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Choosing Great Books to Read


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Great ideas on different ways to find good books to read!

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Choosing Great Books to Read

  1. 1. Fiction books tell a story Nonfiction books provide that is not real. facts about real things like people, countries, hist ory, and animals.
  2. 2. Jeff Kinney
  3. 3. From Booklist When Stink, Sophie, and Webster discover that pet- shop owner Mrs. Birdwhistle has rescued 101 guinea pigs from a perfume-testing lab, they offer to help her find good homes for the critters. From the cheerful illustration on the cover to the final turn of events, which takes Stink by surprise, this will appeal to small-animal lovers looking for short chapter books.
  4. 4. Genre: Historical FictionTheme: SurvivalSubject: The sinking of theTitanic
  5. 5. How to EatFriedWorms, byTomasRockwell
  6. 6. 2010 Notable Childrens BooksAbove is a link to the AmericanLibrary Association’s 2010Notable Children’s Books. TheAssociation lists the best booksfor children every year. You Never Heard of Sandy Koufax?! By Jonah Winter
  7. 7. Afghanistan France Somalia
  8. 8. Massachusetts English Language Arts Curriculum FrameworkReading and Literature Strand“Choosing books at all grade levels needs both breadth and depth in readingexperience. English language arts teachers should include classicworks, contemporary works, and significant works from other countries andcultures.” p.27General Standard 10: Genre. Students will identify, analyze, and learn thecharacteristics of different genres.
  9. 9. Slide Shark in the Park and Great White Sharks 2:Slide Red-eyed Tree Frog and More Bones 3:Slide Diary of a Wimpy Kid 5:Slide Because of Winn Dixie 6:Slide Stink and the Great Guinea Pig Express 7:Slide Franny K. Stein Mad Scientist – Attack of the 50 ft. Cupid and 8: The Fran that Time ForgotSlide 9: The Sign of the BeaverSlide 10: White Star: a Dog on the TitanicSlide 12: The Lightning ThiefSlide 13: The Dollhouse MurdersSlide 14: You Never Heard of Sanday Koufax?!Slide 15: Treasure Island, and The Secret GardenSlide 16: The Breadwinner, The Cat Who Walked Across France, Muktar and the Camels.
  10. 10. Slide 1: Manasquan Public Library. Girl and boy reading image. 4: California Area School District. Librarian (animated image) 88216557/librarian.gifHighland Church and Cross Connection Ministry. Children walking in a group (image) 5: USA Today 1/13/2009. Image of author Jeff Kinney. topper-medium.jpgSlide 6: American Library Association Newbery Award (image) skits/youthmediaawards/Newbery%20Front%20A.jpgSlide 10: Manly blog Sinking of the Titanic (image) content/uploads/2009/06/titanic_sinking.jpg
  11. 11. Slide 11: New York Times How to Eat Fried Worms (Movie Photograph) .jpgKidport Reference Library Science: Worms (image) 14: American Library Association 2010 Notable Children’s Books hyperlink dex.cfmSlide 16: Free Animated Blue Book 3d Book2 (page turning image) 18-20: Olive Center(United Kingdom) Internet/computer image. http://www. Organizer Sounds: Thunder, scream, ocean, bear, explosion, dog bark