Class 18


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Class 18

  1. 1. EWRT 2
  2. 2.  Syllabus for the rest of the quarter Essay #4 Due Group Discussions: Perspectives and A Game of Thrones  Get into your teams to consider the application of Plato and Woolf to A Game of Thrones  Class discussion: Plato/Woolf In-class writing: Generating prompts
  3. 3.  Today: Nov 27:  Thursday, Dec 6: No Class  Essay #4 due before  Meetings by appointment in my midnight. office.  Self-Assessment due (midnight) Thursday, Nov 29:  Introduce Essay #5  Friday, Dec 7  Revised Essay due (midnight) Tuesday, Dec. 4:  Make-up Exam  Thursday, Dec 13:  Self Assessment  Essay #5 due (paper or electronic)  Game of Thrones Episode
  4. 4. EsEssay #4y #4
  5. 5. Women!Get into yourteams to considerthe application ofWoolf and Platoto A Game ofThrones. Makesure to findtextual evidenceto support yourclaims. Group Discussions: Perspective and A Game of Thrones
  6. 6. “The Allegory of the Cave”“Shakespeare’s Sister”
  7. 7. 1. Using Plato and A Game of Thrones, write one or two good questions that you might consider answering for your final paper.2. Using Woolf and A Game of Thrones, write one or two good questions that you might consider answering for your final paper. . Remember to pose your questions so as to prompt an essay that can be argued.
  8. 8.  Is civil disobedience a practical and worthwhile response to injustice?  Identify an example (or two) of Thoreauvian-style “Civil Disobedience” in A Game of Thrones.  Argue for its success or failure as both a social protest and a personal undertaking. That is, does it disrupt or change the status quo? Do the personal risks and sacrifices outweigh the consequences of the disobedience?  Finally, argue either for or against “civil disobedience” as an approach that should be used in contemporary society?
  9. 9.  Using the rough prompts I have given you, work to refine the questions into potential essay questions. Remember, these need to be argument prompts. They also need to generate 4-6 pages of writing. If you can provide sub-questions to the primary question, please do. Write questions you can answer!
  10. 10.  The question must prompt an argument. The question must refer to at least one of the essays we read in class. The question should include reference to A Game of Thrones. The question may ask the writer to include references to other texts, historical events, or contemporary issues.
  11. 11.  Post #34 In-class writing: How can we apply the philosophy of Plato and Woolf to A Game of Thrones? Post #35 : Post your potential essay #5 questions. Include both new Woolf and Plato Questions and those you refined. Study for makeup test