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The Voice of PLC (August - September 2011)


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The Voice of PLC (August - September 2011)

Published in: Health & Medicine
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The Voice of PLC (August - September 2011)

  1. 1. The Plymouth Laryngectomy Club (PLC) A Charitable Support Group for Plymouth Cancer Laryngectomees The Voice of PLC August - September 2011 Address: c/o 80 Warleigh Avenue, PLYMOUTH, PL2 1DH, Devon, UK Mobile: 07745819828 (text only) Email: Website: FOREWORD BY THE CHAIR GREETINGS! Written by Edward (Ted) BURNETTDear Friends & Supporters!Well... another month has gone by and I should like tothank Mr. Miles WILLIAMS of Platon Medical Ltd. for hismost interesting and informative talk about his products at H TH APPY 40 BIRTHDAY to Gillian CLAYTON ofour August 2011 Meeting! Countrywide Supplies Ltd. We shouldn’t divulge aI should also like to say that I really hope as many PLC lady’s age I know... but this is a very special one! The FriendsMembers, Family and Friends as possible will be able to & Members of PLC would like to wish Gillian a very special thattend our first Annual General Meeting on Monday, 5 th day on Sunday, 14 August 2011! We should also like to takeSeptember 2011. Further details appear later in this this opportunity of thanking Gillian and her Team for theNewsletter. excellent service they provide us Laryngectomees year in, year out! Thanks a lot Guys!I also hope that as many PLC Members, Family and Friendsas possible will be able to attend our coach trip outing to thDartmeet for a Cream Tea on Saturday, 10 September B EST WISHES to Susan STEPHENSON for her birthday th on Sunday, 25 September 2011. Susan is staunch and loyal member of PLC. Have a lovely day Susan!2011. Again, further details appear later in this Newsletter.A few PLC Members and Friends will be travelling down to thDevoran, near Truro on Wednesday, 15 September 2011 THE PLC AUGUST 2011 MEETINGto meet up with members of the Speak Easy Club inCornwall. Further details appear later in this Newsletter.I do hope you’re all enjoying this British Summer Time and O UR AUGUST 2011 Meeting took place at the Mustard Tree Cancer Support Center at Derriford Hospital on st Monday, 1 August 2011 at 11 a.m. There were 11 of us inmaking the most of it! attendance including two Friends. We have one or two of our Members tucked up in hospital at the moment so they wereBest Wishes, unable to attend of course. We have sent them cards to wish them well, and we hope their situations improve soon. WeTed were fortunate to have Mr. Miles WILLIAMS in attendance who gave us a very informative talk on the products available from Platon Medical Ltd. EDITORIAL COMMENTI NTERNET LINKS. If you’re reading this on-line and come across words with blue lettering that are underlined, you C OMMITTEE MEETINGS. The Committee (that’s Ted, Geoff and Jean) finally managed to meet up in July 2011 to resolve one or two ongoing problems on the Club’s behalf.can click on these links and be taken directly to another This saves a lot of time discussing items at our Monthlysite for more information on that particular topic. Meetings which means we have more time to chinwagPut your cursor over the link, hold down the Control (Ctrl) amongst ourselves... which is surely what we are about afterKey and click! Ed. all? The Plymouth Laryngectomy Club (PLC) is an Affiliated Member of: The National Association of Laryngectomy Clubs (NALC) In Association with Macmillan Cancer Support Registered Charity Number: 273635 Our Funder: Macmillan Cancer Support A Member of The Plymouth Third Sector Consortium (PTSC) Patrons & Medical Advisors : Mr. W.M. BRIDGER, FRCS - Consultant ENT Surgeon, Mr. Tass MALIK, BSc FRCS (Gen), FRCS (ORL H&N) - Consultant Otolaryngologist, Head & Neck / Thyroid Surgeon, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth.
  2. 2. P S th RESCRIPTION ITEMS. This advice appeared in last EPTEMBER 2011. Monday, 5 September 2011: The month’s newsletter but has been reworded slightly on PLC Club Annual General Meeting starts at the Mustardadvice of our medical professionals: Tree Cancer Support Centre at 11 a.m. Please look at the next page for more details.Maggie explained that all medical supplies obtained fromCountrywide Supplies Ltd., Heimomed UK or elsewhere, were S th EPTEMBER 2011. Saturday, 10 September 2011: Thereprescription items and as such were budgeted for from each will be a coach trip from Plymouth to Dartmeet for alocal GP’s purse. Patients must be registered with their local Cream Tea. We will be departing from the Tesco’sAllied Health Professional (for our Club Members, this would Superstore at Roborough at a time yet to be notifiednormally be Maggie or Julia) before ordering anything from Please meet outside the Main Entrance. Those with carsany company. Julia stated that Base Plates from Platon can use the Tesco’s Car Park all day! Geoff has sevenMedical Supplies Ltd. were professionally preferred to start names of those attending so far. Have you given yournew patients off with, and the hospital only keeps Platon name to Geoff yet? Please do so as soon as poss!base plates in stock. However, other products would be Members going on the trip will be asked to pay Jean justtrialled as necessary if there is a clinical need. Patients should £5 on the day towards the coach hire cost. Friends andnever order a different item just to try it! Always consult with other family members will be asked to pay the full whack!Maggie or Julia prior to ordering anything different. And, if in Please bring some loose change with you as we will bedoubt, consult Maggie or Julia first! having a whip-round for the driver on the return trip! S th EPTEMBER 2011. Wednesday, 14 September2011: The Speak Easy Club in Cornwall has invited MembersR AFFLE. Geoff won the August 2011 Raffle which was an orchid plant very kindly donated by Miles WILLIAMS, ourGuest Speaker. Thanks Miles! Geoff will provide the prize of PLC for a trip to Devoran, near Truro, for a Soup & Sandwich lunch. Those who have given their names to Geoff so far have a car seat reserved. Anyone else wishingfor the September 2010 Raffle! to attend should notify Geoff as soon as possible. O thS UBSCRIPTIONS. Our current subscriptions rules are:A mandatory fee of £5 per Friend or Member on joining CTOBER 2011: Friday, 7 October 2011: Laryngectomee Study Day is still in the planning stages A and is being organised by Julia and Maggie. It will be held atand a voluntary contribution of £1 per month. the Mustard Tree Cancer Support Centre. Please make a note of this date in your diaries as we have cancelled our normalTed intends to make a formal proposal at our AGM in rd Club Meeting for Monday, 3 October 2011! Our ClubSeptember 2011 that the Club changes Subscriptions to: Meeting will take place in the Double Room of the Mustard thA mandatory fee of £5 per Friend or Member payable at Tree between 11 and 12 noon on the 7 ... just prior to lunch.each AGM. Members should note that we have been invited to attend both morning and afternoon sessions, as well as lunch, whichGeoff intends to second this proposal. If the new scheme is has kindly been provided by our Medical Equipmentaccepted it will become payable with effect from the Suppliers. So do please come prepared for a longer stay thanOctober 2011 Meeting and thereafter at each Annual normal!General Meeting. N th OVEMBER 2011: Monday, 7 November 2011: JohnT REASURER’S REPORT. Jean reported that she was holding £69.45 in cash and that the remainder was heldin the Club’s Bank Account. The accounts are open to view MCKENNA of Colebrook Housing Carers has kindly accepted our invitation to be our Guest Speaker. D thby any Club Member at any time on application to Jean. ECEMBER 2011: Monday, 5 December 2011: Members agreed at the August 2011 Meeting that Ted should bookV OTE OF THANKS! Our Members formally recorded a Vote of Thanks to both Maggie (Clinical Specialist Nurse)and to Julia (Speech & Language Therapist) who stepped a Christmas Dinner to be held at the Acropolis Restaurant in Plymouth City Centre at 7 p.m. Members also agreed that the cost of this event should be offset by Club Funds.into the breach for a couple of months to run our Club whenboth Ted and Geoff had problems that prevented them fromperforming their Clubbish duties! PLC is most grateful tothem both for keeping our Club alive when it mightotherwise have died. A lot goes on behind the scenes! THE PLC FORECAST OF EVENTSC ALENDAR of EVENTS. A copy of the Club’s Calendar of Events, including Future Entertainments for the next 12months or so, is available on our Club’s website. Please keepyourselves up-to-date by taking an occasional peek! Contact The Voice of PLC Newsletter Editor Geoff Read on (01752) 563800 or 0774581928 (text only) or email:, or go to PLC website at 2
  3. 3. Proprietor of the discount superstore Linda THOMPSON THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING generously provides the conservatory and garden area rentThe Club’s first Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place free to the group, which has around 50 the Mustard Tree Cancer Support Centre at 11 a.m. on Volunteer Karen WELLARD said: "Without the generosity of thMonday, 5 September 2011. Please try to get there at 10.30 Linda and her staff it wouldnt happen.p.m. when refreshments will be served in the Reception Area "We are just so grateful for their kindness."prior to the meeting. A rough programme of events is as Food is put out for feathered friends and wildlife attractingfollows: blackbirds, robins, squirrels and wild rabbits. The group have their own animals, chickens and rabbits, to look after. Introduction by the Chair (Ted) Members hold an annual runner bean competition to see Raffle who can grow the longest bean, making sure they water their plants to ensure good growth. An Address by Mr. Michael W.M. BRIDGER, As well as the beans other vegetables are grown in among Consultant Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeon the plants, which include strawberries and pumpkins. A Talk by Mr. Charles HANDLEY, Rose and Barrie FUSZARD live in Manadon. They have been Countrywide Supplies Ltd. attending the group for the past four years. Carer Rose said: A Report by the Treasurer (Jean) "Its lovely here, even if we are inside and we enjoy the company. Everybody with Alzheimers has a plinth full of A Report by the Secretary (Geoff) plants and beans. The beans are measured to see who has Club Business including: grown the longest one and they get a prize." Subscriptions Bernard POLKINGHORNE, who cares for his wife Edna, said: "The garden is beautiful and we have been coming for about Election of a New Committee: 12 months." Chair Treasurer As well as providing the drop-in centre for Alzheimers Entertainments Member disease sufferers and their carers, activities organised by the Secretary charity include musical bingo and quizzes. Any Other Business Sessions are free and take place at Chaplins in Galileo Close, every fortnight on a Thursday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.This AGM is open for all Friends and Members to attend. For further information, call Karen WELLARD on (01752)However, only Members will have the right of vote. If anyone 344923.has any proposals they wish to raise at this AGM they mustpass them to the Secretary (Geoff) by not later than Monday, nd22 August 2011. New proposals will not be accepted afterthat date. THE PLYMOUTH HOSPITALS NHS TRUST CANCER SERVICES USER PARTNERSHIP GROUP THE GARDEN CONCERTG ARDEN CONCERT. A few PLC Members and Friends attended the Open Air Garden Concert with the City of G EOFF ATTENDED A meeting of this Group at the Mustard Tree Cancer Support Centre at Derriford Hospital on th Wednesday, 13 July 2010, as a Plymouth Patient. AnyonePlymouth Concert Band at Chaplins Superstore in Plymouth wishing to have further details should get in touch with Geoff. rdon Saturday, 23 July 2011. The price included a Cream Teawith Langage Farm Clotted Cream, Tea, Coffee and Soft Drinks.A delightful afternoon in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society. THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LARYNGECTOMY CLUBS (NALC)And this is how the event was covered in the Plymouth Herald thon Tuesday, 26 July 2011... O UR CLUB RECEIVED a cheque recently for £200 from NALC to assist us in setting-up our Club. This much- needed sum will help us tremendously. Geoff has sent aA GARDEN OF DELIGHTS. A SANCTUARY in the corner of the city certainly provides a secret haven for sufferers ofAlzheimers and their carers. Letter of Thanks on behalf of our Chair and all Club Members to the President and Committee of NALC.The Memory Conservatory, based at Chaplins in Plympton, THE SPEAK EASY CLUB CORNWALLwas founded by Rosemarie STEPHENS and is run byvolunteers who have all lost a loved one to the condition.Weather permitting, members can enjoy the surroundingsfrom the many seating areas in the garden where they can N EWSLETTER. Geoff received the July 2011 edition of rd their newsletter on Saturday, 23 July 2011 and emailed it out to those Members who are on-line. Those not on-linefeast their eyes on containers full of flora and fauna including should contact Geoff for a hard copy. See the newsletter onpetunia, lobelia, fuchsia, lilies, marigolds and hosta. full screen at Contact The Voice of PLC Newsletter Editor Geoff Read on (01752) 563800 or 0774581928 (text only) or email:, or go to PLC website at 3
  4. 4. The outline planning application has been held up for about a NEWS & CURRENT EVENTS year while the developers negotiated with city planners over DISCLAIMER whether the scheme can be made more in keeping with thePlease note that the views and opinions expressed in this section are councils own Derriford and Seaton area action plan. not necessarily those held by the PLC Committee nor its Members. The citys vision for Derriford and Seaton has changed over£ 150M NEW HEART Plan for Derriford Looks Set to be Rejected. This article was published in the Plymouth thHerald on Thursday, 28 July 2011. the past year, but includes a major shopping centre near Tavistock Road. The Highways Agency says that not enough evidence has been given toA £150MILLION scheme which has been described as a assess how the development will"new heart" for Derriford is in jeopardy. affect the road network, inThe developers yesterday accused Plymouth planners of particular Manadon roundabout"changing their minds" over plans for the north of the city. and Forder Valley link road.APPLICATION: Plans for Plymouths new North WestQuadrant development at Derriford Hospital (see pic!).Wharfside Regeneration (Devon) Ltd. wants to develop the"North West Quadrant" of the Derriford Hospital estate. H EALTH CHARITY Says Four in Ten People Will Get Cancer. Adam BRIMELOW Health Correspondent, BBC News: th This article was broadcast on Thursday, 14 July 2010 byTheir plans would see 356 homes along with shops, officesand restaurants and a hotel. Rising cancer rates mean four in tenMembers of Plymouth City Council planning committee are people in the UK get the disease atbeing recommended to refuse the outline application at their some point in their lives, a healthmeeting today. charity says.Planning officers say the scheme fails to take into account Macmillan Cancer Support says thehow the council wants the north of the city to develop. figure has risen significantly in the past decade.The 6.6 hectare site lies to the east of the Derriford The charity says the rise poses a "massive challenge" for theroundabout. It is bounded by Derriford Road, the Derriford NHS.Hospital loop road and western perimeter road, Morlaix Drive, Ministers in England say they are working to improve cancerthe ambulance station and the Norwich Union office building. survival rates and the quality of life after diagnosis andJohn OXLEY, a director of Wharfside Regeneration, said treatment.yesterday: "We have had extensive discussions with planners Macmillan Cancer Support says a decade ago about a third ofand the Highways Agency. people, or 33%, developed cancer at some point in their lives."We have held public consultations and had no objections from The charity says that figure has risen to more than 40%.the public and nothing but positive vibes from the hospital. The estimates are drawn from projections published two"We had one of the largest developers in the country lined years ago in the British Journal of Cancer, which concludedup and prepared to invest. that at the end of 2008 there were two million cancer"We cant understand why, after all this time, the council survivors in the UK and that the figure was rising every year.has changed its mind." Macmillan also looked at recent cancer incidence andMr. OXLEY said Wharfside would appeal to the Secretary mortality statistics for the UK, indicating that 310,000 peopleof State if the council turned down the application. were diagnosed with cancer in 2008."Our architect is apoplectic over the recommended About 157,000 people died from the disease, and 89,000 whorefusal," he said. had been diagnosed with cancer died from other causes,Wharfside bought the 6.6 hectare site near Derriford Hospital making a total of 246,000 who died "with" April 2006. The charity says this accounted for 42% of total deaths in theAt present the land is used for car parks and blocks of former UK... which stood at 580, accommodation which are being demolished. Macmillan says the increase is partly down to an ageingThe northern Rowans Building is used as a childrens day population... older people are more likely to develop cancer. Itnursery and an office base for the applicant. says lifestyle factors, such as diet and exercise, and improvedThe company wants to build: diagnosis have also contributed to the rise. 82 three-bedroom houses, 54 one-bedroom flats, 104 two-bedroom flats, 53 three-bedroom flats, Click for more on this article, including a video. 32 two-bedroom duplexes and 31 three-bedroom duplexes.There would be a large supermarket, other shops, cafes,restaurants, bars and takeaways. There would also be offices,a bookshop, café, library and community facility, and a multi- K APITEX HEALTHCARE Ltd. Kapitex have just announced the introduction of a new Buchanan Protector Buchananstorey car park. Lite. For this and other productsThe developers are proposing a new hotel on the site, plus (available on NHS Prescription)care homes and other healthcare facilities. The residential please visit their website. If you are a patient and have notdensities are high, partly reflecting the large number of flats used this Company before, do please remember you will needand duplexes, ranging from 65 dwellings per hectare to to speak to Maggie and / or Julia before placing an order.160. The master plan includes areas of open space and aproposed pond. Contact The Voice of PLC Newsletter Editor Geoff Read on (01752) 563800 or 0774581928 (text only) or email:, or go to PLC website at 4
  5. 5. M1. AN FLU: The “Facts”... Man-Flu is more painful than childbirth. P LYMOUTH HEALTHWATCH Information Event. th This event will take place on Tuesday, 16 August and nd Thursday, 22 September 2011 from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. in 1 This is an irrefutable scientific fact . the Charter Room of Plymouth Guildhall.2. Man-Flu is not just a cold. It is a condition so severe  Discuss how HealthWatch can represent local views that the germs from a single Man-Flu sneeze could  Find out about the Government’s plans for HealthWatch  Share your ideas about how it could work wipe out entire tribes of people living in the rainforest. And probably loads of monkeys too. Please contact Plymouth LINk to let them know if you would like to attend and give your preferred date at:3. Women do not contract Man-Flu. At worst they suffer from what is medically Plymouth LINk Support Team Freepost RRZE-AGZT-EXRS, recognised as a Mild Girly Sniffle which if Unit 15, HQ Building, a man caught they would still be able to run throw 237 Union Street, a ball, tear a telephone book in half and compete Plymouth, PL2 3HQ, Devon. in all other kinds of manly activities. Telephone: (01752) 202407 Email: Men do not moan when they have Man-Flu. They emit involuntary groans of agony that are entirely in proportion to the unbearable pain they are in. R ESCUE BREATHING For Laryngectomees. This snippet of information has been sent to us by Dr. Itzhak BROOK from Washington, USA. Itzhak is a Friend of PLC.5. Full recovery from Man-Flu will take place much quicker if their simple requests for Ventilation of laryngectomees and other neck breathers is care sympathy and regular cups of tea are often inappropriate met. Is that really so much to ask? Florence and may lead to Nightingale would have done it! devastating consequences.6. More men die each year from MFN (Man-Flu Laryngectomees who Neglect) than lots and lots of other things. Like require anaesthesia rabbit attacks or choking on toast. or sedation (i.e. for7. Men suffering from Man-Flu want nothing more dental procedure, or than to get out of bed and come to work-out they colonoscopy) often are too selfless to risk spreading this awful condition encounter health amongst their friends and colleagues. In this sense care providers that they are the greatest heroes this country has ever are not familiar with known. their anatomy and the proper methods8. In 1982 scientists managed to simulate the for their ventilation. agonising symptoms of full blown Man-Flu in a I have prepared a 12 female chimp. She became so ill that her head minutes video about literally fell off. Rescue Breathing for9. Man-Flu germs are more powerful than He-Man, Laryngectomees and Thundercats, and The A-Team combined. They are Neck Breathers. This too strong for weak, nasty tasting lady medicines is available in a form like Lemsip. Dont bother trying to force them on of a CD and is also a victim of Man-Flu. available now for viewing at youtube.10. While it may seem like a Man-Flu sufferer is just A link to it is also lying around enjoying Diagnosis Murder it is a available through my website at, commonly recognised medical fact that the exact which has useful information for laryngectomees (on pitch and frequency of Dick Van Dykes voice has medical and psychological issues) and updates. remarkable soothing powers. Viewing this video by emergency room personal andEvery minute in this country one man is struck down by Man- anaesthetists’ can be life saving.Flu. Women… all we ask is that each of you offers them a cup I will be happy to send you a CD ofof tea, some kind words and your undivided attention and the video if you are Then maybe, just maybe... well beat this monstrous Thanks!disease together... Itzhak BROOK, MD, MScSubmitted by Geoffrey N. READ Professor of Medicine Georgetown University Washington DC, USA1 Blog site: Based on a survey of over 100,000 men. Email: Contact The Voice of PLC Newsletter Editor Geoff Read on (01752) 563800 or 0774581928 (text only) or email:, or go to PLC website at 5
  6. 6. The Plymouth Laryngectomy Club (PLC) is a Charitable Cancer Support Group. PLC aims to offer support and care to laryngectomees and their carers and families. PLC also encourages understanding and support by the public. And, just for those who may not be aware... Laryngectomy is the removal of the larynx and separation of the airway from the mouth, nose and oesophagus. The Laryngectomee breaths through the neck, a stoma. It is done in the cases of laryngeal cancer. However, many laryngeal cancer cases are now treated only with radiation and chemotherapy, or other laser procedures, and Laryngectomy is performed when those treatments fail to conserve the larynx. If you’re a Laryngectomee you would be most welcome to come along on your own or with your partner and / or Carer. Come join us! Our Members and Friends meet on the first Monday of every month. Do please see our website for further details. ACKNOWLEDGMENT Our grateful thanks to : THE PLYMOUTH DIOCESE for their assistance in reproducing copies of this newsletter.The Plymouth Laryngectomy Club (PLC) is an Affiliated Member of: The National Association of Laryngectomy Clubs (NALC)In Association with Macmillan Cancer SupportRegistered Charity Number: 273635Our Funder: Macmillan Cancer SupportA Member of The Plymouth Third Sector Consortium (PTSC)Patrons & Medical Advisors : Mr. W.M. BRIDGER, FRCS - Consultant ENT Surgeon,Mr. Tass MALIK, BSc FRCS (Gen), FRCS (ORL H&N) - Consultant Otolaryngologist, Head & Neck / Thyroid Surgeon, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth.