What's the Difference Between Google Analytics and Website Visitor Tracking?


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What's the Difference Between Google Analytics and Website Visitor Tracking?

  1. 1. Web Analytics Comparison Dinner Party Style: What do you know about your visitors?
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Here’s what we’re going to do Google Analytics and website visitor tracking are complementary tools that provide distinctly different insights about your website visitors. In order to illustrate these differences, we’re going to walk you through two scenarios: 1 What would happen if you were to throw a dinner party with Google Analytics? 2 What would happen if you were to throw a dinner party with oh say, Salesfusion? www.salesfusion.com © 2013 Salesfusion
  3. 3. PARTY WITH GOOGLE ANALYTICS Here’s what you would know Dish Popularity: • Which dishes were most popular and which ones didn’t get touched (or visitors per page) • How many guests took one bite and bolted (or visitor bounce rate) Guest Behavior: Your Guests: • • How many guests attended What country they came from • How many dishes were sampled in one sitting (or visit depth) • How many guests came back for the next party (or returning visitors) www.salesfusion.com © 2013 Salesfusion
  4. 4. PARTY WITH GOOGLE ANALYTICS With this type of information, here’s how the dinner conversation would go... Google Analytics: “Anonymous Guest, would you like some gravy for your turkey?” Guest: “Well Google, it was nice of you to ask. But I don’t eat meat, and I’m having lasagna.” Google Analytics www.salesfusion.com © 2013 Salesfusion
  5. 5. PARTY WITH GOOGLE ANALYTICS You wouldn't know who was consuming what, so you wouldn’t know the right questions to ask… Google Analytics: “Anonymous Guest, would you like some more wine?” Guest: “Well Google, you must be mistaking me for someone else. I’m allergic to sulfites, and I’m mildly pregnant.” Google Analytics www.salesfusion.com © 2013 Salesfusion
  6. 6. Website Visitor Tracking Analytics Dinner Party: Hosted by Salesfusion
  7. 7. PARTY WITH Salesfusion What would you know? Who you are… If you were to host a dinner party with Salesfusion, we would fill in those important gaps by figuring out… (identified by previous form completion) Where you work… (identified through reverse IP) Which dishes you sampled… (what pages you visited) What you decided to take home (what content you downloaded) www.salesfusion.com © 2013 Salesfusion
  8. 8. PARTY WITH Salesfusion You would get an alert when the guest arrived on 2 your doorstep www.salesfusion.com © 2013 Salesfusion
  9. 9. PARTY WITH Salesfusion And when you answered the door, the conversation would sound like this: Salesfusion: “John G. of ABC Corporation! It’s great to see you again. How did you like that lasagna you took home? From what I saw last time you were here, you have a strong interest in lasagna.” Guest: “Yeah, you know, I’ve been trying to find a recipe for lasagna and you guys really seem to know your Italian. How DO you do it?” www.salesfusion.com © 2013 Salesfusion
  10. 10. WEBSITE VISITOR TRACKING So… how do we do it? In real life terms, the answer is website visitor tracking • Supplements traditional web analytics • Enabled by placement of a cookie (the web browser kind, not the dinner party kind) on the visitor’s PC to track visit detail in the context of lead generation. • Tracks pages visited, content downloaded, time on site, location and much more. • Integrates information with CRM to drive salesrelated processes 2 www.salesfusion.com © 2013 Salesfusion
  11. 11. WEBSITE VISITOR TRACKING What’s the impact of knowing your customers? • • • • • • Response time to leads is dramatically reduced Fewer leads fall out prior to pre-qualification Longer term leads are better developed through nurture marketing Increased adoption and satisfaction by sales of the CRM Forced collaboration between sales and marketing Accountability for passed leads is higher www.salesfusion.com © 2013 Salesfusion
  12. 12. Who Are We? Salesfusion: Marketing Automation
  13. 13. Salesfusion | Marketing Automation Who are we? Salesfusion helps marketers attract new opportunities, convert them into customers and nurture them into lifetime relationships. With Salesfusion, some of the best marketers today are not only driving quality leads into the sales funnel, they are automating the lead-to-revenue process. Salesfusion is more than marketing automation; it is the only lead-to-revenue platform you will ever need. www.salesfusion.com © 2013 Salesfusion
  14. 14. Salesfusion | Marketing Automation About Us • • • • • • • Dedicated to the success of marketers Best-in-class service – most live support hours in the industry Known for unique approach to client services and training The best marketing automation platform in the industry for integrating marketing and sales Specialize in CRM integration A pioneer in lead to revenue management – the only MA platform built on a CRM database 450+ clients in 22 countries www.salesfusion.com © 2013 Salesfusion
  15. 15. CONTACT US Contact Information Salesfusion Address 1 Concourse Parkway Suite 190 Atlanta, GA 30328 Corporate Offices 855.238.6522 EMEA London Offices +44 (0) 203 514 8376 Email Sales@SalesFUSION.com Website www.SalesFUSION.com www.salesfusion.com © 2013 Salesfusion
  16. 16. Thank You Salesfusion: Marketing Automation