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Ewrt 1 a class 1 hybrid


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Class 1 Face to Face

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Ewrt 1 a class 1 hybrid

  1. 1. Welcome to EWRT 1A Dr. Kim Palmore Office F1-1L ph. 408 674 3005 Class 1
  2. 2. Agenda Review Introduction Questions? Brainstorming Activity Introduce essay #1 Outlining Thesis Topic Sentences Counterargument
  3. 3. This class is going to be so easy! Is this class too hard? Will I be the teacher’s favorite? Is this class History 10? I will be the favorite!
  4. 4. Let’s get ready to write! You are headed into the woods for several weeks. The possibility that you will encounter carnivores, bad water, rough terrain, weather, insects, and poison ivy is very real. You are wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and tennis shoes. You have an empty daypack. From the lists on the next slides, choose which additional supplies you would take with you on your trip. Note in detail why you would choose these items.
  5. 5. Group 1 (Choose 2) Blanket (one wool double) Sleeping Bag (one single, nylon and down) Two extra pair of socks (wool) A rain coat (yellow) Reflective heat jacket Hiking boots (water proof) Group 2 (Choose 1) Waterproof matches (one box of 20) An empty container/bottle (One gallon-plastic) Rope (25 feet) Tarp (8x10) Iodine Tablets (one jar of 20)
  6. 6. Group 3 (Choose 1) Bow & Arrows (6) Small Knife (6” blade) A large heavy sword (2.5 feet, 10 lbs.) A hammer (common household type) A fishing line & hook (100 feet of line and 3 hooks) Group 4 (Choose 1) A box of crackers (16 oz.) A package of beef jerky (16 oz.) A bottle of water (one gallon) A package of cheese (16 oz.) A bag of apples (10 small apples)
  7. 7. After you finish choosing your supplies, get into groups of three or four and discuss your choices. Explain your reasons for choosing your supplies to the other people in your group. It will behoove you to argue vigorously so you all understand the benefits of each item. When you have all settled on your final lists, note not only why you are taking certain supplies, but also why you are not taking others.
  8. 8. Write an essay arguing for the supplies you have chosen to take with you into the wild. Present the issue to readers, and develop an argument for the purpose of confirming, challenging, or changing your readers’ views on which supplies are the most important for survival. Your final essay should be around 750 words. You don’t need outside sources for this essay. Essay #1: The argument essay: an in- class writing exam
  9. 9. Introduction and Thesis Focus your presentation of the issue: Your introduction should explain to the reader both the situation you face and why you have limited resources. Thesis: Compose a thesis that makes your position unambiguous, appropriately qualified, and clearly arguable. (Your thesis will likely be near the end of your introduction).
  10. 10. Body Paragraphs Paragraph one: topic sentence supporting your first item. Give reasons for your choice and support them with examples, scenarios, or anecdotes. Paragraph two: topic sentence supporting your second item. Give reasons for your choice and support them with examples, scenarios, or anecdotes. Additional Paragraphs: Repeat using the same or similar strategies
  11. 11. Counterargument: Write a counterargument that addresses why you wouldn’t take the items the other people in your group think are very important. You should address specific supplies others in your group chose to take. You may do this in each body paragraph as you argue for your choice, or you may do it as a separate paragraph after you finish arguing for your tools. For example, you might start by writing, “while some people might prefer a sleeping bag, I found it to be a poor choice compared to the blanket.” Then you can explain why.
  12. 12. Conclusion: If your adventure is over, describe how it ended and how you have recovered, suffered, or benefitted from it. OR If the adventure is ongoing, consider predicting your future in the wild. What are you chances of success? What do you see as your biggest challenge? How might you fail?
  13. 13. Homework Class 1  Post #1 Outline with thesis  Bring: A hard copy of your outline; pen; Bluebook;  Be prepared to take in-class essay test #1
  14. 14. When you finish your homework for class #1: Do your online class: presentation 2 Finish the in-class work Do and post the homework on the front of the website, under homework slide #2