The Voice of PLC Newsletter Oct - Nov 2011


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The Voice of PLC Newsletter Oct - Nov 2011

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The Voice of PLC Newsletter Oct - Nov 2011

  1. 1. The Plymouth Laryngectomy Club (PLC) A Charitable Support Group for Plymouth Cancer Laryngectomees The Voice of PLC October- November 2011 Address: c/o 80 Warleigh Avenue, PLYMOUTH, PL2 1DH, Devon, UK Mobile: 07745819828 (text only) Email: Website: FOREWORD BY THE CHAIR EDITORIAL COMMENT Written by Geoffrey N. READDear Friends & Supporters, I NTERNET Links. If you’re reading this on-line and come across words with blue lettering that are underlined, then you can click on these links and be taken directly to anotherThe Plymouth Laryngectomy Club is now one-year-old and site for more information on that particular topic.has just held its first Annual General Meeting. The results If you read this on Microsoft Word, you can put your cursorare reported later in this newsletter. over the link, hold down the Control (Ctrl) Key and click! Ed. I should like to offer my thanks on behalf of all Club Members to Ted LAUGH AT LIFE! BURNETT, a founder Member and our Chair for our first year. And behind every good man there is always good T HE BAD AND THE WORSE NEWS. A man visits the doctor for a check-up and after some tests, the doctor comes in with a grave look on his face. woman! So our thanks also go to Liz for her support in our first year... not Doctor: Well, I have some bad news and some really bad news. least for her photographic efforts! Man: Well, give me the really bad news first. Doctor: You have cancer, and only six months to live.Now we have a new Committee which hopefully will carry Man: And the bad news?on the good work. I should particularly like to thank Fiona Doctor: You have Alzheimers disease.MARTIN for volunteering for the post of Entertainments Man: Thats great! I was afraid I had cancer!Member. This should spread the work load considerably.Thanks Fiona! PERSONAL ANNOUNCEMENTS H stOur first year was spent getting the Club organised, writing APPY BIRTHDAY TO Jean READ for Saturday, 1 Octoberconstitutions, rules and regulations, etc. 2011. Jean is currently serving on our Committee asNow we have that fairly well organised we intend that the Treasurer. Thanks for all your hard work Jean!Committee should handle the day-to-day management ofthe Club and then report its actions to Members via theClub’s Newsletters. C ONGRATULATIONS TO Ted & Liz BURNETT for Friday, st 21 October 2011 on the occasion of their anniversary. Ted was the Chair of PLC for 2010 – 11. And we all knowThis will then mean that our monthly Club Meetings will that behind any good man is a good woman! Well done Liz!become less cluttered with Club business. We still intendto have a meeting one month at the Mustard Tree and thenext away from Derriford but we really hope to make N OVEMBER 2011. No celebrations in November? Have we missed anyone?them just that much more sociable.. giving our Membersmore time together. R OSEMARIE STEVENS. Although Rosemarie was not feeling well enough to attend the Club’s first AGM she sent word to wish all those in attendance her very best wishes!We do hope you will give us your support! Thanks Rosemarie! We hope you continue to improve.Geoff S USAN STEPHENSON. Susan is being admitted to hospital th on Wednesday, 19 October 2011 for a further operationChair, PLC and she’s expected to be in for a couple of days. The Club will be making sure that Susan has everything she needs! The Plymouth Laryngectomy Club (PLC) is an Affiliated Member of: The National Association of Laryngectomy Clubs (NALC) In Association with Macmillan Cancer Support Registered Charity Number: 273635 Our Funder: Macmillan Cancer Support A Member of The Plymouth Third Sector Consortium (PTSC) Patrons & Medical Advisors : Mr. W.M. BRIDGER, FRCS - Consultant ENT Surgeon, Mr. Tass MALIK, BSc FRCS (Gen), FRCS (ORL H&N) - Consultant Otolaryngologist, Head & Neck / Thyroid Surgeon, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth.
  2. 2. Payment. Members are kindly requested to pay their £5 THE FIRST PLC Subscription at the November 2011 Meeting. If you do ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING not expect to attend that meeting then it would beO UR OCTOBER 2011 Meeting took place at the Mustard Tree Cancer Support Center at Derriford Hospital on thFriday, 7 October 2011 at 11 a.m. There were 13 members appreciated if you could pay the Treasurer as soon as you can. Her Contact Address details are at the top of the front attendance... probably our best attendance yet! The salientpoints of the meeting, including the results of the election ofa new Committee are given below. T HANKS FROM THE Outgoing Chair. Ted BURNETT thanked everyone for attending this meeting and for the support that the Members had given him during his tour ofN EW COMMITTEE. A new Committee was elected as follows: office. Ted also thanked Geoff and Jean READ for their support on our Committee for the Club’s first year.Chair.As no volunteer was forthcoming, Geoff READ was elected tosit in as Acting Chair until such time as another volunteer V OTES OF THANKS. Professional Staff. During our recentstepped forward. difficulties with running the Club,Treasurer. Maggie JARVIS (Clinical NurseJean READ was re-elected to continue in this post for a second Specialist), and Julia POCKETTtenure. (Speech & Language Therapist) very kindly jumped in to run the Club for us. Club Members agreed to formally record aEntertainments Member. vote of thanks to them both.Fiona MARTIN was elected. The Mustard Tree. Club Members also agreed to formallySecretary. record a vote of thanks to the Supervisor, the Staff and theGeoff READ was re-elected to continue in this post for a Volunteers of the Mustard Tree. They allowed our Club to usesecond tenure. their facilities for our meetings over the past year and have been the perfect hosts!R AFFLE. THE PLC TREASURER’S ANNUAL REPORTSeptember 2011.£8 was raised at the raffle we held on our Coach Trip to thDartmeet on Saturday, 10 September 2011 and this waspassed to our Coach Driver as his tip. J EAN READ GAVE a review of the Club’s accounts for the first year. This was summarised as follows: The Club started off with zero funds. The Club had nearlyOctober 2011 £800 awarded to it and the rest was chipped in by the ClubFiona MARTIN won the September 2011 Raffle so she Members themselves. With over £700 in the bank the Club isprovided the prize for today’s Raffle! Today’s raffle took in quite a healthy state. It was the hope of Club Members thatplace during the lunch break of the Laryngectomy the new Committee would start to think of ways in which ourInformation Study Day and was therefore open to Club could help Macmillan Cancer Support.everyone attending. A sum of £23 was raised! Pam WALLS(non-Club Member) won the First Prize of a National CREMATE MELottery Ticket! Percy FURNEAUX won the Second Prize of A businessman on his deathbed called his friendan Electric Knife and one of the attending Professional and said, "Bill, I want you to promise me thatStaff won the Ornamental Candles. when I die you will have my remains cremated."November 2011. "And what," his friend asked, "do you want me toPercy will therefore be providing the Raffle Prize for the do with your ashes?"November 2011 Raffle! The Club has been charging 50 The businessman said, "Just put them in anpence for a strip of five raffle tickets. Members agreed envelope and mail them to the Inland Revenuethat in future, the Club should charge £1 for a single ticket. Service and write on the envelope, "Now you haveHowever there’s no limit to the number of tickets that everything."each person can buy!S UBSCRIPTIONS. Our subscriptions rules previously read:A mandatory fee of £5 per Friend or Member on joining and avoluntary contribution of £1 per month.The members agreed that the Club should change itsSubscription Rules to read:A mandatory fee of £5 per Friend or Member payable at theNovember 2011 Club Meeting and thereafter at each AGM. Contact The Voice of PLC Newsletter Editor Geoff Read on (01752) 563800 or 0774581928 (text only) or email:, or go to PLC website at 2
  3. 3. Head & Neck: THE PLC SECRETARY’S ANNUAL REPORT There’s a question hanging over the Club atG EOFF READ GAVE an overview of what the Club had achieved in its first year. He pointed out that the Clubhad agreed a Constitution, built a website, issued a the moment as to whether our Club should remain as a Laryngectomy Club or whether it should become a Head & Neck Cancer Club. This will be forNewsletter and held Monthly Meetings. But there was still a the newly-elected Committee to progress.lot of work being done in the background and this included: Macmillan:Affiliations: The newly-elected Committee shouldOur Club has been successful in forming affiliations with think of ways of how our Club canother clubs and organisations. These included: help Macmillan Cancer Support. National Association of Laryngectomee Club (NALC) After all, they have helped all of us! Our Club should also Speak Easy Club in Cornwall be thinking of looking at the Macmillan Training Programme Exeter Head & Neck Cancer Club The Recovery Club in Cornwall so as to ascertain which courses our Members might like to The Torbay Laryngectomy Club take part in the coming year.Members agreed that such affiliations are to be encouraged. Membership:Club Business: Our membership is fairly healthy. Julia POCKETT (Speech &No-one likes bureaucracy but some bits are essential... Language Therapist) and Maggie JARVIS (Clinical Nurseespecially when public and donated money is concerned. Specialist) conducted a survey this year to ascertain the views Our Constitution is essential and legally of all laryngectomees in the Derriford catchment area. mandatory. Our Club would not have received Members agreed that a similar exercise should be undertaken the funding it has without it! this year but that this time it should have some involvement The Club’s current Constitution needs updating by the Club’s Committee.and Members agreed that that the newly-elected Committee NALC:should take this on board. The Minutes of our Club Meetings Our Club is affiliated to NALC which is as our umbrellaare also essential for a similar reason. The Committee does organisation. Our Club is able to use theirrecord minutes and stores them but the Club does not Registered Charity Number. More of ourformally issue them to Club Members. Club Members should try to make anInstead the Committee publishes the salient points in our attempt to attend NALC’ events includingNewsletters (similar to what you are reading now!). That their Quarterly Meetings and its Annual Dinners.said, the Club’s Business Papers and its Accounts are opento view by any Club Member at any time... subject to the Newsletter:appropriate request being submitted to the Chair. This is available to everyone on our website and a copy is mailed to those Members notEmergency Devices: on-line.The Club was recently investigatingwhether it could get a grant to purchase Peninsula Cancer Network:Press-Don’t-Panic audio devices for For the past six months or more Geoff had been participatinglaryngectomees in times of emergencies. in some training and attending very informativeThis will be up to the newly-elected Committee to progress. meetings and panels regarding Cancer Support, Cancer Rehabilitation and the National CancerEntertainments: Peer Review. This is just Geoff’s way of trying toNow the Club had funds, perhaps its Members could get out “give something back”. If any Member wishes to know morea bit more! But first our Club Members have our Christmas Geoff would be happy to discuss this with them.Dinner to look forward to! Website:Forecast of Events: The Members expressed their thanks to Kanda (ourA copy is always available on our website. However notices webmaster) who had built our website fromare also placed in our Newsletters. scratch and maintained it for us! Kanda is savingFunding: us a fortune! For those Members who can goOur Club may be able to obtain monetary grants from other on-line, please note that our Club is on Facebookcharitable trusts such as the Plymouth Drake Foundation. The as well. Please remember to click on the LIKE button whennewly-elected Committee will need to decide precisely what you visit!they need the funds for prior to any application being made.But the Committee will need to be guided by its Members!Goodybags:All members should now be aware of what this project isabout. It’s to provide some useful information andgizzits to new laryngectomees. It will be up to thenewly-elected Committee to decide if it should goahead. The Committee will need some volunteersfrom to help out on this. Contact The Voice of PLC Newsletter Editor Geoff Read on (01752) 563800 or 0774581928 (text only) or email:, or go to PLC website at 3
  4. 4. THE PLC TRIP TO DEVORAN THE PLC TRIP TOS EVEN INTREPID CLUB MEMBERS travelled from th Plymouth to Devoran on Wednesday, 14 September LANGAGE ENERGY PARK2011. It was well worth the three-hour round trip by car.The weather was absolutely beautiful and our Club S EVERAL OF OUR Club Members took part in a trip to rd Langage Energy Park on Monday, 3 October 2011 where we were joined by some members of theMembers, along with some from The Recovery Club in Devon & Cornwall Food AssociationCornwall, were treated to a lovely Soup & Sandwich lunch. (DCFA). We were given a guided tour ofAfterwards we had a round-table discussion and a general the plant and an extremely interestingexchange of ideas. presentation by Mr. Roy BAILEY, theOne message that came through loudly and clearly from all Operations Manager of Centrica Energy.three clubs was that we must all make a concerted effort Roy made it a really fun time... even though what theyto attract more members to our respective club meetings produce is a very serious business. That was obvious whenand functions. It was generally agreed that joint meetings we had to get dressed up in hard hats and fluorescent jackets.such as today’s should be one way ahead for us. At least We thought Eileen FURNEAUX looked particularly fetching!it’s a chance to see new faces. But how do we get to meet new laryngectomees with the constraints that Confidentiality place upon THE PLC FORECAST OF EVENTS us? The fifty-nine thousand dollar question! The suggestion of changing our clubs from C ALENDAR of EVENTS. A copy of the Club’s Calendar of Events, including Future Entertainments for the next 12 months or so, is available on our Club’s website. Please keep Laryngectomy Clubs to Head & Neck Cancer Clubs yourselves up-to-date by taking an occasional peek! was briefly mentioned but there wasn’t immediate enthusiasm for such an idea. However, it was generally accepted that this would open up the membership rate of our three clubs. N OVEMBER 2011. th Monday, 7 November 2011: Monthly Club MeetingWe should like to thank both the Speak Easy and the The next Monthly Club Meeting is scheduled for Monday, thRecovery Clubs for making our Plymouth Club Members so 7 November 2011 at the Mustard Tree atwelcome! You were excellent hosts and we look forward to 11 a.m. Members should try to arrive bymeeting up again sometime soon! 10.30 a.m. for a cup of tea before the start. John MCKENNA of Colebrooke Housing Carers has kindly accepted our invitation to be our Guest Speaker. D ECEMBER 2011. th Monday, 5 December 2011: Monthly Club Meeting. Members agreed to use this meeting to discuss items that they had not had time to discuss at previous meetings. There will be no guest speakers. As usual, please arrive at 10.30 a.m. for refreshments. th Monday, 12 December 2011: The PLC Christmas Dinner will be held at Leandra’s Restaurant in Plymouth City Centre at 7 p.m. The cost of this event will be offset by Club Funds. However, we must ask that Friends of PLC pay the full price! Those wishing to attend should first notify Geoff READ who will then send a copy of the menu choices. These must be completed th and returned to Geoff by no later than Monday, 7 November 2011... the date of our November 2011 Meeting. Please book now to avoid disappointment. Those members who would like to can bring a pressie along on the evening to the value of not more than £5. These will then be placed into our Grand Christmas Draw. A GM FOR 2012. Geoff READ will propose at the November 2011 Meeting that the 2012 AGM be st scheduled for Monday, 1 October 2012.Photographs courtesy of Ron and Rose WILLSSee the slideshow at Photobucket and at PLC Facebook Page. Contact The Voice of PLC Newsletter Editor Geoff Read on (01752) 563800 or 0774581928 (text only) or email:, or go to PLC website at 4
  5. 5. THE PLYMOUTH LARYNGECTOMY PENINSULA CANCER NETWORK INFORMATION DAY G EOFF ATTENDED THREE Internal Validation Panels for the Peer Review Process in September:A th N INFORMATION DAY was held on Friday, 7 October  th 2011 at The Mustard Tree Cancer Support Centre, at Head & Neck at Dartington on Thursday, 15Derriford Hospital. The day started with the Club’s first AGM September 2011.  thand that’s reported on at Page 1 of this newsletter. That was Gynaecology at Lifton on Monday, 26 Septemberfollowed by a buffet luncheon kindly provided by our product 2011.  threpresentatives. The afternoon session included a very well- Urology at Dartington on Tuesday, 27 Septemberreceived presentation by Trevor PHILLIPS, our Clinical 2011.Specialist Physiotherapist who talked about Managing Your Geoff was a Panel Member as a User (patient) Representative.Chest and Breathing after Laryngectomy Surgery. The Should anyone wish to have further information, please don’taudience were then divided into two groups to discuss: hesitate to contact Geoff.The Carers’ PerspectiveandThe Patients’ Perspective THE AIMS OF THEAll in all, a highly informative and sociable day! So much so PLYMOUTH LARYNGECTOMY CLUBthat the general consensus was that we should make this an THE PURPOSES & AIMS OF OUR CLUB ARE:annual event!The Day was well attended by professional medical staffs, Purpose:medical suppliers and of course laryngectomees. The Club is formed to promote the rehabilitation ofOur especial thanks go to the Maggie JARVIS (Clinical Nurse Laryngectomees in the Plymouth area.Specialist), and to Julia POCKETT (Speech & Language Aims:Therapist), for organising the day. To collect and coordinate all information relevant to theAnd we would also like to thank the Mustard Tree and its rehabilitation of the Club Members and disseminate it so asvolunteers who were wonderful hosts as always and kept us to encourage a bond between the Club and its Members.supplied with never-ending cups of tea and coffee throughout To raise funds to enhance the rehabilitation process ofthe day! Club Members. To promote public understanding and appreciation of the needs of Club Members who have undergone laryngectomy; their carers and their families. To promote proper access to Social Services and other agencies that can cater for the needs of Club Members. To assist in research and other projects that would be beneficial to the Club Members. THE SOUTH WESTERN AMBULANCE SERVICE: A REMINDER G EOFF RECENTLY VISITED the South Western Ambulance Services Training College recently where he met up with Lizzie RYAN, the Education Business Manager. It was agreed that the Ambulance Service Emergency Control Room for our region could flag-up the names and details of our Club Members so, in the event of a medical emergency, the Service could ensure that their paramedics could be properly briefed that the patient was a Laryngectomee so they would know what to do, and more importantly, what not to do! The Service could also ensure their ambulances would be kitted out with any special neck-breathing equipment that may be necessary. The Data Protection Act forbids me passing anyone’s personal details to anyone else without that individual’s authority. So if you wish to take part in this scheme, wouldPhotographs courtesy of Liz BURNETT you please ask Geoff to send or email you an ApplicationSee the slideshow at Photobucket and at PLC Facebook Page. Form? He will then ensure that your details are passed on Contact The Voice of PLC Newsletter Editor Geoff Read on (01752) 563800 or 0774581928 (text only) or email:, or go to PLC website at 5
  6. 6. to our local Ambulance Service.This authorisation will need to be renewed every six monthsbut don’t worry... the Club will send out reminders. One last T HE RECOVERY CLUB Newsletter. A copy of the September 2011 Newsletter has been sent out to those on-line. If anyone not on-linepoint: Laryngectomees do not have to be Club Members to wishes to have a hard copy then do pleaseparticipate in this Scheme and we have passed blank forms to contact Geoff.Julia and Maggie to dish out to their patients as required. Click on this link to see the Newsletter. NEWS & CURRENT EVENTS DISCLAIMERPlease note that the views and opinions expressed in this section arenot necessarily those held by the PLC Committee nor its Members. T HE SPEAK EASY CLUB Newsletter. A copy of the September 2011 Newsletter has been sent out to thoseM ACMILLAN CANCER SUPPORT Newsletter. Change is in the air this autumn in the Mac NewsAutumn 2011. Leaf through the autumn on-line. If anyone not on-line wishes to have a hard copy then do please contact Geoff. Click to view it online.edition of Mac News to find stories aboutsupporters like you, as well as information onour services, events and more. If you areunable to obtain a copy by clicking on the link The Plymouth Laryngectomy Clubabove then just contact Geoff for a hard copy. (PLC)P ENINSULA HEAD & NECK Cancer Support Group. (PHANCS). Are you interested in a Support group forhead and neck cancer patients and carers? This could takethe form of: Group meetings, One-to-One meetings, Information / advice by post or E mail An on-line web site, Telephone help line, Or a combination of the above.We have established that there is a need for such a group andare in the early planning stage. If you would be Interested inhelping with setting-up the group please contact Mac MERRETT Come join us!at or telephone: (01392) 8412490. Our Members and Friends meetClick on this link to see more. on the first Monday of every month.P LYMOUTH ONLINE DIRECTORY. The Plymouth City Council recently launched the Plymouth Online Directoryof social care and health services. Our Club’s details havesince been included. ACKNOWLEDGMENT Our grateful thanks to :S TRIKERS WILL CRIPPLE the country from November right through the year apparently. Unionbarons have insisted that a one-day walk- THE PLYMOUTH DIOCESE th would take place on 30 November2011with others in the pipeline. UNISONhas 14 million members which includes for their assistance in reproducingNHS staff such as nurses, paramedics, copies of this newslettercooks and cleaners. Try to avoid any medical appointments onthis day! Contact The Voice of PLC Newsletter Editor Geoff Read on (01752) 563800 or 0774581928 (text only) or email:, or go to PLC website at 6