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Marjaree mason center


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Marjaree mason center

  1. 1. Marjaree Mason Center By Josefina Gomez
  2. 2. What is Domestic Violence? Domestic violence can include intimate partner violence, elder abuse, and child abuse. However, people most often associate the term "domestic violence" with intimate partner violence. Domestic violence can occur between spouses, ex-spouses, current or former boyfriends and girlfriends, roommates, and people who have children together. It occurs in all cultures and at every socio-economic level. Domestic violence is characterized by a pattern of abusive behaviors whereby one party intimidates, coerces, restricts and controls the other. It can include emotional abuse, physical violence, sexual abuse, and economic deprivation.
  3. 3. MARJAREE MASON 1942-1978
  4. 4. Marjaree Mason Marjaree Mason, a well-known woman in this community and a native of Easton, was raped and murdered on November 13, 1978. She was 36 years old. Her death was a result if relationship violence. Marjaree lived in Fresno for 31 years and was a graduate of Washington Union High School and Reedley College. At the time of her death she was completing her degree in Business Administration at CSU Fresno and was employed by the National Economic Development Association. Marjaree Mason was active in several community organizations. She was a member of the National Council of Negro Women, the Ujima Ladies Group, Big Sisters of Fresno, the National Association of Women in Construction and the St. Rest Baptist Church. With the approval of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Neal Mason, the Marjaree Mason Center was named for her.
  5. 5. MISSION To empower individuals and their children to make informed choices to live free of domestic violence VISION To develop a coordinated community response for families impacted by domestic violence with priority given to victims and their children Core Values •Safety is their highest priority •We understand the uniqueness of all individuals and treat then each with empathy, kindness, respect, professionalism, and open-mindedness •Provide culturally sensitive and linguistically competent programs and services •We insure peaceful and compassionate conflict resolution •We enter each collaborative relationship/partnership with mutual respect and trust
  6. 6. 2009 Service Statistics at MMC •793 women and children provided with shelter 27,421 nights of emergency shelter 14,448 nights of transitional shelter •82,263 meals provided •1,344 crisis hotline calls fielded •5,870 counseling sessions •5,185 case management/peer counseling sessions •2,133 victims received legal advocacy
  7. 7. Children….the Forgotten Victims in the US 3-10 million at risk of observing DV 3 to 9 times more likely to be abused or negleted Indirectly harmed during violence Older children may be injured trying to protect mom Threats against the children are used to control mom’s behabior
  8. 8. Community Service Center
  9. 9. Community Service Center •Regular business hours 8:30-5pm •After hour and weekends are also used for counseling, support groups, teens groups, training, etc. •Crisis drop in •Client services •Community resource and referrals •Donation drop off •Facilities maintenance • meeting and classroom safe
  10. 10. MMC emergency shelter •Clients are assessed for appropriateness and provide free shelter for 60 days or up to 6 months depending on situation •24 hour operation, 365 days a year •24 hour crisis hotline •93 emergency beds for women and children •Children enrichment center •Case management •Safety planning •Emergency clothing, food, supplies •Emergency transportation •In shelter classes such as healthy life styles, parenting, expressions through art
  11. 11. MMC 24 Hour Hotline 233-help 233-4357 Thank you for taking the time to look at this.