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Raab webinar


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SalesFUSION and David Raab present the key points companies need to consider when integrating marketing automation software with CRM systems

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Raab webinar

  1. 1. Integrating MA SoftwareWith CRM Systems
  2. 2. Today’s agenda• Marketing technology trends for 2012• Fundamentals for integrating MA software with CRM• Key functional considerations• Key process considerations• The movement to nurture-based marketing programs• The impact MA software has on your CRM adoption and usage• How to build a lead-to-revenue management-focused sales effort• Live Q&A
  3. 3. Housecleaning items for the session…• Copy of materials – available post-session• On-demand version – available next week• Kindle Fire giveaway – winner announced with follow up email• Like us on FB • Giving away an iPad in March
  4. 4. SpeakersDavid Raab - Mr. Raab has written hundreds of articles on marketing technology forpublications including Information Management, DM Review, DM News, RelationshipMarketing Report, Bank Marketing, Target Marketing, and The Journal of DatabaseMarketing. He is the author of Marketing Performance Measurement Toolkit (Racom Books,2009) and the B2B Marketing Automation Vendor Selection Tool ( . Anarchive of his published articles is available at andadditional research appears regularly on his blog Raab established the technology consulting practice at Raab Associates in 1987Mr. Raabholds a bachelors degree from Columbia University and MBA from the Harvard BusinessSchool.Contact information:Telephone: 914-241-2117Email: draab@raabassociates.comWeb: www.raabassociatesinc.comTwitter: @draabBlog:
  5. 5. SpeakersKevin Miller - Kevin Miller is a principle at SalesFUSION and serves in the role of ChiefMarketing Officer. Kevin has over 19 years experience in database marketing, marketingdata base management software, consumer promotions, CRM and b2b demand generation.Kevin has served as a consultant for a number of technology companies over the years andhas performed over 350 webinar campaigns in his career.Prior to SalesFUSION, Kevin handled sales and demand generation duties for Marketbright,an early vendor in the b2b marketing space. Prior to Marketbright, Kevin managed an MCIFsolution for Metavante corporation. Metavante had acquired NuEdge Systems, a leadingretail marketing database solution in the late 90’s.Early in his career, Kevin served as an account director for a promotions marketing firm andworked to develop campaigns with leading agencies such as Grey Direct and BozellWorldwide as well as leading companies such as Discovery Networks, Sony, Toyota andJohnson & Johnson.
  6. 6. Marketing technology trends for 2012• Emphasis on nurture marketing, not email blasting• Integrated social media channels• Lead management versus lead acquisition• Lead to sales revenue management• Cold calling to warm calling• Marketing is part of CRM, not outside• Blended web presence – social, PPC, corporate Website MA CRM
  7. 7. Key Technologies• Website visitor tracking• Lead activity alerts• CRM Field value triggers• Lead scoring & routing• Drip & trigger-based email campaigns• Webinars Website• Social landing pages MA CRM
  8. 8. Why integrate marketing to CRM?• Eliminate lead leakage• Improve CRM usage and adoption• Improve lead conversion• Track campaign using opportunity data• Sales & Marketing alignment Website MA CRM
  9. 9. Why is it difficult?• Marketing DB & CRM DB – very different structure• Culture clash between marketing and sales• Marketing data is “messy” and doesn’t fit neatly into CRM• Marketing tech is changing too rapidly for CRM to keep up Website MA CRM
  10. 10. LEAKY SALES FUNNELS INCREASE ACQUISITION COSTSSource: Forrester Research October 2006, “Improving B2B Lead Management” report
  11. 11. The changing nature of b2b marketing Marketing’s Role • Identify leads • Generate leads • Execute campaigns • Pre-qualify leads • Nurture leads • Re-Market stale sales leads Sales’ Role • Complete lead qualification • Present and propose solutions • Propose pricing • Execute contracts • Close business • Cross-sell • Marketing has a stake in CRM • Marketing is responsible for upper funnel • Marketing may be responsible for inside sales • 11 Marketing may have financial stake in pipeline
  12. 12. Integrating MarketingAutomation and CRM David M. Raab Raab Associates Inc. January 19, 2012
  13. 13. About Raab Associates• independent consultants specializing marketing technology and analytics• marketing background• assess infrastructure, define requirements, select tools and vendors, design measurement systems• VEST report on B2B Marketing Automation Systems• lots of free stuff at• blog:• Twitter: @draab
  14. 14. What is CRM Integration and Why Do I Need It?• lead transfer• lead nurturing• sales access• process integration• analyze results
  15. 15. Integration Issues• data shared• actions synchronized• sales user functions• complexity• API capabilities
  16. 16. Deep Dive: Data• data available• data complexity
  17. 17. Deep Dive: Functions• lead/contact functions• campaign functions• activity functions• sales access functions
  18. 18. Deep Dive: API• API capabilities• API utilization
  19. 19. Deep Dive: Complexity• administration• precision
  20. 20. Assessing a System• define your needs• analyze vendors• consider trade-offs
  21. 21. Lead Flow in a web 2.0 world Websit Marketing e Automation CRM Online • Bi-directional flow of Ads data between marketing and CRM Social • Auto-assign leads to sales • Trigger follow up campaigns Email • Apply rules and logic Campaigns • Create LP’s for each channel/campaign
  22. 22. Technology Focus - Website Visitor tracking• Implicit activity – vital for lead scoring• Triggers sales alerts• Data presented in CRM• Adds value to phone interactions• Keeps sales excited about the lead gen process• Real-time
  23. 23. Technology Focus - Website Visitor tracking• Keep CRM clean• Collaborate with sales on rules• Route leads when they are high-value• Allows for predictive marketing pipeline analytics• Eliminates early problems with online marketing Marketing Automation CRM
  24. 24. Technology Focus – CRM Field Triggers• Marketing – listens to CRM for field value changes• Changes to field values drive campaigns• Free up sales to focus on closing deals• Ensures no lead left behind• Replaces the tickler file Marketing Automation CRM
  25. 25. Live Q&ALearn more at www.salesfusion.comThank you for attending• Copy of slides• Video – available next week• White Paper – via follow up• See a one/one demo• Learn more about David’s services Kindle Winner to be announced Next Tuesday via email