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DCRSC November 2007 Newsletter

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DCRSC November 2007 newsletter

  1. 1. DEVON & CORNWALL REFUGEE SUPPORT COUNCILProviding Practical Support to RefugeesNEWSLETTERNOVEMBER 2007 FOREWORD by the CHAIR, DCRSC BOARD OF TRUSTEES: Lorna M. SEWELLDear Friends,At our last Board of Trustees meeting, on Wednesday 17th October, we heard from LizHardinge that the new arrangements in the Centre since Heather Sabel, our Managerwas made redundant, and we had cut our staff‟s hours and services, were working well.The atmosphere in the Centre was good, everyone was working as part of a team andthe commitment from both Staff and Volunteers was really good. The Trustees thankall of you who are involved for helping through this difficult time.Merlin Mbahin and Geoff Read are trying to make sure that our database ofsupporters is brought up to date as it is important that it is accurate. We would like asmany people as possible to check this database, as no one person has completeknowledge of everyone listed. Please check with Merlin or Geoff (contact details atfoot of the page).We are, we believe, progressing albeit slowly, towards the City releasing the fundswhich will help both START1 and ourselves to survive until more long-term sustainingfunds may become available in April 2008. In the meantime, the Trustees arecontinuing to bid for funds from various Trusts and Fund Providers. We live in hope!The Trustees were delighted to see the results of our Harvest Appeal and othersupporters who have made generous donations. We thank them all!Lorna M. SewellChair Board of Trustees1 http://www.studentsandrefugeestogether.com/ 1 DCRSC Newsletter Editor: Telephone Geoff READ on (01752) 563800, or 07745819828, or at DCRSC. Or email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk
  2. 2. EDITORIAL COMMENT DCRSC OPENING HOURSC ONTRIBUTIONS. We would welcome any contributions from anyone for our monthly D ue to reduced staffing, our Drop-in Opening Hours until further notice will be:Newsletters. Do you have something toinclude? Please pass your article or comment Mondays: Drop-in 10 am – 2 pm. Tuesdays: Closed. Appointments only.to Geoff Read whose contact details are at the Wednesdays: Drop-in 10 am - 2pm.foot of the page. News, gossip, information, Thursdays: Closed. Appointments only.notices, advertisements, photographs… anything Fridays: Closed.will be considered for inclusion. Clients will be seen for appointments on Deadline for December issue: Tuesdays and Thursdays only, and on Fridays Friday, 23rd November the office will be completely closed to clients. You can telephone us on (01752) 265952. IfD ISTRIBUTION. We would like to publicise our monthly Newsletters far and anyone has an urgent enquiry on Tuesdays then please go to Refugee Action which is located onwide. Unfortunately, due to financial the 4th Floor, Prideaux Court, Palace Street (notconstraints and to avoid postal charges, we can far from DCRSC). Their telephone number isonly send them to those on email. A few spare (01752) 235037 and they will also acceptcopies will be available at the Reception Desk. telephone calls on Thursdays and Fridays.The layout is designed to be printed back-to-back so please print a copy off and pass it toyour friends. If you are reading this and notalready receiving a copy then please get intouch with the Editor (details at the foot ofthe page). HAPPY BIRTHDAYS!S ue TURNER. All members of DCRSC would like to wish Sue all the very best for her DCRSC GENERAL MATTERS Abirthday on Saturday, 3rd November. Sue is a CCOMMODATION AT FOX HOUSE.former volunteer who is now enjoying life in Arnold Melhuish has put in a lot of workParis. Sue likes to keep in touch with us and recently closing down the former DCRSCtakes a keen interest in our endeavours at Manager‟s Office and disposing of the unwantedDCRSC. We all hope you enjoy your special furniture items. We no longer use thoseday Sue! premises. The unwanted furniture was sent to The Resettlement Agency and we will be reporting further on that organisation in due course. A NNUAL REPORT FOR 2006. Electronic copies are available by email. If anyone should like a hard copy then please send an A4 SAE to Geoff (details at the foot of the page). D CRSC BOARD OF TRUSTEES. This has sometimes be referred to as the DCRSC Management Committee. Please note that inO THERS? Have we missed any? Please let Geoff Read know (contact details at the order to avoid any confusion that term should no longer be used. The correct terminology isfoot of the page). the DCRSC Board of Trustees. 2 DCRSC Newsletter Editor: Telephone Geoff READ on (01752) 563800, or 07745819828, or at DCRSC. Or email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk
  3. 3. H ARVEST FESTIVAL APPEAL DONATIONS. The Chair of the DCRSC FOR S TATISTICS. Geoff Read has produced the weekly and monthly statistics for theBoard of Trustees wrote a Harvest Festival whole of DCRSC up to and including September.Letter of Appeal in September. This was sent If anyone wishes to have sight of any statisticalout by post and email to over 500 addressees. information then please contact Geoff directlyThe response has been superb and the in the first instance. Contact details are at thegenerosity of our contributors has been foot of the page.overwhelming! We have received donationsboth in cash and kind and we will report on thisfurther in due course. Our kitchen and foodstore is now greatly replenished and this will Tsave us considerable expenditure and enable us HANK YOU! The DCRSC Board ofto use cash on other urgent requirements. We Trustees and Staff would like to say awill of course be sending Thank You letters to special Thank You to all of the Volunteers whoall those who contributed but in the meantime… have been making ourplease accept our special thanks to you all! charitable organisation function successfullyK EY REGISTER. Geoff Read is currently trying to introduce a formal key register during the current restrictions on staffing.and obtaining duplicate keys where we don‟t With their efforts we havehold any. Is there anyone who can assist him in been able to help manythis simple task? Please contact Geoff more Clients than would otherwise have been(contact details at the foot of the page) in the the case. THANK YOU ALL! Pictured here isfirst instance. Aferdita… one of our willing volunteers hard at work! T RANSPORTATION. We frequently have a requirement to assist with transporting Clients and their worldly possessions from one residence to another. We are therefore looking for volunteers and / or supporters whoP LYMOUTH SOUND RADIO INTERVIEW. own a vehicle and who would be willing to be Trish Baxter, one of our Caseworkers, gave a placed on our Transportation List to be calledshort radio interview on Thursday, 4th October upon when needed. If you would like toabout the positive aspects of DCRSC. Plymouth volunteer for this would you please contactSound broadcast this one day in October Geoff Read (details at the foot of the page) inthroughout the morning after each news the first instance?bulletin. Good work Trish! V OUNTEERS’ MEETINGSP RESENTATIONS TO SCHOOLS, FAITH GROUPS & OTHER ORGANISATIONS.We have been specifically requested to give October 2007 Meeting. This was held onPresentations and Talks to schools and other Thursday, 25th October and was chaired by Lizgroups. Geoff Read is currently preparing a Hardinge. At one point the boys actuallyPowerPoint presentation, crib sheets and outnumbered the girls which has to be a first!handouts as props. The Staff of DCRSC have That was until some late arrivals turned up!enough on their plates already so it would be The minutes will be produced and transmittedmost helpful if any of our Volunteers could by email to volunteers by Arnold Melhuish. Ifoffer to help on this. If you are interested anyone else wishes to have sight of theseplease apply to Geoff (contact details at the minutes then please contact Geoff Readfoot of the page) in the first instance. (contact details at the foot of the page). 3 DCRSC Newsletter Editor: Telephone Geoff READ on (01752) 563800, or 07745819828, or at DCRSC. Or email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk
  4. 4. November 2007 Meeting. All DCRSCVolunteers are invited to attend this meeting, V OLUNTEER’S ROSTER FOR NOVEMBER 2007. Helen Lalou-Balogun will bescheduled for 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, 29 th producing the roster and will relay an electronicNovember. Do please make an effort to copy to those volunteers on email. Hard copiesattend! will also be displayed at the Reception Desk and in the Kitchen.Future Meetings. Please note that futuremeetings will now be held at 10:00 a.m. on thelast Thursday of each month instead of the last W EBSITE. The DCRSC website at http://www.dcrsc.org.uk/ has been underTuesday. construction for a number of years and currently displays nothing more than our logoV OLUNTEERS NEEDED! We are constantly seeking new volunteers to and telephone numbers. Geoff Read sent out an email on Saturday, 20th October to members ofreplace those who occasionally leave us. No the DCRSC Board of Trustees, the Staff,special qualifications are necessary… simply the Volunteers and Supporters in the hope thatability to give a little of your time each week. there would be someone out there who couldWe need more volunteers to assist us with the help. Is there anyone out there who hasfollowing: knowledge of constructing websites and who could assist Geoff in building it up? Clothing Store Stop Press. Geoff has had a good response Food Programme and will be following up the advice received so IT Supervision far. Reception Desk Women‟s Group We are also seeking selected volunteers to become THE DCRSC CLOTHING STORE D Caseworker Assistants. onations. Although located in the basement of the DCRSC offices,Would you like to help? Please contact Geoff the Clothing Store is in factRead (details at the foot of the page) in the managed by Churches Together infirst instance. Geoff will then pass those Plymouth (CTiP). They woulddetails to the appropriate Trustee / Staff welcome any donations of clothing,Member who will arrange a short interview. etc., but are currently in urgent need of:  Bed linen  Saucepans  Toiletries  Towels. All contributions would be gratefully receivedV and put to good use. OLUNTEER REPLACEMENTS. At the October Volunteer‟s Meeting it was agreed that Volunteers who are unable to fulfil a THE DCRSC FOOD PROGRAMME Bduty for which they had put their name down ULK FOOD ITEMS. Our Food Programmefor, should do their best to find a replacement occasionally receives bulk items of foodto cover their absence. They should then from generous donors which are not reallyamend the rosters held at the Reception Desk suitable for our purpose for various reasons.and in the Kitchen as necessary. If any However, such items do not go to waste!Volunteer has difficulty finding a replacement DCRSC recently handed over several large sacksthen they should contact Liz Hardinge, Arnold of Scone Mix and some large (A10) tins ofMelhuish or Helen Lalou-Balogun. (Geoff Read vegetables to the Shekinah Mission who will putwill be providing volunteers with a Contacts List them to good use.very soon). 4 DCRSC Newsletter Editor: Telephone Geoff READ on (01752) 563800, or 07745819828, or at DCRSC. Or email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk
  5. 5. FShekinah Mission is a Christian project for the homeless, OOD PROGRAMME COORDINATOR. A lonely and addicted in volunteer is required to fill this busy Plymouth, England. Shekinah is a Hebrew word meaning position as our current Coordinator (Geoff "the manifest glory of God". Read) may be leaving it soon to take a break. It offers several initiatives If you do not wish to volunteer for this post designed to reintegrate full-time perhaps you could become Geoff‟s clients into the community. They have the loyal support Assistant and help with the Weekly Shop? of businesses, schools and Having your own car is an essential. Please community groups submit any likely names directly to Geoff (see throughout Plymouth, contact details at the foot of the page).including some 80% of all local churches. Details of themission can be found at: Fhttp://www.shekinahmission.co.uk/ OOD SAFETY. The volunteer Food Programme Coordinator has been publishingF AIRTRADE. The FAIRTRADE Mark is an independent consumer label which appears a series of articles over the past few months. Here‟s the sixth instalment:on products as an independent guarantee thatdisadvantaged producers in the developing Pest Control and Cleaning. Pests carry and can spread bacteria and other disease and therefore must not beworld are getting a better deal. For a product tolerated in a food handling area. They can not onlyto display the FAIRTRADE Mark it must meet contaminate food if they have access, but also workinternational Fairtrade standards. These standards surfaces and utensils which then come into contact withare set by the international certification body Fairtrade food. All efforts should be made to prevent pests havingLabelling Organisations International (FLO). Producer access. The main pests in this country are cockroaches,organisations that supply Fairtrade products are inspected flies, rats and mice, but others represent a danger,and certified by FLO. They receive a minimum price that including domestic animals, which are not permitted in food covers the cost of premises. sustainable If signs of pests or their presence occur, you must production and an eradicate them. If this presents a problem, specialist extra premium companies and Environmental Health Officers can offer that is invested in advice and help. In any event, pest-infested food premises social or economic are a serious breach of regulations. Constant vigilance is development necessary to spot signs like droppings, gnawed packaging and projects. For more grease marks for rodents, or visual signs for insects. information go to If found, a food handler must report these immediately andtheir website at: curative measures taken.http://www.fairtrade.org.uk/about_what_is_fairtrade.htm Preventative measures and thorough, regular cleaning in food premises can avert the need to deal with an emergency. The following measures should be used: The DCRSC Food Programme shops by purchasing Fairtrade items whenever possible. We shop at Sainsbury‟s mostly, buying their Sainsbury‟s Basics  Don‟t leave scraps of food or packing around if not in items which are cheaper than most! use.  Dispose of all scraps and waste in a covered bin, regularly emptied.F OOD FACTS:  Have waste disposal kept tidy and well away from food premises.  Keep drains clean and covered to prevent access.  Block any gaps in the premises to prevent access. We spent almost £1,900 on food during first six  Install fly screens and exterminators in case of entry.months of this year (not including donations).  Above all, ensure that food premises are kept clean and We issued almost 1,000 food parcels during first clean-as-you-go.six months of this year. We therefore spent over £300 per month over Floors, doors and walls should be regularly swept andthe first six months of the year. washed with detergent, which cleans dirt and repels grease. We issued over 170 food parcels per month over In addition, all items that come into contact with food andthe first six months of this year. can thus contaminate, have to be then cleaned with We therefore spent almost £2.00 on each food disinfectant, which reduces bacteria to a safe level, andparcel to last each individual one week. rinsed to get rid of chemical contaminants. They should Think about this… an average school dinner costs then be dried by air or disposable towels… not a tea towel!about £1.74 per child per day! 5 DCRSC Newsletter Editor: Telephone Geoff READ on (01752) 563800, or 07745819828, or at DCRSC. Or email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk
  6. 6. H ARVEST FESTIVAL APPEAL FOR FOOD DONATIONS. The response to our appeal AN ARTICLE BY TRISH BAXTER DCRSC Project Support Worker Afor food donations in September has been LL IN A DAY’S WORK! “One never knowssuperb and the generosity of our contributors what to expect in this job”, said ourhas been overwhelming! Our kitchen and food volunteer caseworker, “someone comes in forstore is now greatly replenished and this will one thing and you may dosave us considerable expenditure and enable us seven other things as well!”to use the cash on other urgent requirements. He‟s right, too. As well asThis response may well last us through until the obvious tasks ofChristmas time but we will still have to purchase contacting legalsome basic items such as Cooking Oil and Dried representatives, case ownersMilk. We also received a Marks & Spencer Gift and applying for tickets toVoucher to the value of £25 and this will be travel to interviews, there are life issuesexchanged for food items. needing attention that do not readily declareN themselves until a kindly word or welcoming ECTAR POINTS. As at 25th September, smile encourages trust and the heart cries turn our Nectar Account has into verbal expressions that can be heard and accumulated 4,698 understood. points. 500 points In our community presently are children and cashed in Sainsbury‟s young people who have no choice but to wonder would give us £2.50 if tonight they may be suddenly woken by the discount so this shouts of immigration officers “enforcing therepresents about £22.50! law” by taking them from the warmth of their bed into the stark reality of a detention centreT HANK YOU! The volunteer Food Programme Coordinator would like to where no friends come calling, nor the hope that tomorrow they will go down to the sea andexpress his especial thanks to all those who picnic on the Hoe with loved ones.gave their time and / or who made donations These children watch the anxiety on the face ofduring recent months. Thanks! their parents; listen to the suppressed voices talking of the possibility of reporting next time only to be taken away never to return to the familiar places that for years now have become home. They recognise fear in the tone of these voices, and the mood swings that come into family life when all becomes too much to bear. They have school friends, like them, born in the UK knowing nothing but England and the British lifestyle. Outside our walls are those who beat themselves mentally with the guilt of bringing their families into this Immigration trap. There are many genuine refugees who find themselves challenging a system that will not alter unless we, British citizens find a united voice to end the injustice of institutional prejudice that deny them hope, and the restrictions upon the legal aid that jeopardise their human right to a fair trial. If you would like to learn more about these things, go to www.refugeecouncil.org.uk or contact us at DCRSC for information. 6 DCRSC Newsletter Editor: Telephone Geoff READ on (01752) 563800, or 07745819828, or at DCRSC. Or email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk
  7. 7. F NEWS, GOSSIP REE LUNCHEONS & ENGLISH LESSONS. Please be aware that a free lunch and / or & ADVERTISEMENTS English class is available twice a week, forA DVOCACY. WHAT IS ADVOCACY? Advocacy is taking action to help people say asylum seekers and others who are in need. The language classes are particularly aimed at:what they want, secure their rights, representtheir interests and obtain services they need.  Asylum seekers who have been in UK for less than sixAdvocates and advocacy schemes work in months.partnership with the people they support and  Failed asylum seekers.take their side. Advocacy promotes social  People who are on waiting lists for other provision in the city.inclusion, equality and social justice.(Extracted from The Advocacy Charter by Action For  Mothers (with their young children) who cannot accessAdvocacy). other provision.A This is a voluntary project run by Churches MBER INITIATIVES was formed in the Together in Plymouth (CTiP), with City of Plymouth by members of the local language class oversight fromand Eastern European communities, and those Open Doors Internationalworking in asylum and immigration in September Language School. CTiP is2005. The object was to have a practical urgently seeking new volunteersadvice and advocacy service available to newly- to help with these luncheons.arrived migrant workers from Eastern Europe. Can you help? Further enquiries can be madeTheir aims include: by contacting Marlene Schuster at: marlene_schuster@hotmail.com. To provide a high quality IAG service for migrant workers. To facilitate where possible the integration of migrant For further information, please contact: workers with the host community , promoting social inclusion. Alastair Whitehead To work in partnership with appropriate statutory, Community Pastor for Waterfront Church private and voluntary agencies. 01752 667700 To identify both beneficial and problematic issues alastair@waterfrontchurch.org.uk arising from A8 migration to the UK. Waterfront Church Office 28 Woodland Terrace LaneContact: GreenbankTelephone: (01752) 290015 PlymouthEmail: Migrant_Council@googlemail.com DevonWebsite: www.amber-initiatives.co.uk PL4 8QL(still under construction). The Food Team includes a copy of thisC OURSES FOR ADULTS. The Workers‟ information with each Food Parcel issued at Educational Council (WEA) is DCRSC.a registered charity that offerscourses for adults throughoutDevon, Plymouth and Torbay. L OCAL NEWS: PLYMOUTH: Charity Pleads For Help For Refugees.Tuition is free to 07:30 - 15 October 2007. A charity is askingindividuals in receipt of certain people in Plymouth to extend a welcome tobenefits and to Asylum Seekers refugees arriving in the city by volunteeringin receipt of an equivalent means tested some time to help them adapt to life here…benefit. Plymouths Time Together project is looking for residents who would like to become personal mentors to newly-arrivedContact: refugees. Developed by national volunteering charity(0845) 4582758 or visit their website at www.wea.org.uk. TimeBank, Time Together in Plymouth is run in partnership with mental health charity Mind. 7 DCRSC Newsletter Editor: Telephone Geoff READ on (01752) 563800, or 07745819828, or at DCRSC. Or email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk
  8. 8. Plymouth co-ordinator Suzanne Shaw said: "When refugeesarrive it can be a daunting process to settle in and becomepart of the community. The problems they face can seemdifficult and isolating because they dont have local What They Can Do:knowledge.  Support you in speaking up and getting your voice heard."Spending time with a local mentor from the Time Together  Help you to have your views considered by professionalsscheme is a great way of gaining the confidence needed to involved in your care.get out in the community and experience life in Plymouth."  Speak up on your behalf when you want them to.Ms Shaw challenged popular misconceptions about refugees.  Provide information to help you make an informed"There are a lot of negative stories about refugees focusing choice.on statistics, but behind those figures are real people," shesaid. "The majority are exceptionally motivated and  Support you in dealing with concerns about your health care and related social care issues.determined to put something back into the communitiesthat have welcomed them."  Help you to protect your rights.Some Plymouth residents have already signed up to the  Refer you to other services as needed.scheme. Gareth Morris works shifts in a factory and wantedto do something useful in his spare time. What They Are Unable to Do:He became a mentor to Almor, who was forced to flee the  Give legal or medical advice.war-torn Darfur region of Sudan when his village was  Investigate a complaint.attacked.  Provide counselling.Gareth has helped Almor to improve his English, to pass his  Offer befriending.driving theory test and to learn new computer skills.He said: "Ive learned to be a lot more patient and to listen They Also Offer:more to what people are saying."  Advocacy for anyone using community-based mental health and wellbeing services in Plymouth.N EWS FROM THE WEST BANK. Hayley Kemp, until fairly recently, was the Vice  Plymouth Community Mental Health Advocacy is a free, confidential service.  The Mental Health Advocate will listen to and support Co-Chair on the DCRSC you, if you have questions or concerns around your Board of Trustees prior Mental Health care. to taking up a position  The Mental Health Advocate can speak on your behalf as a volunteer to NHS Staff who manage your care, if you feel unable Intermediary Peace to do so. Supporter on a World  The Advocacy Service will offer you help if you have concerns and don‟t know where to turn to. Council of Churches programme in the Contact:Israeli-occupied West Bank. The Plymouth Telephone: (01752) 201766 Email: advocacy@plymouthguild.org.ukEvening Herald recently published a couple ofarticles submitted by Hayley from the Front!One can be found at:http://www.thisisplymouth.co.uk/displayNode.jsp?nodeId=133188&command=displayContent&sourceNode=133171&contentPK=18652066&moduleName=InternalSearch&formname=sidebarsearch#viewsP B ATIENT ADVOCACY SERVICE. Plymouth UILDING COMMUNITIES: Guild can offer you information and the Equality & Diversity in Actionsupport you need to make informed choices Wednesday, 7th November 2007, Leedsabout your healthcare and help you to speak up Wednesday, 28th November 2007, Londonand be heard. Integration: „…refugees are empowered to achieve their full potential as members of British society, to contribute to the community, to access public services...‟ Source: Home Office, A new model for national refugee integration services in England, October 2006. 8 DCRSC Newsletter Editor: Telephone Geoff READ on (01752) 563800, or 07745819828, or at DCRSC. Or email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk
  9. 9. Features of an Integrated & Cohesive Community: Still Human Still Here Blog. Weve more entries on our Shared sense of the contribution of different individuals and Still Human Still Here campaign blog from our guest different communities and individual‟s rights and responsibilities writers, including from Zimbabwean refugee Harris Similar life opportunities for people of different backgrounds Nyatsanza and the editor of The Philosophers Magazine, Trust in institutions to act fairly who has been running some interesting thought Strong and positive relationships between people from different experiments... backgrounds in the workplace, in schools and other institutions http://refugeecouncil.typepad.com/stillhuman within neighbourhoods Policy Briefings. Discrimination law reviewSource: Commission on Integration & Cohesion‟s, Our shared Refugee Council response to the government consultation onfuture, June 2007. proposals for a Single Equality Bill for Great Britain [September 2007].Looking at examples from education, employment and http://www.refugeecouncil.org.uk/policy/responses/2007/dhousing, these two distinct conferences will draw on the iscriminationlawreview.htmexpertise of senior professionals from the forefront ofintegration services to define the issues and provide real Operation of the EU’s External Borders Agency. Refugeesolutions. Council and the European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE) joint response to the Select Committee on theSpeakers Include: European Union Sub-Committee F (Home Affairs): Frontex Donna Covey, Chief Executive, Refugee Council Inquiry [September 2007] http://www.refugeecouncil.org.uk/policy/responses/2007/f Inderjit Bhogal, Director, Yorkshire & Humber Faith Forum and Founder and Chair rontex.htm Professor Simon Lee, Vice Chancellor, Leeds Metropolitan University Reply on the Treatment of Asylum Seekers. Patrick Wintour, Director, Employability Forum Inter-agency Partnership reply to the Home Offices Meg Hillier MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State response to the Joint Committee on Human Rights enquiry Danny Sriskandarajah, Director of Research Strategy & Head into the treatment of asylum seekers [September 2007] of Migration, Equalities & Citizenship, IPPR http://www.refugeecouncil.org.uk/policy/responses/2007/R Roger Kline, National Head of Equality and Employment Rights, eplytoHomeOffice.htm UCU John Williams, Senior Project Manager, LORECA Prevention of Illegal Working. Refugee Council response to Heather Petch, Director, Hact the Home Office consultation on the prevention of illegal migrant working [July 2007]Book Now: http://www.refugeecouncil.org.uk/policy/responses/2007/illRates from £130 to £339, with a 10% discount for egalworking.htmattending both events. For more information, please email:marketing@refugeecouncil.org.ukTelephone: 020 7346 6737, R EFUGEE COUNCIL NEWS REVIEW. The Council is now offering an email version of the news review in addition to their regularor visit: newsletter once a fortnight. You can subscribewww.refugeecouncil.org.uk/conferences by clicking on this link:to download a booking form. http://uk.f250.mail.yahoo.com/dc/launch?.rand=3uoqjva180 t6vR EFUGEE COUNCIL OCTOBER NEWSLETTER. Geoff Read has a copy on 2007 The latest edition includes:computer should anyone be interested; so IAC hearings chronicle a tale of destitution and poverty…please just get in touch with him (contact How it was reported in the media.details at foot of page). For those on email, Independent: Asylum-seekers are left to starve in Britainsimply click on the following links: Manchester Evening News: Asylum seekers struggle to(http://uk.f250.mail.yahoo.com/dc/launch?.rand=bj6kdsi1m survive EKKlesia: Plight of destitute refugees to be ighlighted with2qeu&n=25480). It also includes: visual protest Still human still here websitePoliblog. Our parliamentary officers have been bloggingaway from the party conferences theyve been attending Iraq: Refugees still fleeing Iraq in large numbers…recently, so if you want an insight into what went on in How it was reported in the media.Brighton, Bournemouth and Blackpool over the last few Times: Britain is favourite destination for asylum seekers inweeks, go to our poliblog: the EUhttp://refugeecouncil.typepad.com/poliblog/ Christian today: UN refugee chief warns of refugee crisis Times: Relief turns to anxiety as interpreters fear betrayal 9 DCRSC Newsletter Editor: Telephone Geoff READ on (01752) 563800, or 07745819828, or at DCRSC. Or email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk
  10. 10. Gordon Brown to look at case of Burmese campaigner…How it was reported in the media. DIARY DATESIndependent: PMs offer to look sympathetically at asylumcases gives hope to Lay NaingIndependent: Five million Burmese are going hungry, warns Monday, 5th November:UN. Remember, remember the fifth of November, Gunpowder, treason and plot…Emma Thompson calls for end to sex trafficking.How it was reported in the media. Wednesday, 7th November:Mirror: Sex slavery that shames our country Equality & Diversity in Action, Leeds (see separate article)Refugee Council report on Integration. Sunday, 11th November: Remembrance Sunday Wednesday, 14th November:YOUTH CAFÉ. Matt SPRY is ascertaining how Birthday of HRH The Prince of Waleshe can best involve young asylum seekers andrefugees in the Youth Cafe he is setting up at Tuesday, 20th November:Freedom Fields. We hope to report more about HM The Queen & HRH The Duke of Edinburgh celebrate their Diamond Wedding Anniversarythis project in a future issue. (the first monarch to do so) Wednesday, 28th November: Equality & Diversity in Action, London (see separate article) What is a Refugee? Thursday, 29th November: DCRSC Volunteers‟ Meeting at 10:00 a.m.An Asylum Seeker is someonewho is fleeing persecution Friday, 30th November: St. Andrew‟s Day (Scotland)in their homeland, hasarrived in another country, Sunday, 2nd December: First Sunday in Adventmade themselves known tothe authorities and Monday, 24th December:exercised their legal right DCRSC closed for Christmas Eve (TBC)to apply for asylum. Tuesday, 25th December: DCRSC closed for Christmas DayA Refugee is someone whose Wednesday, 26th December:asylum application has been DCRSC closed for Boxing Daysuccessful and who is Thursday, 27th December:allowed to stay in another DCRSC closed (TBC)country having proved they No DCRSC Volunteers‟ Meeting this month (TBC)would face persecution back Friday, 28th December:home. DCRSC closed (TBC) Tuesday, 1st January 2008: DCRSC closed for New Year‟s Day 10 DCRSC Newsletter Editor: Telephone Geoff READ on (01752) 563800, or 07745819828, or at DCRSC. Or email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk