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3rd Parts Of A Book Part 2


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3rd Parts Of A Book Part 2

  1. 1. The Parts of A Book Knowing the parts of a book can help a reader locate information quickly and easily.
  2. 2. The Title Page Title Author Illustrator Publisher Place of Publication The title page appears at the beginning of the book and gives ...
  3. 3. Title Author Publisher and Place of Publication Title Page
  4. 4. The copyright page appears after the title page. It gives ... The Copyright Page * the publisher’s name * where the book was published * year in which the book was published ( copyright date )
  5. 5. Copyright Page Copyright Date
  6. 6. The Table of Contents The table of contents appears in the front of the book. It lists... * units,chapters,or stories along with their page numbers
  7. 7. Table of Lists chapters and page numbers .
  8. 8. The Glossary * alphabetically new words used in the book with their definitions. The glossary appears in the back of a book. It lists ….
  9. 10. Index The index appears in the back of a book following the glossary. It lists ... <ul><ul><li>alphabetically names places, and topics in the book with page numbers. </li></ul></ul>
  10. 18. If you know how to use the parts of a book you will reduce your research time.
  11. 19. Parts of Book Internet Games: