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Self-Publishing 2.0 - Back to the Basic: Communities, Tribes and Storytelling



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Self-Publishing 2.0 - Back to the Basic: Communities, Tribes and Storytelling

  1. 1. Self-Publishing 2.0: How Social Media is Reframing the New Publishing Paradigm
  3. 3. REVIEW OF SOME KEY CONCEPTS Marshall McLuhan Open Source Cloud Computing Social Media Thought Leadership
  4. 4. Marshall McLuhan MEDIA: THE EXTENSIONS OF HUMANS the senses and beyond (consciousness?) "THE MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE" new technologies affects social organization GLOBAL VILLAGE Tribal nature “Print is the technology of individualism”
  5. 5. Exponential Growth of Adoption To reach an audience of 50 million 38 years 13 years 4 years 3 years Facebook: 100 million in 9 months
  6. 6. Open Source  practices in production and development that promote access to the end product's source materials.  In software development is peer production bartering and collaboration  Making everything available at no cost to the public: end-product, source- material, "blueprints" and documentation
  7. 7. The Cloud
  8. 8. Social Media What is Social Media? Social media are media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques. (Wikipedia)
  9. 9. Thought Leadership Thought leader is business jargon for an entity that is recognized for having innovative ideas. “Leaders of business ideas that merited attention.” Joel Kurtzman, editor-in-chief of the Booz, Allen & Hamilton magazine, 1994
  10. 10. DEMOCRATIZATION DREAMS SELF-PUBLISHING AND PUBLISHING THREE BASIC TYPES OF PUBLISHING  Traditional (big house publishing)  Subsidized (semi self-publishing)  Self-publishing (“all my self”)
  11. 11. Distribution
  12. 12. Bookstore Shelve Space
  13. 13. Personal Library
  14. 14. POD and Self-publishing Democratization? WEB 1.0  static  read only  published content  going online  Paid advertising
  15. 15. POD and Self-publishing Democratization? WEB 1.0 Self-Publishing 1.0  static  Editable  read only  Printed One at a Time  published content  Available on Demand  going online  Webpage - Online  Paid advertising Bookstores  Traditional Marketing (Expensive)
  16. 16. The same paradigms  Shelve space is the place to be  Being picked up by traditional publishing house “and retire”  Authors' advance “I should get paid to be published”  ...because everyone likes it (my family and close friends)
  17. 17. Self-Publishing 1.5 Ah-ha!  Self-publishing as the platform into traditional  Retire? Author? I'm now an entrepreneur in the field of my dreams  Well, why go with the big 6 when they want to cut my control and royalties  I'm fulfilled as I help others
  18. 18. Who gets it?  Ali Pervez - “Black Belt Marketing”  Stephanie Pappas - “Assisted Yoga Postures”  Jay Conrad Levinson - “Guerilla Marketing Series” (latest one with Shane Gibson)
  19. 19. SOCIALIZATION BECOMING THE TRUE SELF IN SELF-PUBLISHING  The dreams of the self-publishing movement finally happening  Social Media has accelerated the process Exponentially (specially in the last 2 years)  Better opportunities for any kind of author like it has been for small businesses too  Traditional publishers are accepting the shifts and learning from Music and film Industries
  20. 20. The Last Three Years “Linchpin will be the last book I publish in a traditional way.” ~ Seth Godin “ The Physical Book Is Dead In 5 Years” ~ Nicholas Negroponte
  21. 21. Multi Success  We have seen more sporadic successes than ever before in almost every medium  We are seen a cross pollination of media that resides comfortably in the Social Media Sphere and the new technologies  Value, Uniqueness and Authenticity
  22. 22. POD and Self-publishing Democratization? WEB 2.0  dynamic, interactive  read -write 2 way  user generated content  being online  collective intelligence, collaboration  noisy and messy  information overload
  23. 23. POD and Self-publishing Democratization? WEB 2.0 Self-Publishing 2.0  dynamic, interactive  Blogs, Forums  read -write 2 way  Forums, comments, measuri  user generated content ng tools  being online  Instant feedback  collective, collaboration  Online Distribution  noisy and messy  Open source and Free Amp  information overload  Free social media promotions
  24. 24. Opportunity for Authors SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESSES BECOME THOUGHT LEADERS OPEN SOURCE and THE CLOUD ANYONE HAS A LOUD VOICE (Authors and Readership) Pop Culture is fragmenting Low Risk even for traditional publishers Promotion Via Traditional Channels is Too Noisy There’s infinite shelf space - Infinite Storage Kindle (80% more than Hardcover)
  25. 25. Authors Role: Curation
  26. 26. Leadership Uniqueness and Authenticity
  27. 27. Connection - Matchmaking Connecting to others by connecting them
  28. 28. Creating a Movement Movement – a tribe of individuals together for a common cause or interest
  29. 29. Permission Marketing is a Priviledge AUTHORS MUST CONNECT WITH READERS: Learn about your readers and write for them to accomplish connection, build your tribes to set yourself as a Thought Leader BECOME A WRITER FOR YOUR READERS INSTEAD OF SEARCHING FOR THE READERS OF YOUR WRITING
  30. 30. Social Media Strategy 1.Determine your Goals & Objective 2.Research and research 3.Create your list of Contacts and Content 4.Join the Conversations to Develop & Strengthen Relationships 5.Manage Time / Resources 6.Measure 7.Analyze and Improve
  31. 31. Sending relevant, valuable Website traffic to your own website /Blog  Blogging  Social Bookmarking  Social Networks  Shared Calendars and Events  Micro-blogging and Live blogging  Photo Sharing  Wikis  Podcasting / Video Blogging  Webinars
  32. 32. Who Really Gets It!  Seth Godin  Chris Brogan & Julien Smith  Guy Kawasaky  Sh*tmydadsays
  34. 34. Storytellers and Orators with their audience in one space WEB 3.0  mobile & multiple devices  3D  semantic web  Voice recognition  Flow of information  Order  intelligent browsing  Personal  Cloud computing  Intimate  users preferences & needs  Connected  OpenID (portable identity)  The mess becomes organized (Google again?)
  35. 35. The New Spaces Alive Communities Community of Readers Reader Moderator Community of Authors (Google?) Open Source The Author Cloud
  36. 36. The New Spaces – A New Agora Alive Communities Readers / Audience Citizen Agora Political Fiction Non-Fiction +Commercial +Social Orators Storytellers
  37. 37. The Self-Publishing Tribes: Writing - Publishing- Author-Reader Distributing from interacting with Audience Social /Community Environments Homer (curators): Synergistic communities of Author-Author authors and collaborators (bartering)
  38. 38. The New Definition Author 3.0 An author entrepreneur knowledgable of film, music, Multidisciplinary graphic design, color theory / Multilingual – able to communicate in the global community of media The New Autheur = Author + Entrepreneur Storyteller: animated, musical Multimedia for an Agora mindset – video games, choose your own adventure
  39. 39. Thank you ! And now some Q & A Ask me more @josealbis or