop between MA/CRM Leverage the alerting mechanism in MA to keep sales in the loop Email alerts for assigned leads/contacts Alerts when  Web activity occurs  Content download occurs  Event registration occurs Keeps sales in the loop Keeps sales interested in process Builds trust between marketing & sales that the process works!
  20. 20. Metrics to consider 20
  21. 21. According to Aberdeen, who tracks the performance of “Best Practice”organizations utilizing marketing automation tied to Sales….• Inside sales achieves quote 11% more when marketing automation is deployed• Lead conversions (to opportunities) increased by 7%• Inside sales make an additional 7-9 connects per day• Overall sales team quota achievement is higher by nearly 3%• Company revenue is higher by over 3%
  22. 22. Justifying the use and spend on MA Software 22
  23. 23. Additional ways to support sales w/ MA Software • Views of marketing interaction inside of CRM provide key insight to sales • Sales is encouraged to connect with leads/contacts when their interest is highest • Marketing data provides insight into prospect interest
  24. 24. Brief Product Overview• Setting up the rules to implement sales follow up• Providing marketing intelligence inside of CRM