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infocheckpoint Prospective Clients


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infocheckpoint Prospective Clients

  1. 1. Info CheckPoint
  2. 2.  Existing Users - Serve as Validation and optimistically sway you to upgrade  Considering Subscription –Hopefully swing you in our favor  Others – Good to know information  Those Yawning– We hope your marketing dollar is wisely spent!
  3. 3.  Who We Are  What We Offer – Customized Solutions  Info CheckPoint Advantage ◦ Power Packed Databases ◦ Customer Centric Databases ◦ Data Quality ◦ Online Search Application  ABCD of B2B Marketing – The Info CheckPoint Way
  4. 4. Info CheckPoint
  5. 5. A B2B Marketing Database Provider Leverage Business Growth Driven, directed and dynamic databases Quality data which translate to invaluable information An advanced search application that allows instant access and provides segmented data to facilitate targeted communication We Provide
  6. 6. Info CheckPoint Provides Data That Is The road to accelerating your marketing ROI begins with obtaining a segmented and targeted database. CLEAN as in verified and validated GREEN as in it allows for efficient usage LEAN as in it produces results suited to the objectives of your company.
  7. 7. Customized Solutions
  8. 8.  How do you make deals with sales ready leads $$$  How to make “offers that cannot be refused” Don’t rely only on marketers for sales-ready leads. Rely on your ‘customer-centric’ database!
  9. 9. It’s not about the number of calls you make, but how many calls translate to wining deals. Don’t Just Call, Connect with Customers!
  10. 10. It’s not about how big your database is, it is about finding the right person to generate interest for your business It is about WHO you contact and not about HOW MANY people you contact!
  11. 11. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT & SALES  Right Lead to Right Rep  Right Email at the Right Time  Customize, Flexible Sales Workflow  Monitor KPI Dashboard and Custom Reporting TELEMARKETING tactics to promote your business TELEPROSPECTING techniques to find the right person to generate interest
  12. 12.  Does your current, online B2B marketing mix meet sales demands?  Do you adopt a customer-centric approach to deliver targeted campaigns?  Can you measure the effectiveness of your online campaign effectiveness? Give customers what they NEED and not what they WANT Stay in Sync Increase ROMI!
  13. 13. MARKETING  Niche Data Segments – Connect with people who matter.  Advanced Search Application – Get in touch with people who want to buy from you.  CRM Integration – Make your nurturing plan relevant.
  14. 14.  There are 45 million people who switch jobs and 0.7 million companies formed every year.  How do you keep up with changes?  How do you source and recruit the perfect candidate? Stay ahead of change. Find the right person for the right job!
  15. 15. RECRUITMENT  Our databases are segmented – Easily identify the perfect group of candidates.  We have an advanced search application –Obtain granular results through detailed drill down options. Save on time, resources and dollars with relevant contacts.  View and save – Access, view and save your data without having to wait for hours for it to download.
  16. 16.  Do you have databases that go beyond business card intel?  Have you integrated your database with CRM applications?  Do you use an intelligent and advanced search application tool ? Adopt an intelligent, intuitive and integrated approach Improve marketing ROI!
  17. 17. ENTERPRISE  Databases that go beyond business card intel – Improve productivity, drive business impact, enhance database value and increase ROI.  Easy integration of database with CRM application - Implement coherent nurturing strategies and action plans.  An intelligent and advanced search application tool – Obtain granular results that are relevant.
  18. 18. How can we reduce your marketing budget?
  19. 19.  Is your database returning ROI and making money for the company?  Are you still spending Marketing Dollars on dead leads?  How can we reduce your marketing budget?  What is your marketing budget anyway? We all know how difficult it is to answer them, especially when a demanding CFO asks!
  20. 20. DO YOU THINK Contacting a CMO to market a cutting edge Application going to get you anywhere? Or is contacting a CTO more relevant?
  21. 21.  Power Packed and Customer Centric Databases  Data Quality - data that is verified, validated, accurate, current, relevant and hygienic.  Online Search Application - an intelligent and intuitive online search interface to gain instant access to niche contacts. Identify Your High Value Customers
  22. 22. Amplify Your Target Market
  23. 23. Database Size  20+ Million Contacts  6+ Million Companies  18,000+ Industries  180 + Million Consumer Database
  24. 24. Database Scope  Let your database develop marketing strategies  Gain actionable customer segments  Conduct targeted campaigns  Improve customer satisfaction  Drive marketing ROI and profits
  25. 25. Database Scope Obtain niche contacts who are ◦ Relevant ◦ Opted-in ◦ White listed ◦ Active Subscribers
  26. 26. Don’t Let Big Data Defeat Your Database! Widen the scope of your market with power packed databases
  27. 27. Don't Be Yourself, Be Your Customer!
  28. 28.  89 billion is the number of business emails sent and received everyday in 2012!  143 billion is the estimated figure of emails that will be sent and received everyday by 2016! Source: The Radicati Group, Inc. (A Technology Market Research Firm) No matter what new marketing channels emerge, Email Marketing will be the preferred medium Not because it is the easiest, because it works!
  29. 29.  Connect with B2B Buyers  Know the ‘Why, What and How’ of Your Customer?  Put Your Market back into Marketing Use Segmented and Customer Centric Databases Enable Targeted Communication
  30. 30. Spend Marketing Dollars on Customers That Count!
  31. 31. THINK DATA IS FREE? Do you know how much POOR B2B DATA COSTS THE US ECONOMY? A staggering $3.1 trillion a year! Source: A recent report by Artemis Ventures
  32. 32. Be Fresh, Be Relevant or Be Outdated Source:- Seminar by John M. Coe, President and Founder of The Sales and Marketing Institute on ‘B2B Data Decay – The Untold Story’ 65.80% 42.90% 41.90% 37.30% 34.20% 3.80% Change in Job Function Change in Phone Number Change in Address Change in Email Address Change in Company Name Change in Name
  33. 33. Verified Data Facebook, eBay, YouTube, Craigslist, you name it they all rely on tele-verified accounts to improve credibility.  We don’t have ‘bots’ or auto tele-dialers verifying data  We have experienced expert tele-verification specialists We adopt a technology driven, scientifically based and manually validated comprehensive data verification process.
  34. 34. Accurate Data  Contacts are updated regularly (every 90 days).  Crowd-sourced data is verified and validated before being added to the database  Users are encouraged to update details to ensure data is as fresh and updated.
  35. 35. Don’t Let Data Quality Affect Your Bottom Line! Utilize Data Quality Tools, Techniques and Tactics
  36. 36. Search Through Million Contacts and Identify Your High Value Customers
  37. 37.  Accessibility - View and save results without spending time downloading large amount of data.  Granularity - Search with detailed drill options and categories.  Relevancy – Our results are precise and accurately based on the search criteria. Obtain results that represent your target market the best.
  38. 38.  Ease of Navigation - The search tool is user friendly and simple to use.  Advanced Search Options – Select from detailed categories with advanced search features.  Specialization by Industry, SIC Codes – A detailed selection criteria provides a customized list. It is better to have a small yet niche database with relevant contacts than a huge irrelevant list.
  39. 39.  Loading Time of Application and Results We value your time. Our search application loads instantly and search results are available within seconds.  Intelligence and Intuitiveness Use a search application that is intelligent, intuitive and gauges the requirement. Enable better and faster decision making.
  40. 40.  Automate to Personalize  Integrate with CRM Applications Essential in managing customer relationships. Integrate your database with Gain leverage of instant data availability through the enterprise wide, cloud computing company.  Reach out through all Customer Touch Points We have LinkedIn Integration to get you connected with contacts through professional social networking.
  41. 41.  Relevancy  Granularity  Data Quality  Ease of Navigation  Advanced Search Options  Information on Verification  Intelligence and Intuitiveness  Integration with CRM Application
  43. 43.  Automation - easily integrate your database with one of the leading CRM applications,  Big Data - our extensive databases are business intelligence tools that are functional, flexible, reliable, cost effective and credible.  Crowdsourcing - user generated information is verified and validated before it is updated to the master database. Users are encouraged to constantly update information provided.  Curation - we use scientifically based and technology driven techniques of data verification to ensure that crowdsourced data is curated to translate into business intelligence.  Data Quality - data quality takes precedence of quantity and our power packed databases provide classified information.  Database Marketing - we adopt best practice approaches in marketing and database management.
  44. 44. Our databases are designed around your business requirements to: Develop marketing strategies Gain actionable customer segments Improve customer satisfaction Drive marketing ROI!
  45. 45. “Perhaps it pays to promise less instead, to radically change expectations and to reset what it means to deliver on the PROMISE OF DELIGHT.” Seth Godin
  46. 46. Gain a ROI Intelligent B2B Database Intelligent | Intuitive | Integrated INFO CHECKPOINT John Howard VP & Head of Business Development 415-226-1490