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Class 13 1 a


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Class 13 1 a

  1. 1. Class 13 EWRT 1A
  2. 2. AGENDA• Writing Workshop: Revision strategies: Each writing workshop is worth 20 points. Your grade depends on your active participation in the peer review session.
  3. 3. Preparation for Peer Review1. Everyone should have three copies of his or her draft.2. Everyone should have two copies of the Peer Review work sheet3. If you don’t have three copies of your essay, please go and make them. Hopefully, there will be a space for you when you return.
  4. 4. The Process• We will work in groups of three people.• Writer’s will distribute their essays to group members so that readers can follow along.• Each person will read his or her essay aloud. EVERYONE SHOULD FINISH READING BEFORE ANYONE BEGINS RESPONDING.• Readers will follow along as the writer presents his or her work; readers may circle obvious errors.
  5. 5. Follow the directions under these additional steps1. Read for a first impression2. Evaluate the organization3. Look at the beginning.4. Find the thesis.5. Find the classifications of the concept.6. Determine if the classifications of the are concept defined7. Are there suitable examples in each paragraph?8. Has the writer explained how the examples add depth to the definition(s) of the concept?9. Reread specific sections to determine clarity.10. Read the ending to make sure it successfully wraps up the essay11. Assess the formatting and sources.12. Give the writer your final thoughts.
  6. 6. This is not an editing exercise; it is a revision process.This session is geared toward revision—not editing.While you may circle errors you notice in the text,refrain from making editing suggestions, that isspelling, grammar, and word choice suggestions.Your job as a reader is to answer the questions on thehandout. These questions will help you help thewriter to improve the paper in terms of organization,content, integrating quotations, and MLA style.If you don’t know the answer to a question, ask me. Iwill be happy to help you.
  7. 7. Get into groups of threeRead from darkest hair color to lightest hair color
  8. 8. Write: Revise Essay#3Blog Prompt #10:Identify a problemfaced by one ofthe districts orcommunities in TheHunger Games.How would yousolve the problem?Bring: One cleancopy of yourREVISED essay.