LAND CONFLICT IN NORTHERN UGANDA.Land conflict is refered to as the rivalry or a dispute between two or more peoplestruggl...
   It has also lead to the violation of human rights in that put a nephew grows in a    particular family then after he i...
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Land conflicts in northern uganda utouch 2011 publication


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Land conflicts in northern uganda utouch 2011 publication

  1. 1. LAND CONFLICT IN NORTHERN UGANDA.Land conflict is refered to as the rivalry or a dispute between two or more peoplestruggling over ownership of a given pieace of land e.g. family members, clans,regions,etc that is to say pader and lira , akwang and padibe.CAUSES OF LAND CONFLICTS IN NORTHERN UGANDA.Land conflicts in northern Uganda are as a result of the following.1)WAR….—this is because most of the people in northern Uganda have been leaving incamps for over 20 years due to LRA war and now there is peace and going back to theirland finding the elders who new the land demarcation have died leading to rivalries.2) Unclear land demarcation that where not passed by the elders to their sons or youngones leading to land conflicts e.g. the struggle of AMIDA SUB COUNTYHEADQUATERS land.3) Another cause of land conflict is self interest e.g. the Jonam and nwoya struggling forthe land that was extended by Dr ID Amins regime.4)Corruption is a nother cause of land conflict in northern Uganda e.g. the sending of thepresidents deligates to amuro district for land to plant sugarcane so this has lead to a lotof misunderstanding between people leaving in that area.5) Ressetlement of people for the case of bududa incidence, idp camp settlers in northernUganda has lead to land wrangles when they went back to their original land.6) The unclear land policies e.g. the land policy of the 1995 constitution stated that landwas to be bought by an individual using the sub county chiefs, district leaders compairedto today where people buy land trough one on one purchase which later leads towrangles.7) Extended families:…in that an uncle takes the initiative of keeping the nephew in his home then after he has grown up and he feels to build then he is a allowed he then staysfor years and starts claiming the land is his since the ACHOLI culture states that land issupposed to be given to nephew if he grew up with the uncles but this later leads toserious wrangles.EFFECTS OF LAND CONFLICT IN NORTHERN UGANDA.The effects of land conflicts are as follows bellow It has lead to enemity or general hatred a mongest families, clans and communities. It has lead to loss of lives and properties of the people involved.
  2. 2.  It has also lead to the violation of human rights in that put a nephew grows in a particular family then after he is denied land hence an effect. It has lead to imprisonment, personalities involved are prosecuted and charged in the courts of law. It has also lead to law crop production in that if the court of law is still under taking the ways to solve the case leading to idlelation of land . Land conflict has lead to practice of witchcraftcy in that when one is bewitched he or she either evacuates the land or dies. It has lead to violence among communities. It has lead to law infrastructural development e.g. the transfer of kit gum air field to padol in bagere side but the owners of land have told the town council to resettle them in the present air field.How ever there are some positive effects of land conflicts in northernUganda. Malicious removal of land is avoided e.g. Amuro land for planting of sugar but rivals arised. It has lead to little increase of knowledge on land policies e.g. the young ones who feel to sell land today consult the elders with fear of imprisonmet.THE SOLUTIONS TO LAND CONFLICT IN NORTHERN UGANDA. As an individual e.g. afather in a family should distribute the land to the sons equally in case of any wrangle between them. Mass sencetisation of the communities should be taken to justify the local people e.g. by use of press, media, drama and so on. Civic education should be carried out by the government to find how best it can be done. Conflict management through involving religious leaders , law enforcement organs . The government should introduce the bodies to handle land issues e.g. the current land tribunion is not clearly used so it needs to revived for good judgment.In conclusion the land wrangles in northern Uganda were as a result of the LRA WARwhich has lead to some challenges that have realy affected the region such as High levelif illiteracy, violation of human rights, gender based violence hence as the major leadingeffect of land conflict in northern Uganda. Thanks Yours Okongo alonsio The secretary peace conference Team AMREF/U-TOUCH Kitgum