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Karan bir singh sidhu cbi


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Karan bir singh sidhu cbi

  1. 1. Complete Biodata Name : Shri Karan Bir Singh Sidhu Identity No. 01PB016100 Service/Cadre/Allotment Year : IAS/Punjab/1984 Source of Recruitment : RR Date of Birth : 31/07/1961 Sex : MALE Place of Domicile : Punjab Mother Tongue : PUNJABI Indian Languages Known : ENGLISH HINDI Foreign Languages Known : Retirement Reason : ON SUPERANNUATIONII. Details of Central Deputation Whether Presently on deputation toA. 1. No GOI? 2. Date of Start of Central Deputation Expiry Date of tenure of Central 3. Deputation 4. Tenure Code If in Cadre, date of reversion fromB. Central Deputation, if any Whether debarred from CentralC. No Deputation? If so, period of debarment -III.Educational Qualifications QualificationSl.No Subjects Division Institute/University/Place1 GRADUATE ELECTRICAL ENGG FirstIV. Experience Details Experience PeriodSl.No Designation/Level Department/Office Organization (Major/Minor) (From/To) Land Revenue Mgmt & 01/08/1986 SDO1 CADRE District Admn 01/05/1988 Jr. Time Scale Sub Divisional Admn Land Revenue Mgmt & 01/05/1988 Addl Dy Commr2 Patiala CADRE District Admn 01/09/1989 Sr. Time Scale District Admn3 Dy Secy Finance Deptt CADRE Finance 01/09/1989
  2. 2. Sr. Time Scale Finance 01/12/1989 North Zone 01/12/1989 Jt Director Culture4 Cultural Centre CADRE 01/05/1990 Sr. Time Scale Cultural Affairs Chandigarh Addl Dy Commr Rural Dev 01/05/19905 Amritsar CADRE Sr. Time Scale Rural Development 01/05/1992 Land Revenue Mgmt & 01/05/1992 Dy Commr6 Amritsar CADRE District Admn 01/08/1996 Sr. Time Scale District Admn Director Social Justice & 01/08/1996 SCs & BCs7 Dy Secy CADRE Empowerment 01/10/1996 Welfare Level/JAG Welfare On Foreign 01/10/1996 CDR- Training N.Applicable/N.Available 30/09/19978 FOREIGN Dy Secy Not Available TRG Level/JAG Labour Commr 01/09/1997 Labour & Emp Labour & Employment9 Dy Secy CADRE 01/05/1998 Deptt Labour Level/JAG Director Transport Deptt Transport 01/05/199810 CADRE Dir Level/SL JAG Punjab Roadways Transport 01/05/1999 Director Civil Aviation Transport 01/05/199811 CADRE Dir Level/SL JAG Deptt Civil Aviation 01/05/1999 Chief Punjab Urban Urban Development 01/10/199912 Administrator Planning & Dev CADRE Town & Country 01/01/2000 Dir Level/SL JAG Auth (PUDA) Planning Chief Punjab Urban Urban Development 01/01/200013 Administrator Planning & Dev CADRE Town & Country 01/02/2002 JS Level/Level - I Auth (PUDA) Planning Secretary Defence Services Defence 01/02/200214 CADRE JS Level/Level - I Welfare Defence 01/11/2002 Secretary Human Resource Dev 01/11/200215 Technical Edu CADRE JS Level/Level - I Technical Education 01/12/2003 Secretary Housing & Urban Urban Development 01/12/200316 CADRE JS Level/Level - I Dev Deptt Urban Develoment 05/04/2006 Rural Dev Deptt 06/04/2006 Secretary Rural Dev17 Rural Dev & CADRE 11/03/2007 JS Level/Level - I Rural Development Panchayats Secretary Human Resource Dev 11/03/200718 School Edu Deptt CADRE JS Level/Level - I Education 09/04/2009 Prl Secy Higher Edu & Human Resource Dev 05/04/200719 CADRE JS Level/Level - I Languages Deptt Higher Education 11/10/200720 Prl Secy Higher Edu & CADRE Human Resource Dev 19/01/2009
  3. 3. JS Level/Level - I Languages Deptt Higher Education 07/04/2010 Prl Secy Finance Deptt Finance 07/04/201021 CADRE Addl Secy Level Chandigarh FinanceV. Mid Career Training DetailsN I LVI. In-Service Training Details DurationSl.No Year Training Name Institute City (Weeks) 1988- MIS & Computer Appl. in1 National Informatics Centre New Delhi 1 1989 Govt Level-I 1989- MIS & Computer Appl. in2 CMC 1 1990 Govt. Level-II HCM Rajasthan State 1993- Junior Level - 1984- 873 Institute of Public Jaipur 3 1994 Batches Administration 1995- Industrial Policy Planning Indian Institute of4 Ahmedabad 1 1996 and Dev. Management 1998- Budgeting and Public National Institute of5 Faridabad 1 1999 Expenditure Management Financial Management 2001- Issues In Urban Human Settlement6 New Delhi 1 2002 Development Management Management Institute 2002- Senior Level-1982-85 Lal Bahadur Shastri National7 Mussoorie 2 2003 Batches Academy Of Administration 2007- Negotiating Stretegies and Indian Institute of8 Bangalore 1 2008 Public Private Partnership Management E-Governance: 2008- Indian Institute of9 Opportunities and Bangalore 1 2009 Management ChallengesVII. Domestic Training DetailsSl.No Year Training Name Duration (Weeks)1 2005 Public Private Partnership 1VIII. Foreign Training DetailsSl.No Year Training Name Duration (Weeks) Country1 1996 U/MANCHESTER MA(ECO)DA 52 UNITED KINGDOMA. 1. Whether Debarred from Foreign Training ? : No 2. If so, period of debarment