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Startup Weekend Ethiopia 2019


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Sponsor documentation for the first Startup Weekend in Ethiopia.

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Startup Weekend Ethiopia 2019

  1. 1. Startup Weekend Ethiopia sponsoring opportunity Let’s kickstart future entrepreneurs, together
  2. 2. Operating your own business changes everything. Startup Weekend Ethiopia is the perfect place to start. — Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu, founder & CEO soleRebels Patron of Startup Weekend Ethiopia “
  3. 3. What is Startup Weekend? Techstars Startup Weekend is the world’s starting point for entrepreneurship: Learning, networking and starting companies. It’s a 54-hour event where designers, developers, marketers, and startup enthusiasts come together to share ideas, form teams, and launch startups. We are organizers dedicated to fostering local entrepreneurship to strengthen our community.
  4. 4. What is Startup Weekend Ethiopia? Startup Weekend Ethiopia takes place on April 12nd -14th 2019 in Addis Ababa. It’s the first Startup Weekend ever in Ethiopia. With this first event we want to inspire entrepreneurs and enthusiasts from the whole country to join. Helping people to gather, to network and to build successful companies on their own all over Africa.
  5. 5. The seeding Team Jürg Stuker Finance and Head of Team Ralph Schmidhalter Program Lead and Core Team Benjamin Gräub Outreach Timo Hahn President of the Board Startup Weekend Schweiz
  6. 6. Impressions
  7. 7. Schedule: Here’s what happens during a Startup Weekend Dinner & Networking Get to know your new friends. Meet the people you'll be working with. 60 Seconds to Pitch Got an idea? You’ve got 1 minute to pitch in front of the group. Build a Team Whether it's your idea or someone else’s, you'll create a cross-functional team to work with over the weekend. Day 1: Meet, Pitch & Team Up Choose your project From the top projects – Choose which one you'll work on over the weekend.
  8. 8. Schedule: Here’s what happens during a Startup Weekend Day 2: Learn & Work Learn from the Best Local mentors will be coming in throughout the event to coach you through the hard problems. We'll be here to help when you need it. Get to Work We've got the resources and support in place to make things happen in a short period of time. You'll be responsible for everything from finding customers to building your product.
  9. 9. Schedule: Here’s what happens during a Startup Weekend Day 3: Present & Choose Present in Front of Panel Judges The culmination of the weekend. You'll have 5 minutes to present the product or service you built to the crowd and a panel of experts and investors. Celebrate Watch the other teams present and celebrate all the work you’ve done. Get the opportunity to talk to judges and mingle with mentors.
  10. 10. What’s so unique? • Inspired and supported by Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu, a successful business women in Africa with worldwide honors • We don’t support but we enable the local community allow for Ethiopians to shape their own international image • The first Startup Weekend in Ethiopia ever (and one of the first in Africa) • Experienced team from Switzerland takes personal responsibility for an inspiring event and a reliable execution • Proven concept with more than 400k global participants in 1’475 cities
  11. 11. Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu Founder & CEO soleRebels Bezawit Getenet Negussie Corporate Strategy Lead, blueMoon Florian Manderscheid Chief Operating Officer, iceaddis Bekure Tamirat Director of Operations, Gebeya Speakers and Jury
  12. 12. What do we offer to sponsors? • Be recognized as a supporter of a pioneering venture: The first Startup Weekend in Ethiopia from April 12th to 14th 2019 in Addis Ababa • Access with and visibility to a dozen Ethiopian business leaders • Intimate access to the fast growing Startup Community of Ethiopia • Meaningful contact to 100 entrepreneurial people participating in the first Startup Weekend in Ethiopia and to their ideas • Media presence in the economically most promising country of Africa • Valuable cultural insights for your company and your employees • Face to face contact to the reliable Swiss organisational team
  13. 13. Sponsoring Packages Package (in CHF) Warm, cosy and pioneering feeling Visible in all communication Distribute perks at events Contact to participants VIP Tickets to StartUp Weekend Participation as Mentor Participation in Jury XS 1’000 ✅ S 2’500 ✅ ✅ M 5’000 ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ * 1 L 7’500 ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ * 2 ✅ XL 10’000 ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ * 3 ✅ ✅ Individual bespoke package tailored to your needs
  14. 14. Partners
  15. 15. Why should Ethiopians attend Techstars Startup Weekend? CONNECT DISCOVER LEARN START Connect with people driven to build something new. Rich and diverse talent is a Startup Weekend staple. Participants will mix, mingle and work with new people who could be their next cofounder, friend,mentor, or investor. Participants will discover where they are on the Entrepreneur's Journey. They will be introduced to new resources available near them and will leave knowing the next steps they need to take on their road to success. Participants will learn what it really takes to start a company. No book, panel, speaker, or blog post will teach them what you need to know. The only way to learn is the experience of trying. It’s that simple. Startup Weekend is designed to get you going, FAST. Local Organizers will set up the ideal environment for participants to be successful and learn as much as possible in just 54 hours.
  16. 16. For more information contact: Jürg Stuker Mobile: +41 79 252 67 01 Help us create a more entrepreneurial Africa! We’d love to have you on our team.