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Psfk need to-know

  2. 2. AGENDA9:30 WELCOME9:40 SCOTT BEDBURY, Brandstream10:00 ERIC RYAN, Method Home10:10 MARC SHILLUM, Method Design10:30 ROHIT BHARGAVA, Author10:40 DANA CHO & BEAU TRINCIA, IDEO11:00 COFFEE BREAK11:30 CHASE JARVIS, Photographer11:50 JASON OBERFEST, Mango Health12:00 GADI AMIT, New Deal Design12:20 SIVA KUMAR & USHER LIEBERMAN, TheFind12:30 JERMAINE DUPRI, Global 14 & DAVID DEAL, iCrossing12:50 JOE GEBBIA, Airbnb1:00 LUNCH2:00 STEPHANIE HORSTMANSHOF & KRISTIN DEAN, Bing PARTNER TALK2:20 ERIC COREY FREED, organicARCHITECT2:30 MICHAEL MCDANIEL, frog2:50 GERLAD RICHARDS, 826National3:00 REGINA ELLIS, JoyRx3:20 COFFEE BREAK3:40 NEIL HARBISSON, Bio-technologist4:00 NICK BARHAM, Wieden + Kennedy4:10 JAMES TICHENOR & JOSH WALTON, Rockwell Group4:30 CLOSING REMARKS @psfk / #PSFKSF2012 /
  3. 3. TODAY GADI AMIT NICK BARHAM SCOTT BEDBURY ROHIT BHARGAVA New Deal Design Wieden Kennedy Author Author01 @newdealdesign 02 @nickfbarham 03 @scottbedbury 04 @rohitbhargava DANA CHO & JERMAIN DUPRI & BEAU TRINCIA DAVID DEAL REGINA ELLIS ERIC COREY FREED IDEO Global 14 / iCrossing JoyRx Architect @ideo 05 / 06 @mr_dupri 07 @joyrx 08 @ericcoreyfreed @davidjdeal STEPHANIE HORSTMANSHOF & JOE GEBBIA NEIL HARBISSON KRISTIN DEAN CHASE JARVIS Airbnb Biotechnologist bing Photographer @jgebbia @neilharbisson @bing @chasejarvis SIVA KUMAR MICHAEL MCDANIEL JASON OBERFEST GERALD RICHARDS TheFind frog Mango Health 826National09 @siva_v_kumar @mcdanyel @joberfest 10 @gerald826ceo JAMES TICHENOR & MELISSA ERIC RYAN MARC SHILLUM JOSH WALTON WAGGENER ZORKIN Method Method Design Rockwell Group Waggener Edstrom @methodguy 11 @methodtweet 13 @labsatrockwell 14 @melissawz
  4. 4. Since we’ve been at this thing for over 8 yearswe thought it was time to call it something thatencompasses all that we do. Introducing...PSFK LABS“The consultancy of the future.”—CNNAt the heart of it we are a think tank seeking out, generatingand amplifying new ideas and creative solutions.INNOVATION CONSULTING & PRODUCT CONCEPTINGWe work with the world’s leading brands to help them plan a future.New products, new services, new marketing, new retail.Since 2007, we have delivered trends-led business innovation services for American Express,Apple, BMW, InterContinental Hotels Group, Pepsi, Target and many more world-classorganizations.By leveraging our in-depth and rapid processes, we can help you define what’s next foryour business.CUSTOM EVENTS & BESPOKE EXPERIENCESWe create experiences that deliver thought leadership.We produce inspirational events, trends tours, webinars that our partners use to inspire internalstakeholders and external audiences.Working with companies like Nissan and Microsoft, we have delivered events across the globeand at major festivals such as SXSW and NY Design Week.CUSTOM PUBLISHING & BRANDED CONTENTWe deliver thoughtful content for communication strategies.Since 2004, our content team has been providing up-to-the-minute ideas and inspiration toaudiences. Our publishing experience allows us to understand what gets both clicked and shared.Working with clients in the beverage, pharmaceutical and technology sectors, PSFK Labs’ teamhas crafted content for a variety of platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.COMMUNICATION & MEDIAWe help partners reach our monthly audience of over 1 million influencers.We work with brands to create inspiring, brand experiences targeted at our influential globalreadership, positioning brands as innovators and experts.PSFK’s media network consists of, email newsletters and our salons and conferences.PSFK Labs, 42 Bond Street, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10012 / @psfk /
  5. 5. NEEDTOKNOWVOL.2 ONE DAYFor this second issue of PSFK’s Need To Know magazine we asked some oftoday’s creative minds from our London and San Francisco events to dreama little. We solicited their views on a possible future as it applies to their particularfield of expertise.In the pages that follow you’ll find a variety of ideas—all of them different—but every one of them inspirational in some way.We hope you’ll find a few visions that strike a chord with what you set out toachieve in your own life every day. Piers Fawkes is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of and its sister publication, Need To Know magazine. / @piers_fawkesNEED TO KNOW MAGAZINE PUBLISHER & EDITOR-IN-CHIEFc/o PSFK Piers Fawkes42 Bond Street6th floor CREATIVE DIRECTOR & PHOTOGRAPHYNew York, NY 10012 Peter EDITORIAL Timothy Ryan
  6. 6. LET’S GET READY TO BING IT ON SIDE-BY-SIDE SEARCH OFF VS PEOPLE CHOSE BING WEB SEARCH RESULTS OVER GOOGLE NEARLY 2 1 IN BLIND COMPARISION TESTS* TO Take the challenge and learn more at*Based on a comparison of web search results pane only; excludes ads, Bing’s Snapshot and Social Search panes and Google’s Knowledge Graph.
  7. 7. Need To Know Vol. 2 ONE DAY 01 ONE DAY TECHNOLOGY WILL BE INVISIBLE & IT WILL KNOW WHAT YOU WANT Electronics will be so sophisticated that you won’t need to communicate with them. Technology will know what we want. We’ll somehow be able to communicate with them without interacting with them. Instead, we’ll interact with one another. —GADI AMITGADI AMIT is a SF based designer behind some of the most innovative and lasting products produced over the last / @newdealdesign
  8. 8. 02 ONE DAY ALL PEOPLE WILL WORK WITH THE ENERGY & PASSION OF A START-UP CEO, BUT WITHOUT THE LONG HOURSNICK BARHAM is the director of W+K Tomorrow, an initiative at the intersection of sustainability, emerging tech and story / @nickfbarham
  10. 10. 04 ONE DAY COMPANIES WILL EMPOWER EMPLOYEES TO CREATE REAL & AMAZING EXPERIENCES FOR THEIR CUSTOMERS THAT GO ABOVE & BEYOND EXPECTATIONS They will operate in a way that is dictated more by what is right than what is told to them by lawyers. Customers will have a closer relation- ship to the brands and businesses they love; customers will feel so associated with brands that the ones they use often and the ones they believe in will become a closer and more powerful part of their identity. —ROHIT BHARGAVAROHIT BHARGAVA is a marketing expert and leading voice on how to bring more humanity back to / @rohitbhargava
  11. 11. Need To Know Vol. 2 ONE DAY 05 ONE DAY PEOPLE WILL LAUNCH & REINVENT BRANDS THROUGH CO-CREATIONDAVID DEAL is VP of Marketing at iCrossing, a digital marketing agency that focuses on building connected / @davidjdeal
  12. 12. 06 ONE DAY EVERYONE WILL UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SOCIAL NOTIFYING & SOCIAL NETWORKINGJERMAINE DUPRI is a Grammy award winning producer, artist, writer, and CEO of So So Def Recordings and Global 14, a socialnetworking site dedicated to music and current / @mr_dupri
  13. 13. Need To Know Vol. 2 ONE DAY 07 ONE DAY ALL KIDS WILL ENJOY WONDERFUL LIVES, NO MATTER HOW LONG Kids deserve long, wonderful lives. Or, at the very least short, wonderful lives. One day kids that are diagnosed with cancer or a terminal illness will be delivered an inexhaustible infusion of JoyRx alongside traditional treatments and state of the art medical interven- tions. Making room for JOY in the moments between life and death will changes lives for the better—yours, mine, ours. —REGINA ELLISREGINA ELLIS is CEO of JoyRx, a company that designs innovative pediatric resources delivered to children and teenswith life threatening / @joyrx
  14. 14. 08 ONE DAY THE DEMOCRATIC PROCESS WILL AFFECT THE DESIGN, WILL AFFECT THE FUNDING, & WILL AFFECT THE OPERATION OF A BUILDINGERIC COREY FREED co-developed the Sustainable Design programs at the Academy of Art University and UC Berkeley / @ericcoreyfreed
  15. 15. Need To Know Vol. 2 ONE DAY 09 ONE DAY SHOPPING WILL BE INSTANT PERSONAL EXPERIENCES THAT PEOPLE APPRECIATE & ENJOYSIVA KUMAR is the co-founder and CEO of TheFind, a company that uses social data to try to better the online shopping / @siva_v_kumar
  16. 16. 10 ONE DAY OUR PHONES WILL CARE FOR US We will see the mobile device as a primary channel for care and a main inspiration for improving personal health. Mobile applications, always on and always connected, will become central tools in helping consumers better manage and improve their health. Consumers will increasingly understand how their health compares to the general population, and will be more inspired to improve their lifestyle as a result. —JASON OBERFESTJASON OBERFEST is the CEO of Mango Health, a startup building mobile applications to help consumers better manageand improve their personal / @joberfest
  17. 17. Need To Know Vol. 2 ONE DAY 11 ONE DAY EDUCATION WILL BE FUN & ENGAGING We will put the creativity back in education and learning. —GERALD RICHARDSGERALD RICHARDS is the CEO of 826 Nationa,l a nonprofit dedicated to helping students become better / @gerald826ceo
  18. 18. 12 ONE DAY THE WORLD WILL BE ZERO MEANS, MAXIMUM MEANING How do we create more meaning I love that everyone says, out of what’s there, instead of “Fail fast.” I say, “OK. Fail fast, constantly thinking that it is our but try not to use any of the job to make new work? I look at world’s mineral resources to the greatest editors in the world do it, because we’re running for that. I really like editors. out of helium super fast.” We have limited resources and do This is a challenge to all design- not want to be wasting anything ers. I think all of us have to be on the planet at the moment. We designing a future that we want need to think very carefully about our children to grow up in. everything we do, about stuff we —MARC SHILLUM put out there. Failure really isn’t an option.MARC SHILLUM is a Principal at Method, where he works across disciplines to manage brand coherence in today’s iterative / @methodtweet
  19. 19. Need To Know Vol. 2 ONE DAY 13 ONE DAY WE’LL SEE A BLENDING BETWEEN OUR VIRTUAL IDENTITY & OUR PHYSICAL IDENTITY In many ways, the web is the It will be fascinating to watch the backbone for what’s coming next. programming, the use and the design We’ll see the integration of digital of spaces that people are actually en- services and apps into our real-world gaged in, and how digital technology environment. will allow us to reprogram and reuse these spaces. The big question we will be asking —JAMES TICHENOR & JOSH WALTON is, ‘Where do you live your life?’ Obviously, it’s in the physical world, where you have your home, your workplace, the train, and other places. But you also live your life on Facebook, email, Twitter and YouTube. It’s all very natural, but our environ- ments don’t necessarily reflect that.JAMES TICHENOR & JOSH WALTON are Co-Chief of Rockwell Group’s LAB, an interactive design team dedicated toexperimenting with interactive / @labatrockwell
  20. 20. 14 ONE DAY PEOPLE WILL CHOOSE PRODUCTS FROM COMPANIES THAT ACT WITH PURPOSE & AIM FOR CREATING A POSITIVE IMPACT ON SOCIETY... essence they will care about brands— not just product features (although the product has to fill a need)—and they will stand ready to be engaged with the brand, if they love it. —MELISSA WAGGENER ZORKINMELISSA WAGGENER ZORKIN is the CEO, President & Founder of Waggener Edstrom / @melissawz
  21. 21. Need To Know Vol. 2 ONE DAY 15 SO YOU WANT TO START A BUSINESS… That just does not fly today. Today, if you have a fresh new idea, your future customers (and investors) want to know not just what it is, but, more importantly, why they should care. They have a huge amount of choice, and differentiation is more important than ever. What will they be able to do with it and how can they take your innovation and turn it into somethingLast month for PSFK London, I outlined some that can help the community. In other words, youresearch Waggener Edstrom Worldwide conducted need to sell them on the social impact and not justthat looked at Generation Connected (Gen C) and the the specifications.importance it places on innovation. How does this look? Well, Twitter would have beenOne of the core findings was that Gen C views more than a microblogging site. Instead, it couldinnovation as critical—not just because the latest have been introduced as a platform for buildingproduct, service or gadget is fun and cool (although communities to coalesce around shared problems,that is most often where these customers start) find new solutions and even topple regimes.but increasingly because of those innovations’ Facebook could have been about more than postingimportance in helping make real social impact. pictures of the Internet meme de jour, but rather aThe research also suggested Gen C-ers prefer community where like-minded people become closercompanies and brands that they feel are equally as to brands, causes and people to make their individualcommitted to making a difference as they are. voice heard.So today, I would like to look at the other side LinkedIn, I think, has done this right by focusing onof the coin—what these insights might mean to building a community from the start. The mobilea startup that hopes to succeed with customers industry is absolutely on this path when talkingwho increasingly value the impact as well as about mobile payments, creating entrepreneurialthe innovation. opportunities and empowering individuals in allIn the “dot-bomb” era, it seemed startup success was corners of the world.initially judged solely on landing venture capitalist Technology is a great enabler of societal change. Sofunding. Achieving that meant coming up with an when you start your business, tell your story with aidea and networking exhaustively to tell everyone focus on impact—the innovation is just the tool thatwhy your invention was better, faster and cooler brings impact to life.than anyone else’s widget. Eventually, if your idea MELISSA WAGGENER ZORKINwas strong enough and differentiated from others CEO, President & Founder ofin features and benefits, you secured funding and Waggener Edstrom Worldwidebrought it to market. / @melissawzPARTNER PROVIDED CONTENT
  22. 22. 16 ONE DAY BUYERS & SELLERS WILL TRADE WITH AN ALTERNATIVE DIGITAL CURRENCY... ...based on a basket that is more stable than the local currency. This means that you can do a forward contract for your grain, or your wheat, or your oil— or whatever—at a much more certain rate than you can right now. —STAN STALNAKERSTAN STALNAKER is the Founding Director of the social network Hub Culture and digital currency / @stanstalnaker
  23. 23. Need To Know Vol. 2 ONE DAY 17 ONE DAY WE MAY LIVE IN A WORLD IN WHICH POSSESSION DOESN’T MATTER... ...or that at the least it isn’t an issue. What we share in the digital space will become participatory by default. It is the sense that within a close social circle of sharing, ownership may be something that just generally kind of disappears. —RICHARD BANKSRICHARD BANKS is the Principal Interaction Designer for Microsoft Research in Cambridge, / @rbanks
  24. 24. 18 ONE DAY ALL COLLATERAL, SHOP WINDOWS, BILLBOARDS & SIGNAGE WILL BE INTERPRETED THROUGH THE CAMERA OF A MOBILE PHONEJESS BUTCHER is the co-founder and CMO of Blippar, an augmented reality platform for / @jessbutcher
  25. 25. Need To Know Vol. 2 ONE DAY 19 ONE DAY ROAD CYCLING WILL BE SEEN AS THE MOST POPULAR & BEAUTIFUL SPORTJAMES FAIRBANK is Head of Brand Marketing at Rapha, a performance lifestyle / @RaphaWorks
  26. 26. 20 ONE DAY WE WILL SEE A GENERATION OF IMAGINEERS WHO HAVE THE CAPACITY TO SEE THEIR VISION UNFOLD One day we will see young My hope is that we will someday people, educators and industry empower a generation of young leaders regularly working people who are creative and together and learning from each skilled enough to understand other. A world with a generation how to use, and build the tools of imagineers who have that they need for addressing prob- capacity to hope and plan, and lems we haven’t even yet begun then apply their skills to see their to understand. vision unfold. —DEBBIE FORSTERDEBBIE FORSTER is the COO of CDI Europe/Apps for Good, a group empowering Britain’s youth with skills to create / @debbieforster
  27. 27. Need To Know Vol. 2 ONE DAY 21 ONE DAY THERE WILL BE PEACE IN THE WORLD, EVERYWHERE Today, innovative thinking seems A wonderful example of this is At its heart, it’s about material- to be confined to high tech Jeremy Gilley’s ‘Peace One Day’ izing ideas that can make a progress. But big advancements initiative. He is campaigning so big change, both socially and can come through low-tech that each year, on the 21st of sustainably for a positive impact practical ideas that can happen September, there will be World in the world. In a corporate cheaply and easily if only there Peace for one day, where all structure there are barriers to was a groundswell of support for fighting factions in the world l freeing ideas all over the place. them. Usually it is about finding ay down their arms. It’s a simple —JONATHAN FORD the catalyst for change. low tech idea that can be achieved. But only if people know Low tech innovation is a way about it and understand when, of making things happen very how and what. quickly, and the ultimate low tech innovation is an idea realized.JONATHAN FORD is a Creative Partner at Pearlfisher and uses his design philosophy to help the / @Jforddesigns
  28. 28. 22 ONE DAY COMPANIES WILL SOUND LIKE INTERESTING PEOPLE Too often companies don’t sound like themselves. They sound like what the agency told them to say or they sound like what the CEO wants them to sound like. In every business, every organization, there are interesting people who have a passion for the product or the brand. You really want the business to sound like those peo- ple. You want the business to sound authentic and interesting and useful. —DAN GERMAINDAN GERMAIN is Creative Director at innocent, the healthy food and drink / @dangermain
  29. 29. Need To Know Vol. 2 ONE DAY 23 ONE DAY GLOBAL CORPORATE BUSINESS WILL BE MADE UP OF MANY, MANY, SMALL VENTURES... ...that it has an interest in or a partnership or joint venture with. We won’t have a global corpor- ation head office staff in one place. We’ll have a global corporation continually investing in emerging stocks of opportunities, some of which will be solving significant challenges locally and globally. —TAMARA GILTSOFFTAMARA GILTSOFF is a business development and innovation leader, strategy consultant, and / @TamaraGiltsoff
  30. 30. 24 ONE DAY PEOPLE WILL HAVE THE SKILLS & CONFIDENCE TO MAKE THEIR OWN GADGETS... ...and solve their own challenges We imagine a world where people through the use of technology. In can actually make and produce things, the same way that people currently and design and create their own gad- plant their own gardens or bake gets and their own solutions, because their own bread, the understanding they have the skills and the resources of technology will become second to do so. nature to people. —BETHANY KOBY & DANIEL HIRSCHMANN Right now, we think that people are essentially lacking in either the confi- dence or the skills to actually create something using technology. Most of us blindly use technology as is with very little understanding of how to fix it when it’s broken, let alone how to actually make something which could be useful for the rest of us.BETHANY KOBY & DANIEL HIRSCHMANN are founders of Tech Will Save Us, a group educating people to produce, and not justconsume, technology. / @techwillsaveus
  31. 31. Need To Know Vol. 2 ONE DAY 25 ONE DAY DRIVING IN A VEHICLE WILL BE LIKE HAVING A CONCIERGE OR A BUTLER... terms of how we connect our car and the customer to the outside world. Our cars will provide a mix of luxurious features that blend with the lifestyle of the owner in a much more subtle and predictive manner. —JULIAN THOMSONJULIAN THOMSON is Director of Advanced Design for / @thomsondesign
  32. 32. 26 ONE DAY YOU WON’T THINK TWICE ABOUT MIXING VIRTUAL WITH REAL LIFE Augmented reality will become so normal that the technology will simply be everywhere. —MIKKO MARTIKAINENMIKKO MARTIKAINEN is the CEO of Sayduck, a group using AR to augment the e-commerce purchase / @sayduckltd
  33. 33. Need To Know Vol. 2 ONE DAY 27 ONE DAY THERE WILL BE NO MOBILE PHONES There will be mobile devices but they will be something that you would wear discreetly, without making you look out of place. Instead of constantly looking down at a screen, people will wear something discreetly. Your interaction with technology won’t be gone, but it will be seamlessly integrated and we will therefore look up and interact in a human way with one another. —DHANI SUTANTODHANI SUTANTO is a Senior Digital Art Director and the creator of the Oyster Card / @dhanisutanto
  34. 34. 28 R B W L E A U E EA E A ES TO S R S TH E AY A E ’LL Y W NE D O E V TI C When restrictions are placed upon us, we have to be much more innovative about how we achieve things. —JOHN PUGHJOHN PUGH is Director of Digital Communications at Boehringer Ingelheim, and creator of the social game / @johnpugh
  35. 35. Need To Know Vol. 2 ONE DAY 29 ONE DAY THE COFFEE MACHINE WILL TELL US ITS NEEDS ON A HUMAN LEVELKATRIN BAUMGARTEN is a London based technology artist and interaction
  36. 36. 30 ONE DAY PEOPLE WILL BE ABLE TO VOTE WITH THEIR MONEY They’ll care about what they wear and what they eat, and how they behave, and really choose the brands that are being good citizens and allowing those communities that they live in, and other communities, to flourish. —DIANA VERDE NIETODIANA VERDE NIETO is the founder and CEO of, a website inspiring responsible purchaseswithout compromising on quality or style. / @DianaVerdeNieto
  37. 37. Need To Know Vol. 2 ONE DAY 31THE FUTUREOF WORK PREVIEWPacked with inspiration and insights FEATURINGto help Executives, Managers, Human ▪▪ 16 Trends shaping how, where andResources and Employees succeed with whom we workamidst the change. ▪▪ Insights from industry leaders and key stats ▪▪ 64 Best-In-Class Examples that areLaunching November 2012. Sign up changing the workplaceto receive early details of the Future ▪▪ Innovative Concepts from Top CreativeOf Work report: Agencies that imagine and inspire exciting future “Companies need to break out and do skunk works because they’re going to get innovation and ideas that they can’t really get internally, and they’ll get long‑term capability of growth. You have people that are learning and building new muscles in those environments that they can bring back to the mother ship.” AARON DIGNAN. CEO, Undercurrent “The true entrepreneur wants to exchange. They want to be in that exchange. Intrapreneurs don’t want to go off on their own. They don’t want to build their own company, they want to do things that are like that, at their own company.” DAVID ARMANO. Managing Director, Edelman Digital “Tools are becoming smarter, more intelligent, more flexible, adapting to workflows and allowing for work styles that are much more accommodating to the way that people really want to work. We’ll be living in a world where it will become a lot more intuitive and natural to access information and do things while you’re on the go or while you’re on different devices.” HARALD BECKER. Senior Business Strategist, Microsoft’s Office labs “People want to work on their back porch. They want to work overlooking a lake. They want to go places where they love to be. There is tremendous opportunity to make the office something much less sedated and much less focused on order, and much more organic, interesting, and desirable. The workplace now has to support this fluidity, this range of movement, and it’s causing everyone to rethink the old one‑size‑fits‑all assumption that you do most of your work in one place.” RYAN ANDERSON. Director of Future Technologies, Herman Miller
  38. 38. 32 PSFK.comA SNAPSHOTMAJOR WORKPLACE SHIFTS WORKFORCE The marketplace for talent has changed as employees and companies look not only to fill a role, but find the perfect fit. With an increased level of unemployment and a decrease in length of employment for any one company, there is an increase of qualified candidates constantly in flux. Companies and employees are looking for ways to work together and grow collectively and individually. CULTURE In an effort to appeal to the attitudes and expectations of a younger, digitally-savvy workforce, companies are reshaping their internal policies and management styles. The top-down, closed door thinking of the past is making way for company cultures based on shared responsibility, openness and trust. These initiatives are aimed at empowering and engaging employees by enabling them to have a more direct say in the direction of the company and their careers. TOOLS As multidisciplinary teams located around the world work together across complex projects, requiring a new set of collaborative and communications tools to streamline processes. Intelligent platforms are combining previously disparate tasks, analyzing data to bring more context to conversations and create new ways for visualizing workflows, which help people work smarter and more efficient. WORKPLACES Over the last two decades, open office designs and campuses have changed how employees meet and interact, with a goal of spurring spontaneous cre- ativity and collaboration. As the range of work that happens within a space continues to grow and evolve, layout and design are stretching to meet the needs of each stage within a work process, adding flexibility and fluidity to the workplace. Launching November 2012. Sign up to receive early details of the Future Of Work report:
  39. 39. Every bold idea needs someone brave enough to make it happen“NO RULES THERE AIN’T AROUND HERE; WE’RE TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH SOMETHING ” -Thomas Edison
  40. 40. / @NeedToKnowMag