The Voice of PLC Nov-Dec 2011


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The Voice of PLC Nov-Dec 2011

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The Voice of PLC Nov-Dec 2011

  1. 1. The Plymouth Laryngectomy Club (PLC) A Charitable Support Group for Plymouth Cancer Laryngectomees The Voice of PLC November – December 2011 Address: c/o 80 Warleigh Avenue, PLYMOUTH, PL2 1DH, Devon, UK Mobile: 07745819828 (text only) Email: Website: FOREWORD BY THE CHAIR EDITORIAL COMMENT Written by Geoffrey N. READDear Members & Supporters, I NTERNET Links. If you’re reading this on-line and come across words with blue lettering that are underlined, then you can click on these links and be taken directly to another site for more information on that particular topic.Our November 2011 Meeting was If you read this on Microsoft Word, you can put your cursorheld under new management! The over the link, hold down the Control (Ctrl) Key and click! Ed.Committee now discusses the club’sbusiness outside of our normal PERSONAL ANNOUNCEMENTSmonthly meetings and this allowsfor a more relaxed atmosphere at our meetings. N OVEMBER 2011. No celebrations in November? Have we missed anyone? Our monthly raffles have been B EST WISHES TO Eileen FURNEAUX for her birthday on th Saturday, 24 December 2011. Eileen is a very keen Member of PLC. Great to have you along Eileen! Enjoy your reorganised and will now be the sole responsibility of Fiona and day! Ron & Fiona MARTIN, ournewly- elected Entertainments Members. LAUGH AT LIFE! It’s now time to pay your annual I S SHE FEELING Any Better? Doctor: Nurse, how’s that little girl subscriptions of £5 per head. Only doing who swallowed a Fifty members need pay... not Friends! Pence piece last night? Nurse: No change yet!We have twelve members lined up ready to takepart in our Club’s Christmas Dinner on Monday,12th December 2011. This promises to be alovely end to what for the PLC has been a verysuccessful year! PLC MONTHLY MEETINGSThank you all for your continued support! O UR NOVEMBER 2011 Meeting took place at the Mustard Tree Cancer Support Center at Derriford th Hospital on Monday, 7 November 2011 at 11 a.m. There were eight Members, one Friend and one Guest Speaker inGeoff attendance. The salient points of the meeting are given below. Mr. John MCKENNA, from Colebrook Housing CarersChair, PLC gave us a short talk accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation about their work. Geoff presented John with a desk calendar as a small token of thanks from PLC. The Plymouth Laryngectomy Club (PLC) is an Affiliated Member of: The National Association of Laryngectomy Clubs (NALC) In Association with Macmillan Cancer Support Registered Charity Number: 273635 Our Funder: Macmillan Cancer Support A Member of Community & Social Action Plymouth (CASAP) Patrons & Medical Advisors : Mr. W.M. BRIDGER, FRCS - Consultant ENT Surgeon, Mr. Tass MALIK, BSc FRCS (Gen), FRCS (ORL H&N) - Consultant Otolaryngologist, Head & Neck / Thyroid Surgeon, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth.
  2. 2. R AFFLE. November 2011. Members present decided that the raffle should be reorganised. In future, asingle ticket will cost £1 and there will be no limitations on D ECEMBER 2011. th Monday, 5 December 2011: Monthly Club many tickets anyone can buy. The raffle will be As usual, please arrive at 10.30 a.m. for refreshments. We willwholly organised by Fiona and Ron MARTIN as part of their have a Guest Speaker. Sian HARRIS who has recently taken upduties as Entertainments Members. They will also be her appointment as the Macmillan Cancer Support Fundraisingresponsible for the provision of the prizes so the Raffle Manager for Plymouth, North Devon & the Tamar Valley. SianWinner will no longer have to bother providing the prize has agreed to come along and explain to us how PLC can givefor the next time! something back to Macmillan in 2012.S th UBSCRIPTIONS. Members are kindly requested to pay Monday, 12 December 2011: The PLC Christmas Dinner will their £5 Subscription at the December 2011 Meeting. be held at Leandra’s Restaurant in Plymouth City Centre at 7If you do not expect to attend that meeting then it would p.m. The cost of this event will be offset by Club Funds. Geoffbe appreciated if you could pay the Treasurer as soon as has paid the deposit for the meals from Club Funds. Thoseyou can. Her Contact Address details are at the top of the members who would like to, can bring a pressie along on thefront page. Eight members have paid up so far leaving evening to the value of not more than £5. These will then beabout a further nine to pay. If payment hasn’t been made placed into our Grand Christmas the start of the new year we will query with youwhether you still wish to remain as a Club Member. J ANUARY 2011. th Monday, 9 January 2012: As usual, please arrive at 10.30 PLC MEETINGS a.m. for refreshments. We will have a Guest Speaker. AY OU WILL ALL be aware that the PLC has been holding its monthly meetings on the first Monday of eachmonth. One month at The Mustard Tree and the next representative from Woodside Animal Welfare Trust has agreed to come along and explain to us how the trust operates. Then, perhaps next year we can arrange a visit to the Animal Centre.away from Derriford. For various reasons, we have had to th Monday, 30 January 2011: Monthly Committee Meeting.change this. With effect from February 2012, our The Committee will meet at Geoff’s residence at 2.30 p.m.meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of eachmonth as shown below:Monday, 9th January 2012 The Mustard Tree NEWS & CURRENT EVENTSTuesday, 14th February 2012 Away DayTuesday, 13th March 2012 The Mustard Tree DISCLAIMERTuesday, 10th April 2012 Away Day Please note that the views and opinions expressed in this section areTuesday, 15th May 2012 The Mustard Tree not necessarily those held by the PLC Committee nor its Members.Tuesday, 12thg June 2012 Away DayTuesday, 10th July 2012Tuesday, 14th August 2012Tuesday, 11th September 2012 The Mustard Tree Away Day The Mustard Tree A VICTIM OF This Harsh Climate. This Editorial Commentary was published in The th Plymouth Herald on Monday, 24 October 2011:Friday, 5th October 2012 (TBC) The Mustard TreePossible date of the Plymouth LaryngectomyInformation Day & PLC AGM WHEN it was first mooted, cancer patients across theTuesday, 13th November 2012 Away Day South West were understandably delighted at plans to buyTuesday, 11th December 2012 The Mustard Tree a miracle laser for Derriford Hospital.Tuesday, 17th December 2012 (TBC) Away Day The hi-tech Cyberknife is capable of shooting beams ofPossible date for PLC Christmas Dinner radiation at difficult-to-reach tumours, without the need for invasive surgery. Even better, the device would have PLC COMMITTEE MEETINGS meant that patients would not even have to remove theirC OMMITTEE MEETINGS. The Committee had a meeting th at Geoff’s residence on Tuesday, 18 October 2011. Nomajor decisions were made. Fiona & Ron MARTIN said they clothing to be treated. But not surprisingly, this fantastic piece of equipment, plus the radiation bunker necessary to house it came at awould be trying to plan the social diary for 2012. Future price... and an expensive one at that.meetings will take place about one week prior to Club The Cyberknife alone cost £2.6million, while the building th to contain it would set back the Plymouth Hospitals NHSMeetings. The next meeting will take place on Monday, 30January 2011. Hospitals Trust £1.7million. In an ideal world, these sums, weighed against the benefits that the equipment would bring to patients, would be seen by most people as well THE PLC FORECAST OF EVENTS worth paying. But sadly, in todays harsh, unforgivingC ALENDAR of EVENTS. A copy of the Club’s Calendar of Events, including Future Entertainments for the next 12months or so, is available on our Club’s website. Please keep climate of job cutbacks, cash squeezes, cost-cutting and budget-balancing, such expense is difficult to justify. Which is why the Trust has had to make the difficultyourselves up-to-date by taking an occasional peek! decision to abandon plans to install this equipment, and instead continue with the replacement of its three current treatment machines. Contact The Voice of PLC Newsletter Editor Geoff Read on (01752) 563800 or 0774581928 (text only) or email:, or go to PLC website at 2
  3. 3. Understandably, one cancer campaigner has already said she REMEMBER: This is an emergency service and mustis appalled at the decision... and many people will echo the only be used in an emergency as below...feelings of Jennifer WOODFORD. But set against Derrifordsefforts to save £31million this year, which has included When…cuttings posts and beds, the hospital felt that it had little  Life is at risk;option. The only glimmer of hope in this unfortunate  Crime / trouble is happening now;situation is that Dr. Phil HUGHES has said that the hospital will  Someone is injured or threatened;"continue to monitor" the Cyberknife situation.  Person committing crime is near;Heres hoping that at some future date, circumstances will  There is a fire or people trapped;change enough to allow Plymouth patients access to this  You need an ambulance urgently;wonderful, but expensive, piece of kit.  Someone is in trouble, or missing, at sea,  Someone is in trouble on the cliffs or on the shoreline.C OMPLAINTS AGAINST DERRIFORD Hospital Have Fallen. This article appeared in The Herald on Tuesday, 18thOctober 2011: If any Club Member who doesn’t have access to a computer and needs help with this then do get in touch with Geoff.THE number of complaints made about Derriford Hospital tothe health Ombudsman has dropped in the past year. E  XPERT PATIENTS PROGRAMME. A free course for people living with long-term health conditions.The Health Service Ombudsman Ann ABRAHAM looks into Do you live with a long-term condition?complaints against health authorities, when a person is  Are you a good communicator?  Are you motivated?dissatisfied with how their grievance has been handled locally.  Do you want to make a positive difference to theShe has today published the second in an annual series of  lives of others?reports on complaints handling.  Would you like to become a volunteer tutor and help othersIt states she received 56 complaints about Plymouth Hospitals manage their long-term conditions?NHS Trust in 2010 / 11, of which two went on to be To learn more about becoming a volunteer tutor please contact:investigated. Jan White,This compares to 64 complaints in 2009 / 10, of which five Expert Patients Programme Co-ordinator,went on to be investigated. That year the trust was named as Plymouth Guild,among the 10 health bodies having the countrys highest Ernest English House, Buckwell Street, Plymouth, PL1 2DAnumber of Ombudsman investigations over complaints. Tel: (01752) 201766In 2010/11, four investigations for Plymouth Hospitals werereported on and upheld.The Ombudsman also received 44 complaints about NHSPlymouth, the citys primary care trust (PCT), of which none F LU (ALSO KNOWN AS INFLUENZA) is a highly infectious illness caused by the flu virus. It spreads rapidly through small droplets coughed or sneezed into the air bywere accepted for investigation. an infected person.This compares to 35 the previous year, of which one was Studies have shown that flu vaccines provide effectiveaccepted for investigation. protection against the flu, although protection may not beThe Ombudsmans report criticised the progress the NHS is complete and may vary between people.making to improve the way it deals with patients complaints Protection from the vaccine gradually decreases and fluas "patchy and slow". strains change over time. Therefore, new vaccines areShe warns that the NHS is still not dealing adequately with the made each year and people at risk of flu are encouragedmost straightforward matters and that too many minor to be vaccinated every year.disputes are escalated to her office before they are resolved. The flu vaccination is offered to people in at-risk groupsThe Ombudsman received the most complaints about Heart and Laryngectomees are included in this group!. Theseof England NHS Foundation Trust – 171 complaints, of which people are at greater risk of developing seriouseight were accepted for investigation. complications if they catch flu, such as pregnant womenNationally, the two most common reasons people gave for and elderly people.being dissatisfied with how the NHS had handled their Find out who should have the flu jab.complaint were poor explanations and no acknowledgement This years flu jab (2011).of mistakes. This winter’s flu jab protects against the same three strains of flu as last year’s vaccines. These include theT HE EMERGENCY SMS Service lets deaf, hard of hearing and speech-impaired people in the UK send an SMS textmessage to the UK 999 service where it will be passed to the H1N1 strain of the flu virus. H1N1 is the same strain of flu that caused the 2009 swine flu pandemic.police, ambulance, fire rescue, or coastguard. H1N1 is included because it is likely to be one of the majorSimply by sending an SMS message to 999 you can call for flu strains circulating in Britain this and the emergency services will be able to reply to you. The best time to have a flu jab is in the autumn, fromYou will need to register your mobile phone before using the September to early November.Emergency SMS service. Find out more about getting the flu jab or speak to yourDownload the Emergency SMS leaflet. local GP. Click on this link to see the information source. Contact The Voice of PLC Newsletter Editor Geoff Read on (01752) 563800 or 0774581928 (text only) or email:, or go to PLC website at 3
  4. 4. F ORMER BRAZILIAN PRESIDENT to Undergo Chemotherapy. This report was broadcast by Helena thDEMOURA on CNN on Saturday, 29 October 2011: Chewing tobacco. Paan, areca nut and gutka are as dangerous as smoking tobacco, if not more so. Sex. Experts now think that Human papilloma virus...Luiz Inacio LULA DA SILVA, seen here on transmitted during oral sex... could soon overtake alcoholTuesday, 25th October 2011, is expected to and smoking as the major cause of mouth cancer.undergo chemotherapy to treat a tumour in his Diet. Poor diet is associated with up to a third of mouthlarynx. cancer cases. Fruit, vegetables, egg and fish consumptionSTORY HIGHLIGHTS help to lower your risk. Lulas tumor has not metastasized. Dental hygiene. Recent research in the US found that He will be treated at Sao Paulos Syrian- people with chronic gum disease had an increased risk of Lebanese Hospital. developing oral and neck cancers. The countrys current president, Dilma ROUSSEFF, is Mouth cancer warning signs. Around two-thirds of mouth considered his hand-picked successor. cancer cases are discovered in the later stages of the It is not clear what day the treatment will begin. disease. But early detection of mouth cancer can improveFormer Brazilian President Luiz Inacio LULA DA SILVA will five year survival rates to 90%.begin chemotherapy in the coming days to treat a tumour Regular dental checkups may catch the disease in its earlyin his larynx, a hospital official said Saturday. stages before you are even aware it exists. CommonThe former president will be treated at Sao Paulos Syrian- symptoms which you should always get checked out include:Lebanese Hospital, said hospital spokeswoman Mirtes  Ulcers which don’t heal within three weeks.BOGEA.  Red and white patches in the mouth.It is not clear what day the treatment will begin.  Any unusual changes, lumps and swellings in the mouthLULA, 66, was diagnosed Saturday morning after (can be painless).undergoing medical examinations, BOGEA said."This is a localised tumour," noted BOGEA. She added thatthe tumour has not metastasized, a characteristic of mostcancerous cells. H EAD & NECK Cancer Research Priority Setting Partnership. Details about this project are available at:, one of Brazils most popular leaders, helped craft the The deadline for submissions has been extended tonation into a major global economy. Presidents, however, are th Wednesday, 30 November 2011. It is now possible tobarred from running for a third consecutive term. submit suggestions for treatment uncertainties online,The countrys current leader, Dilma ROUSSEFF, is without using email or snail-mail. Please go to:considered his hand-picked successor. ROUSSEFF is the woman to hold the presidency. Research_Priority_Setting_PartnershipFor the full story, please click on this link. Those who do not have access to a computer and who wish to participate in this survey should contact Geoff.H ABITS THAT CAN Lead To Mouth Cancer. This article was published in Healthy stLiving on Monday, 31 October 2011:Mouth cancer is one of the least well known cancers, but it H th ELPING TO EASE Hospital Parking Stress. This editorial was published in The Herald on Monday, 7 November 2011.kills more people each year than testicular and cervical FEW things are more stressful for many people than having tocancer combined. go to hospital... either as a patient, or visitor.In the UK, the number of new cases have soared by nearly But in Plymouth, the experience of50% in the past ten years. Each year around 6,000 people are visiting Derriford Hospital can bediagnosed with the disease, and around 1,800 people die made even more distressing becausefrom it. of difficulties in finding car parkingThis year, as part of Mouth Cancer Action Month, the spaces. So anything which will helpBritish Dental Health Association are aiming to increase improve the situation, a long-running problem as old as theawareness of the warning signs and risk factors for mouth hospital itself, ought... in theory... to be welcomed.cancer, and urge people ‘If in doubt, get checked out’. Certainly plans put forward by hospital managers to tackle on-Habits that put you at risk of mouth cancer site traffic problems should go some way towards easing theEveryday habits that increase your risk of mouth cancer frustration which so many patients and visitors experience.include: Construction of a new multi-storey car park, barriers with pay on exit machines, the freezing of parking charges for severalSmoking. This is the number one risk factor for mouth years and electronic signs indicating where spaces arecancer. The saliva in your mouth helps spread around the available will all help, and will be enthusiastically welcomedcarcinogens in cigarette smoke, increasing your risk. by many.Alcohol. Helps smoke absorption in the mouth, so The scale of the parking problems plaguing Derriford isdrinking alcohol while smoking increases your risk of highlighted in a report from Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust, formouth cancer even more. If you smoke and drink heavily the city councils Health Overview & Scrutiny Committee. Thisyou are 30 times more likely to develop mouth cancer. states: "Difficulty in parking and finding the entrance to the hospital is stressful for patients and members of the public, Contact The Voice of PLC Newsletter Editor Geoff Read on (01752) 563800 or 0774581928 (text only) or email:, or go to PLC website at 4
  5. 5. and can have a profoundly negative effect on theirexperience." So these moves will doubtless prove popular andbe seen as a positive step forward. Not so, however, will be N ATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LARYNGECTOMEE CLUBS (NALC). We received a letter from the Association th Secretary on Tuesday, 11 October 2011. The letter containedthe controversial move to cut free parking at the hospital the dates of the 2012 General Committee Meetings to befrom 45 minutes to just 15. held in London as follows:This facility was introduced in May 2009 to help people  Monday, 30th January 2012dropping off and picking up patients. But the report says that  Monday, 26th March 2012this has been "heavily abused", and led to an average  Monday, 2nd July 2012reduction in monthly car parking income of £10,786. Clearly,  Monday, 1st October 2012to the trust which is watching every penny in its efforts to If any Club Member wishes to attend these meetings asmeet budget requirements this cannot go on. If this "perk" our Club Representative then do please let Geoff know. Itgoes, it will spark much protest. But unfortunately, it would may be possible to claim back your travel expenses.seem that the finger of blame for this should point at those The letter also contained the Minutes of the General rdwho have abused this system, who have now spoiled things Committee Meeting held in London on Monday, 3 Octoberfor everyone. To read more please click on this link. 2011. The salient points are:  16 attended. 10 apologised.L ORD GOULD, STRATEGIST Behind New Labour, Dies of Cancer At 61. This article was published in the Daily thMail by Michael Seamark on Tuesday, 8 November 2011.   Current account: £64,050. Business account: : £34,818 The current account is high because NALC has to pay £25,000 to Macmillan for the back rent on its property.  Staff pensions also need to be paid.Philip GOULD, one of the architects of  70 attended NALC Annual Luncheon at Penrith in the LakeNew Labour, has died aged 61 following a District in September 2010.battle with cancer. If any Club Member wishes to see the hard copies of theseThe political strategist and pollster was documents they should contact of Tony BLAIRs most trusted advisersand a key figure behind the partys threeconsecutive general election victories. N EW SERVICE LAUNCHED at the Mustard Tree Macmillan Centre To Support People Living With And Beyond st Cancer. This is a Press Release issued on Friday, 21 OctoberLittle known outside Westminster, Lord GOULD urged Labourto listen to polls and focus groups to discover what voters 2011. Geoff was in attendance representing the PLC.wanted. An exciting new service, funded by Macmillan Cancer SupportLord GOULD, who became a life peer in 2004, had undergone for people living with and beyond cancer will be launched ontreatment for cancer of the oesophagus, but the illness later st Friday, 21 October at 1 p.m., at the Mustard Tree Macmillanrecurred. Centre, Derriford Hospital.In his final television interview, in September, he said he When people are affected by cancer, the difference betweenbelieved that the nastiness of politics had contributed to his a good day and a bad day can often come down to reallycancer. small things whereby providing the right support at the rightHe was asked by Andrew MARR in September about time in the right place can make all the difference.something that your wife Gail said to you; that politics, being For many years The Mustard Tree Macmillan Centre and itsinvolved in politics, was somehow connected to your cancer; outreach sites at Kingsbridge, Tavistock and Liskeard havethat the nastiness of politics and the aggression of politics been places where people can go for support, advice andhad somehow contributed to your cancer? information.Lord GOULD replied: Yes, I think thats true. What would Each Centre offers a friendly space where patients theirhave been better for me would have been to have said Ill do families and carers can ask questions, share concerns andwhat I can do, which I do quite well, and then just push it discuss with Cancer Support Specialists how cancer isback a little bit. affecting daily life. A wide range of information booklets andAnd of course the other side of it is that its only because Im services are on offer including:an obsessive nutcase when it comes to politics that Ive done  Benefits advicewhat Ive done.  Counselling  Complementary therapiesFor more on this article please click here.  Support coping with hair loss and choosing wigs  Support groups and other activitiesM ACMILLAN CANCER SUPPORT. We have received a copy of the fifth issue of theMacmillan Learn Zone Update newsletter. The Living With and Beyond Cancer Service funded by Macmillan Cancer Support will enable services to be2011 has been a busy year with lots of new e-learning extended to include:courses and resources launched. Macmillan has put together  A dedicated telephone support and information line.a quick summary of all the best bits from the year so far.  One to one consultations with specialist support staff.  Education sessions and workshops offering advice on a rangePlease click on this link to find out more. Geoff has sent of health and wellbeing topics.copies out to those on-line.  Signposting to a wide range of services and support withinIf any Member not on-line wishes to have access to this local communities.information then please contact Geoff.  Appropriate fitness, activity and exercise for health and wellbeing.  Information and support within the workplace. Contact The Voice of PLC Newsletter Editor Geoff Read on (01752) 563800 or 0774581928 (text only) or email:, or go to PLC website at 5
  6. 6. Debbie CLIFT, from the Macmillan Project Team said, ‘Cancer About Macmillan Cancer Supportaffects every part of life, not just your health. The NHS is good Cancer is the toughest fight most of us will ever face. Butat treating illness, but we know that there is a gap when it you don’t have to go through it alone. The Macmillan teamcomes to managing the impact that cancer has on everything is with you every step of the way, from the nurses andelse. We want to be able to help to fill this gap and to support therapists helping you through treatment to thepeople to live well with and beyond a cancer diagnosis. At the campaigners improving cancer care.heart of this enhanced service is knowledge of the local area. Whatever’s on your mind, we’re here. Call the MacmillanWe have done extensive work on making sure we are aware team free on 0808 808 0000 (Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. -8of the many and varied support services that are available in p.m.) or visit‘The other really important aspect of the service is time. Ourdedicated staff are able to provide one-to-one conversationsand personal solutions for people... this isn’t a one-size-fits-all P LATON MEDICAL: The LaryLife Magazine. Geoff has received his glossy magazine for September- October 2011. Those members on-line who do not currentlyproject... it’s about finding out about specific needs and receive a copy can subscribe by clicking on this link. Thoseworking with the individual or family concerned to find not on line should ask Geoff to open an subscription accountsupport that is tailored to them. on their behalf.We will be running rolling education programmes coveringself management issues and ensuring patients, their familiesand carers have access to the most up to date and wellevidenced information covering this. P LYMOUTH LINk NEWSLETTER. Geoff emailed out Issue No. 15 (October 2011) of the Plymouth LINk Newsletter to those on-line. Those not on-line and who would like to‘We are also going to be running education sessions for the receive a hard copy should contact Geoff.wider community... employers, employees and others... sothat they are more aware of the impact that a cancerdiagnosis can have, and how they can help and support their T HE PLYMOUTH THIRD Sector Consortium (PTSC). PLC is a member of this consortium which has now changed its name to Community & Social Action Plymouthcolleague or friend.‘We are really excited about this project. We have been (CASAP). And it changed its logo at the same time. Thispiloting it over the last few months, and the feedback has means that PLC will have to update all its documentationbeen fantastic.’ accordingly.Ed MURPHY, Senior Macmillan Development Manager at Geoff emailed the CASAP’s November Newspage to ndMacmillan Cancer Support said, ‘More people are living Members on Wednesday, 2 November 2011. Thoselonger with cancer, so it is vital that we help them to live well. without computer access should contact Geoff should theyMacmillan Cancer Support is very pleased to be funding this wish to see a hard copy.project at the Mustard Tree Macmillan Centre as we knowthat it will have a real impact on the quality of people’s lives.’Feedback from users of the service to date include: T HE RUDEST HOSPITALS in Britain. This article, including the table below, was published in th the Daily Mail on Tuesday, 8 November 201: I Felt very low after treatment finished for second diagnosis of cancer-counselling sessions were arranged promptly. A Good Health investigation, I was given very helpful advice on coping with after effects of using Freedom of Information cancer - including techniques for reducing stress. requests, found a troubling Felt better straight away with the reassurance that the way I lack of basic care and was feeling was perfectly normal. sympathy. 49% of complaints Given good advice on when to introduce exercise and the were about doctors, 29% benefits of this - Ideas as to what sort of exercise might be about nurses, 6% about good for me - taking into account my interests and lifestyle. administration staff and 2% Exercise did make me feel better and more confident about midwives. Kate WIGHTON dealing with the physical demands of returning to work. reports on the soaring number My referral to the team meant that I could get on with my life of complaints against hospital as much as possible whilst having cancer treatment and be staff... assured that future support will be provided, whenever I need it, for all aspects of living with and beyond cancer To read the full article, pleaseThe launch showcased some of the support available click on this link.through this project, and featured some interviews withpeople already helped, as well as interviews with staff andrepresentatives from Macmillan.The new service is based at the Mustard Tree MacmillanCentre, Derriford Hospital, but has regular outreachsessions in Liskeard, Tavistock and Kingsbridge. The AdviceLine can be called on (01752) 431467. Contact The Voice of PLC Newsletter Editor Geoff Read on (01752) 563800 or 0774581928 (text only) or email:, or go to PLC website at 6
  7. 7. Click to view albums our Facebook Page.T HE SPEAK EASY CLUB Newsletter. A copy of the October 2011 Newsletter has been sent out to those on-line. Ifthere is any Club Member who is not on-line and wishes tohave a hard copy then please contact Geoff.Click to view it online.U P TO 40% of Cancers Are Caused By Viruses: Discovery Offers Hope of Vaccines and New Therapies.This article was published in The Mail by Tamara Cohen on thMonday, 17 October 2011:Viruses may cause up to 40% of cancers including braintumours and leukaemia, scientists claim.If they are proved correct infurther tests, it could pave theway for vaccinations againstseveral types of cancer andtherapies to cure them.The claim follows researchwhich has discovered viruses in types of cancer which werenever thought to have been linked with infection.Vaccination: The research study using DNA analysis hasshown that viruses could be implicated as the cause of 40% ofthe 200 forms of cancer.More than 300,000 people a year are diagnosed with cancerin the UK, of whom half will die from the disease.Nobel Prize winner Harald zur HAUSEN, who jointlydiscovered the link between cervical cancer and Humanpapillomavirus (HPV) in the 1980s, said he expected morediscoveries to follow and suggested that viruses could beinvolved in cancer of the skin, breast, gut and lungs.But scientists warn it could take a long time and hugeinvestment before vaccines are developed.Alan RICKINSON, professor of cancer studies at BirminghamUniversity, said: ‘If we can understand how these viruses workwe could prevent people from contracting them and evencreate therapies that use the patient’s own immune system todestroy infected or cancerous cells.’The process still confounds experts because viruses work byinvading cells and making them produce more viruses. Butthis process then kills the cell which should mean it cannotbecome cancerous.One theory is that cancer-causing viruses can remain hiddenin cells for years, preventing the cell from repairing mutations.Click to read more.T HE VOICE. This is the official magazine of Countrywide Supplies Ltd. and they have justpublished Issue No. 6, their Autumnedition. Copies can be viewed on-line byclicking on this link. If any Club Memberwishes to have a copy but does not haveaccess to a computer then please contactGeoff. Contact The Voice of PLC Newsletter Editor Geoff Read on (01752) 563800 or 0774581928 (text only) or email:, or go to PLC website at 7
  8. 8. The Plymouth Laryngectomy Club (PLC) is a Charitable Cancer Support Group. PLC aims to offer support and care to laryngectomees and their carers and families. PLC also encourages understanding and support by the public. And, just for those who may not be aware... Laryngectomy is the removal of the larynx and separation of the airway from the mouth, nose and oesophagus. The Laryngectomee breaths through the neck, a stoma. It is done in the cases of laryngeal cancer. However, many laryngeal cancer cases are now treated only with radiation and chemotherapy, or other laser procedures, and Laryngectomy is performed when those treatments fail to conserve the larynx. If you’re a Laryngectomee you would be most welcome to come along on your own or with your partner and / or Carer. Come join us! Our Members and Friends meet on the first Monday of every month. Do please see our website for further details. ACKNOWLEDGMENT Our grateful thanks to : THE PLYMOUTH DIOCESE for their assistance in reproducing copies of this newsletter.The Plymouth Laryngectomy Club (PLC) is an Affiliated Member of: The National Association of Laryngectomy Clubs (NALC)In Association with Macmillan Cancer SupportRegistered Charity Number: 273635Our Funder: Macmillan Cancer SupportA Member of Community & Social Action Plymouth (CASAP)Patrons & Medical Advisors : Mr. W.M. BRIDGER, FRCS - Consultant ENT Surgeon,Mr. Tass MALIK, BSc FRCS (Gen), FRCS (ORL H&N) - Consultant Otolaryngologist, Head & Neck / Thyroid Surgeon, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth.