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MassChallenge Masterclass: Owned media how-to


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Masterclass held at MassChallenge Switzerland 2017. Original subject was Content Management System but I the switched to establishing a web property by aligning Strategy, User Experience and integrating owned, paid and earned media.

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MassChallenge Masterclass: Owned media how-to

  1. 1. RENENS, SEPTEMBER 5, 2017 Jürg Stuker. Partner. MassChallenge. Masterclass. Owned Media. How-to. Since 1995. Namics.
  2. 2. Agenda FIRST Digital Goals & KPIs SECOND Winning Loyalty THIRD Hub and Spoke FORTH And now, what’s about my CMS?
  3. 3. So what’s about your website?
  4. 4. Do I really have to implement a CMS?
  5. 5. Namics.Agenda Looking at the market... 5
  6. 6. It is NOT about technology!
  7. 7. Namics.7Agenda Dimension 1: Defining Success Business Objectives Digital Goals & KPIs Continuous Optimization Tool Dashboard & Reports
  8. 8. Namics.8Agenda Dimension 2: Winning Loyalty catch conduct convince convert connect
  9. 9. Namics.9Agenda Dimension 3: Hub and Spoke? paid media earned media owned media
  10. 10. Digital Goals & KPIs FIRST
  11. 11. Namics.11Digital Goals & KPIs Business Objectives serve as Input! Business Objectives Digital Goals & KPIs Continuous Optimization Tool Dashboard & Reports
  12. 12. Namics.12Digital Goals & KPIs Step 1: Targets (typical examples) 1 Online Sales 2 Lead Generation 3 Branding 4 Recruiting 5 Self-Service (cost reduction) 6 Customer Retention 7 ...
  13. 13. Namics. create emotions build trust reduce abandonment 13Digital Goals & KPIs Step 2: Success Factors Online Sales Lead Generation Branding 1 2 3
  14. 14. Namics.14Digital Goals & KPIs Step 3: Activities create emotions build trust reduce abandonment Lead Generation 2 testimonal video attributed advisorreference cases awards transparent contact data fair terms of use contact form chat support
  15. 15. Namics.15Digital Goals & KPIs Step 4: Performance Metrics Lead Generation 2 testimonal video build trust #page views “speaker” #play events #case downloads #usage contact form #click contact info #video abortion #page view “terms” #usage chat
  16. 16. Namics.16Digital Goals & KPIs Step 5: Key Performance Indicators − Define KPI that − creates business value − is Robust over time − describes (full) journey from a user perspective − is basis for continuous optimization − Build a process around to use it’s signal (don’t ‘just report’)
  17. 17. Winning Loyalty SECOND
  18. 18. Namics.18Winning Loyalty Journey: To do, or not to do... − Users don’t follow predefined journeys − But this doesn’t excuse you from thinking in processes and tackling with channel switches...
  19. 19. Namics.19Winning Loyalty Orchestrating Journey and Data catch conduct convince convert connect Awareness First interest Develop interest Lead to transaction Build engage- ment and involvement Convince Support decision process Initiate transaction Establish relationship Reason to come back
  20. 20. Namics.20Winning Loyalty Orchestrating Journey and Data catch conduct convince convert connect
  21. 21. Hub and Spoke THIRD
  22. 22. Embrace, don’t (try to) dominate
  23. 23. Namics.23Hub and Spoke We write the year 1999... “The Web as a graph: measurements, models and methods” (Study by Cornell University and IBM, Source: − Raised questions (excerpt) − How can we annotate and organize the communities discovered by the trawling process... − What extensions and applications can be found for the connectivity measures... − What can we infer about the distributed sociological process of creating content on the Web... − ...
  24. 24. Namics.24Hub and Spoke Success is about working together paid media earned media owned media Your website(s) Sharing Advertising
  25. 25. Namics.25Hub and Spoke Your need an owned CMS to play the game − Sharing needs a source to establish loyalty − Advertisements need targets to convince and convert − ...
  26. 26. And now, what’s about my CMS? FOURTH
  27. 27. Namics.27And now, what’s about my CMS? Before you start − Define your goals − derive content and services − allow for measuring − Align the user experience with the DNA of your offering − think in processes − Plan operations − not only technology − but content, processes and continuous optimization
  28. 28. Namics.28And now, what’s about my CMS? Requirements (including technical System) − Depend on your offering − If you are selling “speed and performance” − If you are selling “mobile” − If you are selling “security” − If you are selling... − “Walk the talk” − Even if your website is not part of your offering, it is an unassisted touchpoint with your brand...
  29. 29. © NAMICS AG 2017© NAMICS AG 201 @jstuker +41 79 252 67 01 Thank you. Namics.
  30. 30. Namics in a Nutshell FIFTH
  31. 31. Namics.31 Jürg Stuker Partner and Member of the Board of Directors Namics “We are pioneers and experts in the field of digital transformation – and we have been since 1995. As an independent, interdisciplinary full-service partner, we work with you to digitize your business models and critical processes. Your long-term success is the focus of everything we do.”
  32. 32. Namics.NAMICS IN A NUTSHELL 32 E-Commerce Digital Communications Mobile Business Apps Digital Workplace Managed Services Customer Relationship Management Website & Portals Our Services DIGITAL EXPERIENCE DIGITAL BUSINESS DIGITAL ENTERPRISE & BRAND
  34. 34. Namics.NAMICS IN A NUTSHELL Since 1995 34 Frankfurt Hamburg Zurich Belgrade Munich Saint Gallen
  35. 35. Namics.NAMICS IN A NUTSHELL We are looking for talent! – Full-service today and in future – Many years of expertise – Partnership on equal terms – Top-quality results – Customer satisfaction – Unbiased, objective advice