DCFA Sep-Oct 2011 Newsletter


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DCFA Sep-Oct 2011 Newsletter

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DCFA Sep-Oct 2011 Newsletter

  1. 1. The Devon & Cornwall Food Association Ltd (DCFA)NEWSLETTERSeptember – October 2011Patron: Judi Spiers, BBC Radio Devon Spare Food is Share Food!7 Whimple Street, Plymouth, Devon PL1 2DH Mobile: 07745819828 (text only) Email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk Website: http://dcfa.webs.com FOREWORD EDITORIAL COMMENT BY THE COMPANY CHAIR Mrs. Christine REIDDear Friends and Supporters, I NTERNET Links. If you’re reading this on-line and come across words with blue lettering that are underlined, then you can click on these links and be taken directly to anotherWelcome to this edition of our Newsletter! site for more information on that particular topic.I hope you all feel refreshed after your summer break! If you read this on Microsoft Word, you can put your cursor over the link, hold down the Control (Ctrl) Key and click! Ed.DCFA is still going strong and hopefully in the not-so-distantfuture we’ll be able to announce some very exciting newsconcerning the expansion of our service. DCFA MEETINGSWe feel that our project is very important to our communitieswhile the country is still in a recession and with unemploymentrunning high. S EPTEMBER 2011 BOARD Meeting. There was no meeting in August 2011. The September meeting took th place on Monday, 5 at the Catherine Street Baptist Church.You may have seen or heard recently that FoodBanks arehaving heavy demands placed upon their services. If DCFA canhelp organisations in our communities in any way then it willendeavour to do so, but we can only undertake this with your N EXT MEETING. There will be no meeting in October 2011. The next meeting will be on Tuesday, 1 November 2011 which will be our first Annual General stsupport. Meeting. This will be held at 6 p.m. at The Crown Centre,The help DCFA has been able to give in the 28 weeks it has Plymouth.been trading has saved participating charitable organisationsabout £5,500. DCFA has issued something in the region of6,500 litres of milk and tub loads of cream! F UTURE MEETINGS. All meetings are scheduled to start at 10.30 a.m. at the Catherine Street Baptist Church unless otherwise stated. This information is subject to change atYou can see that in just how beneficial this has been in our first short notice.six months of trading. Imagine the possibilities if we had  stpermanent premises? Tuesday, 1 November 2011 Annual General Meeting at 6 p.m. at Crown CentreDCFA is willing to talk to groups about our project. If you are  thinterested then do please contact Geoff, our Company Tuesday, 6 December 2011Secretary and Newsletter Editor. General Board MeetingLooking ahead, we will be holding our first AGM at 6 p.m. on followed by Christmas Drinks & Mince Pies stTuesday, 1 November 2011 at The Crown Centre, Plymouth. (Plymouth - Shekinah Mission)Further details appear elsewhere in the Newsletter.  th Tuesday, 7 February 2012Thank you all for your continuing support. General Board MeetingChristine A NNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2011. The first DCFA AGM th will be held on Tuesday, 1 November 2011 and we’reChristine REID already looking for one or two Guest Speakers. Can youChair help or do you know someone that might? Please contactDCFA Board of Trustees Geoff (details at the top of Page 1).The Devon & Cornwall Food Association Ltd. (DCFA) is a Private Company Limited by Guarantee.Registered Company No. 07419679.Registered Charity No. - DCFA is recognised by HMRC as a Charity for tax purposes under Reference XT27083.Members of : Our Funder:NCVO (The National Council for Voluntary Organisations) – Membership No. MEMBERVC/13004,PTSC (The Plymouth Third Sector Consortium),The Small Charities Coalition,And Volunteering England – Membership No.1278747. … And Voluntary Donations.
  2. 2. DCFA TREASURER T RUSTEES. DCFA is constantly seeking competent, qualified individuals who can perform the duties of aE UNICE HALLIDDAY HAS tendered her resignation as Treasurer. Geoff READ, as Acting Chair at the time,reluctantly accepted her resignation. So DCFA is now looking Trustee with diligence and loyalty. Previous experience, although helpful, is not necessary. Please contact Geoff (details at the top of Page 1).for a new Treasurer as a matter of urgency! This is an unpaidvolunteer position. If you think you can help us out with this AN OPEN INVITATION TOdo please contact the Geoff as soon as possible. THE CROWN CENTRE, PLYMOUTH DCFA PROJECT COORDINATOR T HE CROWN CENTRE, a community cafe and resource centre, home to The Oasis Project and The Plymouth thA FTER MUCH CONSIDERATION, DCFA has decided to opt for the recruitment of a part-time Project Coordinator.This means that we will have to put the idea of obtaining Foodbank, celebrated its reopening on Monday, 12 September. Christine and Geoff joined them for a Cream Tea from and to find out details of their new programme. Thepermanent premises on hold because our current financial Oasis Project runs community education courses andcircumstances do not allow us to do both. So... once we have support groups as well as being a community cafe and theall our ducks in a line we will be looking to recruit. Foodbank gives tinned and dried food to people in short- term financial crisis. DEVON COMMUNITY OF THE YEAR Both projects said they were grateful to DCFA for the issues of COMPETITION free milk received each week! The Crown Centre StonehouseD CFA ENTERED THIS competition, which was launched as th part of the 50 birthday celebrations of the CommunityCouncil of Devon. Apparently, the Contact: 28 Manor Street Stonehouse, Plymouth PL1 1TWcouncil received lots of entries, many Email: oasiscafe@btinternet.comof them being awarded the prizes of Tel: (01752) 254981£500; or £250 for the Green &Healthy Community categories. They AN OPEN INVITATION TO THEsay the short-listing process was not easy but they have DCFA ANNUAL GENERAL MEETINGidentified three communities which will be visited by thejudging panel during September. Unfortunately, on thisoccasion the DCFA entry did not make the short list but they T HE DCFA AGM will be held at the Plymouth Crown Centre st at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, 1 November 2011. A rough programme will be something like this:have invited us to enter again next year... only our second yearof operation! As a reward for entering, DCFA has been granted 6 p.m. Registration & Networkingfree membership to the Community Council of Devon for the 6.30 p.m. Welcome by the Chairremainder of the year! Chair’s Report Treasurer’s Report Guest Speaker VACANCIES AT DCFA Election of OfficersS TAFF (PART TIME PAID). DCFA will shortly be looking to recruit: 7.30 p.m. Any Other Business Questions & Answers Refreshments & Networking Project Coordinator, and Warehouse Manager. Do please make a date in your diaries now!Further details will be announced soon. Our AGM is open to all to attend. In particular we should like to see the following in attendance:V OLUNTEERS. DCFA is always on the lookout for competent, qualified individuals to volunteer for us. Wespecifically need volunteers to fill the following vacant posts: DCFA Trustees, DCFA Volunteers, DCFA Friends Members of the DCFA Exeter Working Group Members of the DCFA Truro Working Group Accountant / Auditor Administrator As space is limited we should be most grateful if you let us First Aider know that you will be attending. Please contact Geoff at: Food Handler saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk or telephone him on (01752) 563800. Fundraiser Deadlines: Poster & Logo Competition Coordinator Nominations to become an officer of DCFA (Trustee orInterested? Then please contact Geoff (details at the top of Member) must be submitted to the DCFA Secretary by not thPage 1). later than 12 noon on Tuesday, 18 October 2011. Contact the DCFA Newsletter Editor at DCFA... details at the top of Page 1. 2
  3. 3. NISP GREETINGS! An article by Mr. Patrick HUDSON H rd DCFA Co-opted Member to the Board of Trustees APPY BIRTHDAY TO Jenny POPE for Friday, 23 September 2010. Jenny is a Friend of DCFA who hasN ISP (National Industrial Symbiosis Programme) has been running nationally since 2005 and aims to bringorganisations together for mutual benefit (symbiosis). In most recently helped us produce a substantial workbook of local Food Producers. Thanks Jenny and have a lovely day!cases this involves looking at businesseswaste and trying to find a home for it, ratherthan this material being thrown into landfill B EST WISHES FOR a very Happy Birthday to Esme GOSS th for Thursday, 29 September 2011. Esme is a Friend and Volunteer of DCFA and is also the Coordinator of ourand all the embodied energy that went into making it being Volunteer Milk Team. Thanks for all your hard work Esmewasted. NISP works with all sectors of industry with and have a great day!manufacturing, food and drink, and waste management beingparticular examples, so the Practitioners (as we call ourselves)need to be dab hands and have a bit of knowledge on quite a FRIENDS OF DCFAfew different materials! Since 2005 NISP has helped divertover 39 million tonnes from landfill in the UK. The area I coveris Devon and Cornwall and thus fits in quite nicely with trying A BRAND NEW Friends of DCFA Brochure has been developed and emailed out to all our Friends and Supporters. A copy is also available for viewing and / orto help the DCFA. I first started being involved with the DCFA downloading at our website. Should you wish to make aback in mid-2010, via Gitty ANKERS of the Environmental donation to DCFA, there is a Gift Aid Form on on theAgency (who also advises the DCFA Board of Trustees). One of brochure which will allow us to claim the tax back.the first solutions I was able to achieve was to talk with RobertWisemans Dairies and work out a way that their short-datemilk (perfectly good milk that the supermarkets haven’t OTHER NEWScalled upon to use) can be quickly re-distributed to the 15 or so organisations that the DCFA now helps support. The other alternative for this milk C ORNWALL Food & Drink Festival. Now firmly established as one of the nation’s favourite food festivals, the Cornwall Food & Drink Festival epitomises would have been a low-grade recycling everything that people love about which would have needed further Cornwall and its people, and transportation or even landfill. We think in everything on sale inside the food the first year of this link this will amount to and drink pavilion will have been either produced or processed around 15 tonnes of milk. With the DCFA within the county, reflecting the fabulous range of quality looking to move into its own premises this products Cornwall boasts. There’s something for everyone at will give me a lot more scope to identify this Festival, with lots to see and do and some great places tofurther mis-labelled, short date or other food products that rd stay all around Cornwall. Don’t miss it: Friday, 23 – Sunday,were destined for the bin and see if I can pass them onto the th 25 September. Contact (01872) 274555 for details, or visitDCFA. www.cornwallfoodanddrink.co.uk.If anyone should like further information then do please emailme at: patrick.hudson@nisp.org.ukor telephone: 078 24 635 243. P LYMOUTH FLAVOUR FEST: Taste of the West Pulls iIn the Crowds. This article was published in the Plymouth nd Herald on Monday, 22 August 2011: UCP MARJON VOLUNTEERING & THOUSANDS of people enjoyed a real taste of the west over COMMUNITY NETWORK the weekend as the Plymouth Flavour Fest offered up its mouth-watering treats.G EOFF READ ATTENDED a free training opportunity at th Marjon on Thursday, 18 August 2011. Geoff learnedmore about Funding Applications, The three-day event attracted thousands of people into the city centre.Personal Effectiveness and Social And while the wet weather onEnterprise. Marjon have created a Saturday morning looked toprogramme that they think will assist initially dampen the spirits,voluntary sector organisations in the near future... especially in people still flocked to the cityview of the threat of limited funding and fewer training centre over the weekend.opportunities. During the weekend visitors were treated to a variety of cooking and cocktail classes including presentations by Plymouth Gin and TV chef CHING HE HUANG. Contact the DCFA Newsletter Editor at DCFA... details at the top of Page 1. 3
  4. 4. The numerous presentations were staged as thousands offood-lovers mingled with local traders.Chris and James TANNER ended the B RITAIN FACES THE Longest Economic Slump on Record, Experts Warn. This article was published by a By Daily Mail Reporter on Tuesday, 6th September 2011:festival on the Sunday afternoon with Britain is heading for the longest economic slump on record asa cookery display. recovery from the recession grinds to a halt, experts warned.Up to 150,000 people from all over the The economy will take at least a year longer to return to pre-country were expected to attend the crisis levels than it did in the Great Depression, according tofree event, which boasted a variety of the National Institute of Economic & Social Research.attractions this year.More than 120 local food producers And the current depression could be prolonged further if theand traders also set up shop for the festival. global outlook worsens and the country plunges into a double- dip recession, where a second recession occurs after a briefEditorial Comment: Geoff READ distributed our Friends of recovery.DCFA leaflets to exhibiting stall holders and we are hopingfor a good response! Rolling on: Britains output must growR EDEEMING OUR COMMUNITIES. nearly 4% by March next year to prevent this depression becoming our worst on record. In the Great De-pression of the 1930s, it took four years for gross domestic product to return to pre-recession levels. The current depression, which the institute defines as the recession and period of recovery when economic output is still nd Please CLICK to see the flyer with an below its previous peak, is now into its 42 month, having invitation to the launch in Devon and started in April 2008. Cornwall of an exciting new initiative, NIESR economist Simon KIRBY said output must grow nearly which it is hoped, will bring people 4% by March to prevent this depression becoming Britain’s closer together with public and other longest. agencies for the benefit of our But the economy has only grown by 0.2% over the last nine communities. months and fears are rising that it is about to go into reverse. The economy needs to grow by 3.8% over the next six Download the Flyer (3.33MB, from mediafire.com). months, which it is clearly not going to do given what is happening, he warned. Mr. KIRBY predicted output would not return to pre-recession levels until spring 2013... a depression of at least five years. The Institute for Public Policy Research claimed the depression could even last until late 2013 if growth continues to be disappointing. Will STRAW, director of the think tank, said: ‘Whichever forecast you use, Britain’s anaemic recovery is set to be the slowest since records began.’ In his memoirs, former chancellor Alistair DARLING reveals that at the start of the recession, then prime minister Gordon BROWN thought it would all be over in just six months. Read more: Spare Food is Share Food. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/markets/article-2034221/Britain- Come join DCFA! faces-longest-economic-slump-record--NIESR.html#ixzz1XRDJqz2W Stop good food from ending up at landfill sites! Fo llow us on F ac eb ook V OLUNTEERING ENGLAND. DCFA is a member of this organisation. Please click on this link to see a copy of their latest newsletter. Contact the DCFA Newsletter Editor at DCFA... details at the top of Page 1. 4