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Ift press 1


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Ift press 1

  1. 1. IFT Campaign <br />By Filipe Freitas, Danny Kavanagh, Jordan Sumray & Stephanie Goncalves<br />
  2. 2. Research<br />We began this project by researching the Independent Film Trust extensively using their website and other sources. We discovered that the IFT is a UK charity set up to advance the cause of film-making and are responsible for such initiatives as the ‘Film School in a Box’ program which is what our advertising campaign centers around. <br />
  3. 3. Competitors/Similar Organizaions<br />In order for our campaign to be as effective and successful as it can we first had to research and gain an in-depth knowledge of its main competitors within the industry. <br />A similar organization is Film4 Productions, which develops and co-finances films and is known for working with the most innovative talent in the UK, the differences between them and the IFT is that the Independent Film Trust does not fund the development or production of individual films. <br />Another similar organization is the British Film institute (BFI) which is a charitable organization set up to encourage the development of the arts in film, television and the moving image throughout the UK. They also carry out initiatives such as annual festivals to encourage independent film-making. <br />
  4. 4. Mood boards/Design development <br />In order to create designs that would be appropriate for the IFT, we had to look at their website, and annotate the look and feel of it. We noticed that their color scheme was mainly red, black & white, so we stuck with those with all our designs. We also saw that the fonts used were quite formal and professional so we stuck to similar fonts, no unnecessary fancy writing. Also, from the films that the IFT promoted on their site we got a general idea of the target audience the IFT was after, again, this was very helpful when designing our products as we knew we were aiming at a more mature audience. <br />
  5. 5. Questionnaire/Results <br />The questionnaire we created was handed out in college in order to gain an idea whether or not our campaign would appeal to the students, the results show that most were not familiar with independent film or the IFT’s work and would not be our target audience. <br />
  6. 6. Raffle Tickets<br />The raffle tickets were designed on Adobe Photoshop. The front of each raffle ticket is a picture of a film star, like in this example, Humphrey Bogart. The back of each raffle ticket consisted of a ticket number, IFT logo and information about the IFT, is also has information about the film star who features on the front of the ticket ( Name, date of birth, and photographer)<br />Overall we created six raffle tickets, each with different film stars on the front. The color scheme follows the theme of the IFT, red and black.<br />Tickets will be sold at £3 each, with only one prize, a signed photo of Tim Roth and a chance to meet him.<br />
  7. 7. DVD Sleeve <br />Formed using Photoshop along with the other designs the DVD sleeve was the most challenging design task our group tackled, we had to incorporate and portray what the “FILM SCHOOL IN A BOX” offered hence having a large picture of a video camera with the focus enhanced on the cameras lens which indicates what the DVD is about. We had to feature the IFT logo so we decided to make it appear as if it was a reflection on the cameras lens, in order to do so we lowered the opacity to make the image more transparent, the barcode and age certificate were added to create a more authentic look.<br />
  8. 8. Film Poster <br />This design was created using Photoshop and our main inspiration was to make the poster look like a film poster hence the reviews on the side (quotes from those involved in the program) and the tag line at the top. We stuck to the black, white and red theme and went with a simple and literal design of a film reel flowing out a box relating to the project’s name. <br />
  9. 9. DVD Disc <br />Finally, we created a DVD disc design. Once again, it was made using Photoshop and we decided a simpler design would work best. We had the IFT logo fill the entire thing with lower opacity so it didn’t stand out against the black background of the disc. We also put in the DVD video logo as well as legal information to add to the realism. This along with the DVD sleeve we think work well together. <br />
  10. 10. Thanks for listening! <br />This is a SQUAREHOLE production<br />