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How Aalto Entrepreneurship Society is built? How the Finnish economy is today and how is the startup scene?

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  1. 1. Aaltoes stands for Aalto Entrepreneurship Society, the largest and most active student-run entrepreneurship community in Europe.
  2. 2. History •  Late 2008 group of students had an idea: they wanted to inspire young entrepreneurs (-to-be) and help people to work for their own ideas and dreams. •  2009 Aalto Entrepreneurship Society was founded •  First events were powered by free pizza & beer •  2013 Aaltoes is the largest and most active studentrun entrepreneurship community in Europe  
  3. 3. Ideology •  New innovations, great companies and success stories are born because of talented people get together and exchange ideas •  Community is the key to success -> platform •  Very few of us has gone trough the whole process of being a startup entrepreneur – we bring experienced entrepreneurs to tell their stories  
  4. 4. Culture •  Open community  •  Action •  Doing rather than planning •  Asking for forgiveness rather than asking for permission •  We work harder to get higher  
  5. 5. What we do? •  Started out with really small grassroots events •  We cooperate with leading startups and the most successful companies •  We are the platform to get started trough networking, feedback & practice •  Aaltoes is more than an organization – it is family, friends & a way of living
  6. 6. Events 1.  Aaltoes Insights - Insights to different industrial branches 2.  Aaltoes Talk Inspiring keynotes •  Help us to build the team •  Find out new board member •  Create the spirit 3.  Aaltoes Pitch It Pitch your idea 4.  Aaltoes Speed Dating - Networking and matchmaking •  Meet potential investors •  Entrepreneurial matchmaking & fun
  7. 7. Summer of Startups •  Accelerator program for early stage business ideas •  No talk – you have to see it   http://vimeo.com/68522168 http://vimeo.com/71697732 http://vimeo.com/72090386  
  8. 8. The Team •  The Team makes everything possible •  Students, coaches, entrepreneurs…. •  Everything is ran voluntarily •  We invite each and everyone – your action is the result
  9. 9. What we have achieved? •  We have made a difference in Finland’s startup scene and entrepreneurial culture •  We built up awarded accelerator program, Startup Sauna •  We have given young people the chance to experiment their capabilities & find their passion •  We have created the a world-wide network for likeminded people
  10. 10. Future •  Bigger, better, more international! •  Startup guide •  News platform •  Spread the word about entrepreneurship even wider!
  11. 11. Startup Sauna is on a mission to build a functioning startup ecosystem into Northern Europe.
  12. 12. Expanding our activities •  Year 2010: We need more than to help startups •  Startup Sauna Program is invented •  An accelerator program for earlystage startups from Northern Europe and Russia  
  13. 13. Startup Sauna •  In practice, Startup Sauna consists of three different operations 1.  Startup Sauna program 2.  Startup Sauna Internship 3.  The Slush Conference
  14. 14. Startup Sauna Program •  Helps promising early-stage startups to get ready for taking next step •  Coaches, investors & other professionals help teams to reach stage •  109 companies have gratuated since 2010 •  Raised together more than 34 USD funding
  15. 15. Startup Sauna Internship •  Non-profit internship program for the most skilled people in Finland & best startups in Silicon Valley and New York •  Learning by doing & unleashing full potential •  Chance to work at exciting startups with amazing entrepreneurs
  16. 16. SLUSH •  Slush is a nonprofit, two-day technology & startup event •  In 2008, Slush was a 300-person event featured with Finnish startup enthusiastics and organized by students •  It has grown to be one of the top startup events in the world – attracting more than 40USD billion worth of venture capital, 7000 attendees & 400 media represententatives
  17. 17. SLUSH •  Most promising companies from Northern Europe, Russia & beyond •  Organized to allow the next generation of great companies to have the ecosystem they deserve to succeed on a global level •  It takes 750 people to make it happen, including our 600 volunteers
  18. 18. To Infinity and Beyond!
  19. 19. Success Story: Walkbase •  Founded in 2010 by 4 friends •  The product: real-time metrics from the shopping beavior of customers •  Spring 2011: Startup Sauna Programm participant •  November 2013: funded by 3 million euros
  20. 20. Success Story: CatchBox •  The product: throwable microphone •  Around 2012 three Aalto University students decided to set up a company •  Clear winner in Summer of Startups program 2012 •  Pre-orders just started – sales world-wide! www.getcatchbox.com
  21. 21. The Finnish Startup Scene: How to create successfull startup?
  22. 22. The Story of Finland •  Late 2000s: same economic problems as many other developed country •  Nokia, our flagship and economic motor, slowly stopped running •  Reality hit: big companies can not secure us anymore •  The population is aging •  We need to create over 200 000 new jobs
  23. 23. Entrepreneurship as part of the Solution •  Government starts to support entrepreneurs(-to-be) •  Nokia Bridge program •  Change of attitude in late 2000s •  Slush, Aaltoes, Startup Sauna in the front row
  24. 24. Gaming Industry: the New Nokia? •  Rovio & Angrybirds •  Supercell & Clash of Clans
  25. 25.   But let’s not forget about the others.. •  Medicine: Hermo Pharma, Health Puzzle, Valon Laser •  Phones: Jolla, Aava Mobile •  Music: Playmysong, Ovelin •  Green technology: There Corporation, Visedo •  Clothing: Makia
  26. 26.    Building up a company •  What? How? Why? Hardest part is to figure everything out. •  Passion, purpose & people. •  Activator, adaptability, strategic, discipline & focus. •  There is no magical recipe for succes
  27. 27. Workshop
  28. 28. Who is entrepreneur?
  29. 29. What do you need to build the company? What are the challenges you may face?  
  30. 30. What kind of events are needed to distinguish the Entrepreneurial potential?