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January 8, 2012


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Oromocto and Pine Grove United Church Joint Service

Published in: Spiritual
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January 8, 2012

  1. 1. MINUTE FOR MISSON“For all of them have contributed out of their abundance; but she out of her povertyhas put in everything she had…” —Mark 12:44Pierce Memorial United Church is one of the spiritual homes of the Gitxsan FirstNation in Kispiox, BC. The small but dedicated congregation has seen many changesover its hundred-year history. It carries out its mission through the help of Mission Order of Worship forSupport grants. OROMOCTO & PINE GROVEWith encouragement, respect for tradition, and inclusion of the Gitxsan languageduring worship, the congregation has flourished. Every week a member of the con- UNITED CHURCHgregation puts on the M&S stole and reads a Minute for Mission; the Minutes reas-sure members that they are not alone in their struggle to provide a warm, spiritu-ally welcoming place.After hearing of other children sharing their coins with M&S, the approximately 15 We welcome everyone to this time together in worship. We gather in this church inSunday school children decided to collect pennies for M&S in a rainbow-coloured the belief that we are all equally God’s guests whether we’ve been here all our livesjar. Beginning in September 2009, the children offered their “rainbow” pennies. By or this is our first time. We welcome everyone in this spirit of Christ as it is our beliefthe end of December, the jar was so full it would not hold one more penny. On that this is how we are to live. Everyone, without exception, belongs equally at God’sJanuary 3, 2010, the children were pleased to learn that they had collected $26.19 table.for Mission and Service.It is a blessing to be able to give back even a small amount to help others. The rain- If you are visiting with us please sign our guest book opposite the usher’s table. If youbow pennies proudly joined the gifts collected by the adults and were sent on to are new with us and wish a follow up contact please fill out a ‘Guest/New MemberM&S. As the new year begins, the children of Pierce Memorial are again collecting Card which can be found with the guest book. As well you may pick up an orientation package on the table in the entrance. We invite visitors from other churches to pickrainbow pennies. Rainbow pennies and proud, smiling children—God’s blessing in up one of our Peace Candles to take home with you. An explanation of this symbolaction. accompanies each candle and these can be found on the usher’s table. Should you require a rest room it is at the end of the hall and it is equipped with aTogether, we carry out the work of our United Church. Make a difference! baby change station. If you have young children who become restless there is aJoin the partnership! Support the work of the Mission and Service Fund nursery behind the back pew where they can play while you hear the service over thetoday. speakers. You are welcome to bring a coffee into worship with you. The coffee pot is in the entrance. *While we stand for most hymns and at others times in our worship, please feel free not to if for any reasons you can not or would rather not. VU stands for Voices United Minister Rev Robert McDowell and MV for More Voices. You are also invited to pick up a Bible version of your choice Accompanist/ Choir Director Joyce Andrews at usher’s desk. Should you have any concerns please speak to an usher. Office Administration Jennifer Chiasson VU: Voices United – our hard cover red hymn book MV: More Voices – our soft covered hymn book Oromocto United Church 144 Winnebago Oromocto January 8, 2012 10:30 am
  2. 2. ANNOUNCEMENTS SERVICE Reverse Offering papers are in the offering plates. These are items the food bankAnnouncements especially needs. If you wish you can select one and bring that item next week.A Time of Silence as We Begin Trouble Hearing in Church? Here are some tips. First, should you be experiencing trouble hearing don’t be silent and frustrated. Simply say “I can’t hear you”. Rev Bob mostly has his message in his head and as such does not notice when he is too farIntroit: from the mic or not speaking loud enough. If you are often having trouble try mov- ing to another location. There are always ‘zones’ of good and poor speaker cover- “I am the Light of the World! You people come and follow me!” age. If you are an usher or someone else who knows how the sound system works If you follow and love you’ll learn the mystery and you notice someone is not close enough to the mic to hear well please go turn up the volume. Of what you were meant to do and be. Financial Update. The financial situation for Pine Grove, the Pastoral Charge, the When the song of the angels is stilled M&S fund and other funds is in good order. However the Oromocto United Church financial situation is falling behind. We are about $2000 behind where we were this When the star in the sky is gone, time last year and are projecting a deficit for this year unless donations pick up. Part When the kings and the shepherds have found their way home, of the reason is the increased costs of fuel and hydro but donations are also down. Please use your Christmas Offering envelop to help us make up the short fall. The work of Christmas is begun. Loonie Lunch has proven popular and it resumes today. We need people willing to “I am the Light of the World! You people come and follow me!” prepare a soup, chilli or other such item and bring it to the church in a slow cooker If you follow and love you’ll learn the mystery or for the freezer and use at a later date. If you do not have a slow cooker the church has one you may borrow. Of what you were meant to do and be.Lighting the Christ Candle, “Putting Away Childish Things”, a novel by the theologian Marcus Borg, is a won- derful way to explore contemporary Biblical thought and many of its major com- plexities, through characters experiencing aspects of their faith in transition. TwoLeader: We believe in Jesus Christ and the Gospel that began in copies are available on the communion table. Please let Rev Bob know if you are Bethlehem. waiting for a copy to read.People: We believe in Him whose spirit glorified a little town; of whose coming only shepherds saw and for whom the crowded inn could find no room.Leader: We believe in Him whom the kings of the earth ignored and the proud would not understand, whose paths were among Jennifer’s fall and winter hours: Thursday mornings and evenings. the common people, whose welcome came from those with hungry hearts.
  3. 3. announcements SERVICEChoir meets every Wednesday at 7pm. New members always welcome People: We believe in Him who proclaimed the love of God to beFeb 15, Blood Donor Clinic at Hazen Park 5-8pm invincible, whose cradle was his mother’s arms, whose home in Nazareth had love for its only wealth, who lookedFeb 12, Special Service, Restorative Justice with Christina Farnsworth at people and made them see what His love saw in them,Feb 26 2012, Winter Meeting of the Congregations who by His love lifted human weakness up to meet the strength of God.Our new church website is now online. This site is still under construction. Please Leader: We confess our everlasting need of God; the need of for-have a look at it and send your feedback/ suggestions to Jennifer. There is lots of giveness for our greed and selfishness, the need for life forroom for her to add committee info, photos, etc. Feel free to pass along anything empty souls, the need of love for hearts grown would like to see posted on our new site. Suggestions can be emailed to People: We acknowledge the glory of all that is like Christ; theOur site address is: steadfastness of friends, the blessedness of homes, the beauty of compassion, the miracle of hearts made kind at Christmas, the courage of those who dare to resist all hate and war.Restorative Justice: Feb 12 with Guest Christina Farnsworth holds two MastersDegrees from the University of Denver in Conflict Resolution and Cultural Anthro-pology. She has worked in the field of restorative justice for over four years, both in Leader: We believe that by love expressed the earth will be restoredthe criminal justice system and in a university setting. She is a certified mediator and to a garden home for all.victim advocate, and over the past two years has worked as a trainer in restorativejustice and mediation. Christina brings together her faith in Christ with a strongbelief that restorative justice can transform relationships and communities. People: And we acknowledge a faith in Christ that sees beyond the present evil and points to a world made new. Leader: May the light of this candle burn to these beliefs and hopes throughout this year. Our Carol to Begin: VU 76, See Amid the Winter Snow Our Prayer for this day: VU 88, An Epiphany Prayer Our Carol: VU 70, There’s a Star in East Some time with the Children:
  4. 4. SERVICE SERVICE SERVICEOur Prayer, Our Lord’s Prayerthe children leave & reconvenes downstairs *Our Choral Benediction: My Peace I give unto youOur Carol: VU 98, How Brightly Shines the Morning Star It’s a Peace that the world cannot give It’s a Peace that the world cannot understandLighting Our Candle of Concern: Peace to know, Peace to live My Peace I give unto you.From the Christian Scriptures: Matthew 2:1–12 read by Ian AndrewsOur Carol: VU 96, Will You Come See the LightOur Message for Today*Our Words of Faith: page 918 VU, A Contemporary CreedOur Offering Collected & *Presented: : [Carol #55, vs 4, In The BleakMidwinter] What can I give him, poor as I am? If I were a shepherd I would bring a lamb; If I were a wise man, I would do my part. Yet what I can I give him- give my heart.Our Prayers of Gratitude, Concern & Our Lord’s PrayerOur Carol to Leave With: VU 44, It Came Upon a Midnight Clear*Benediction