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DaaS/IaaS Forum Moscow - Ivo Murris


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DaaS/IaaS Forum Moscow - Ivo Murris

  1. 1. Service Providers guide to: Desktops as a Service (DaaS®) Ivo Murris – Principal Architect EMEA+R March 20131
  2. 2. Disclaimer This presentation will use real world examples of how to deliver a scalable Desktop Cloud Service. The presentation will use components that are offered by the principal employer of the presenter. There are many roads to Rome (or Moscow), and we are following one (although we do take a few detours to look at the scenery).2
  3. 3. Who is Desktone? Service Provider Samples Customer Samples • A software company delivering a • 8 patents on desktop as a service robust software platform for service providers to offer virtual desktops as • Named IDC ―Major Player‖ in a service desktop virtualization category & • Built from day 1 for service providers Gartner ―Cool Vendor‖ in client • Chosen by world‘s largest service computing providers • Headquarters: Boston, MA3
  4. 4. Desktop challenges for the CIO/IT Mgr Expensive Tipping points for change:Support-heavy Insecure Migration to Windows 7/8 Inflexible New access devices Hardware OS Apps Tighter IT budgets Data SettingsPreferences Security Corporate Desktop4
  5. 5. How YOU worked used to depend on this … Nowadays, it depends on these …5
  6. 6. Virtualisation comes to the rescue: VDI The ‗simple‘ concept of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: Transform desktop delivery via virtualisation • OS and apps are decoupled from the physical hardware to become files • Desktops run as virtual machines in the secure data center • Transform static desktops to stateless virtual desktops (!) • Connect to virtual desktop from thick, thin, zero, any client • Costs for additional infrastructure is countered by ease of management6
  7. 7. Cost of a Windows desktop Virtual desktops deliver savings upwards of 36% over desktop PC costs Cloud desktops deliver further savings of 20+% over on-premises VDI7
  8. 8. Bespoke VDI - reality beyond the promise • High up-front costs to start Active Power and cooling Servers Directory • Many moving parts, complex to VM Virtual images design, build and scale desktop Virtual desktops • Operationally Client Servers User data and intensive, difficult to virtual machine User data maintain images Connection broker • Is it strategic, do you Clients want to be building and managing data centers?8
  9. 9. Example of a validated VDI design9
  10. 10. Cloud Makes the Complex Easy PROVIDED BY Management, devices, apps, OS MSP • Desktop management • Access devices (end-point) – PC, laptop, tablet, etc. CLIENT MANAGED • Applications – Word, Excel, LOB apps, antivirus, etc. • Image creation, deployment and maintenance 3rd PARTY RESOURCE • Operating system licenses – Windows clients/server Software Hardware • DaaS software • Servers • Server/data store • Storage (RAID protected) PROVIDED BY • SW patching • Networking infrastructure and administration • Hardware Administration SERVICE PROVIDER • Support and • Support and maintenance maintenance • 24 x7 Enterprise ITIL Support • Enterprise Security • Enterprise Class Facilities Support Data Center • Data center • 7 x 24 x 365 L2+ support Operations • Racks for desktop admin • Power and cooling • DaaS platform — certified • Security • support personnel • Integrated incident, service request and escalation management system10
  11. 11. Service Providers and DaaS – start simple Hosted Virtual DesktopCore DaaS Service SP and/or Enterprise Datacenters11
  12. 12. Real Business Value to DaaS • No upfront cash needed = low risk • Lower total cost of ownership vs. • Device & location independent traditional & VDI options with global reach • Easier to manage: only worry about • Utility-grade ―above the line‖ details availability, performance & reach • Flexibility to scale up and down quickly & effortlessly12 Confidential & Private
  13. 13. Adoption of DaaS as the driving factor “What operational models are you considering as you plan your company’s new and/or continued investments in application and desktop virtualization?” Cloud hosted/ Applications-as-a-Service (SaaS) (Streamed Apps) 48% Cloud hosted/ Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS) (VDI Model) 45% Traditional local installations 40% On-Premise Application Streaming 29% On-Premise VDI 28% Other 4% Base: 546 global enterprise IT decision makers Source: A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Dimension Data, August 201113
  14. 14. Cisco‘s SP customers survey results Is Hosted Virtual Desktop/Desktop as a What is driving your interest in Service/VDI as a Service one of your top five hosted virtual desktops? partners strategic goals and priorities? What is your core business? What is your timeline for going to market?14
  15. 15. Typical Core Desktop Packaging - Example Task (RDS/TS) Bronze (VDI) Silver (VDI) Gold (VDI) Features vCPU Cores 0.25 1 2 4 vMemory (GB) 0.5 2 4 8 Hard Disk (GB) 5 15 25 50 OS Type Windows 2008 with Windows 7/8 Pro or Windows 7/8 pro or Windows 7/8 pro or Windows 7/8 mask Enterprise, Windows Enterprise, Windows Enterprise, Windows 2008, Linux 2008, Linux 2008, Linux Display Protocol RDP, PCoIP, ICA/HDX RDP, PCoIP, ICA/HDX, RDP, PCoIP, ICA/HDX, RDP, PCoIP, ICA/HDX, NX NX NX Fee $ $$ $$$ $$$$ $ MSRP $33-$150 Broker License Infrastructure Costs Up-sell Products & Margin15
  16. 16. DaaS End Customer Buyer Profile & Drivers Buyer Top Industries Primary: IT (CIO, VP, Director) Influencers: End users involved with proof- of-concept or first pilot Technology Edu Healthcare Consulting Organization Size <100 100-1000 >1000 employees employees employees • Desktop replacement • Reducing TCO is primary driver • Use-case driven • Interested in total desktop solution • Phased deployments • Multi desktop models (desktop management) • Buyer: IT • Phased deployments • Buyer: CEO • Buyer: IT $100-$150 $50-$110 $35-$6016
  17. 17. Service Provider‘s challenges Ensuring the service has true cloud characteristics: • Universal access (Internet, WAN, LAN, Tablet, PC, BYO, Kiosk, …) • ‗Pay as you go‘ (get a monthly bill based on usage) • Self Servicing (add desktops, applications, services, storage on demand) • Scale easily (elasticity) • Resilient (reliability in many Nines) • Cheaper then doing it yourself – Desktop TCO must be lower Ensuring delivering desktops to happy users: • Deliver desktops with a consistent UI that runs as fast or faster then their current desktop • Has all the applications you need (or want), with all the settings to make them run as expected • Feels like their own Ensuring it enables administrators to be effective: • Is easily managed on a user, OS, and application level • Enabled by clicking a button • Is secure17
  18. 18. Let‘s dig deeper: Multi-Tenancy Statement: To lower service management costs, as a SP/SI you do NOT want to build a dedicated service for each customer (tenant). Reasons: New customers will not start with large numbers of desktops, this will start with 10‘s or maybe 100‘s of desktops and then move to larger numbers Customers should be hosted on a common shared infrastructure that can support their requirements for elasticity (add 500 desktops tomorrow), disaster recovery, and additional application services like hosted Exchange, VOIP, Lync, …) Administration of all customers/tenants across the datacenters should be through a single management interface. Customers have their own interface showing their service capabilities and options18
  19. 19. Desktone Multi-Tenant Architecture Tenant Corp Network: DNS, VPN DHCP, AD Tunnel Tenant A Network Tenant B HA Physical Pair HA Virtual Pair Services: DNS, DHCP, AD Desktone Service Grid Tenant A Network Tenant B Network Tenant dtRAMs 100 Virtual Tenant dtRAMs 200 Virtual Appliance Desktops Appliance Desktops Service Provider Backbone Link Local Network Dedicated Dedicated Service Resource Desktop Desktop Desktone Hosts Hosts Mgmt Host Provider Manager Appliance Appliance Service Provider Network NAS Storage Shared Network Desktop Services: Hosts DNS, AD (optional)19
  20. 20. Desktone Multi-Tenant Architecture20
  21. 21. Multi-Tenancy Architecture Multi-Tenancy goes beyond the broker. Keep in mind the following rules of thumb: • Keep AD trusts out of the architecture, as this is difficult (expensive) to manage. • Do not allow sharing of networks between tenants, so design at least a VLAN per tenant and have VRF capable routers. • Do not share databases across tenants. • When assigning storage beyond the storage for the hosted desktops, like for home directories, start using multiple storage aggregates (different performance characteristics) and virtual filers (security) • Comparable to LEGO™, use infrastructure building blocks for the desktop service grid. Examples are FlexPod and Vblock21
  22. 22. Service Scale Up and Out Modular virtual desktop growth: Easily add more virtual desktops by moving to larger or adding more LEGO blocks. Rapid provisioning and decommissioning of desktops: Reduce time to deploy and decommission virtual desktops, as compared to traditional environments. Self-curing architecture: Accommodate unplanned events like spikes and boot storms to ensure a consistent high- performance virtual desktop user experience. Optimized infrastructure: Provide an optimized infrastructure to improve application performance, dynamic scaling, and disaster recovery. Examples: Virtualized Multi-tenant Data Center (VMDC) Trusted Multi Tenancy (TMT)22
  23. 23. DaaS: TCO must be lower than VDI or physical Task (RDS/TS) Bronze (VDI) Silver (VDI) Gold (VDI) Features vCPU Cores 0.25 1 2 4 vMemory (GB) 0.5 2 4 8 Hard Disk (GB) 5 15 25 50 OS Type Windows 2008 with Windows 7/8 Pro or Windows 7/8 pro or Windows 7/8 pro or Windows 7/8 mask Enterprise, Windows Enterprise, Windows Enterprise, Windows 2008, Linux 2008, Linux 2008, Linux Display Protocol RDP, PCoIP, ICA/HDX RDP, PCoIP, ICA/HDX, RDP, PCoIP, ICA/HDX, RDP, PCoIP, ICA/HDX, NX NX NX Fee $ $$ $$$ $$$$ $ MSRP $33-$150 Broker License Infrastructure Costs Up-sell Products & Margin23
  24. 24. TCO: Choose the right hardware24
  25. 25. Example: NetApp for DaaS Deduplication Snapshot™ Copies Save Save 95% Reclaim up to 95% 80% Save 80% capacity; capacity for full backups; only changed data uses 45% on average storage Thin Provisioning Thin Replication ® Save (FlexVol ) Save up to 95% Save 95% Liberate 20% to 33% capacity with our disk- 33% of your capacity to-disk data protection ® Double Parity RAID Virtual Clones (FlexClone ) (RAID-DP™) Save 80% Save up to 80% using Save Use up to 46% less writable virtual copies; only 46% capacity versus mirrored changed data uses capacity data or RAID1025
  26. 26. TCO: Watch for underlying service costs Most solutions require licensed supporting services (beyond for instance Microsoft ADS/DHCP). Examples: • Every user that connects to a Citrix of VMware hosted desktop will need a SQL CAL • VMware requires VSPP licensing for delivering DaaS • Bandwidth is not free. Take into account both client – hosted desktop and hosted desktop – backend services. – Move the desktops on-premise but manage remotely for high fidelity desktops (hospitals, education, trading) or for tenants on slow links • When implementing Disaster Recovery, additional licenses for storage are required and networking costs can be prohibitive. – Design the desktop architecture to minimise storage replication needs (virtual applications, virtual profiles, stateless desktops, …)26
  27. 27. TCO: Have a hybrid desktop offering Provision Desktops Personal Shared Client Server Session App Server 2008 RDS Win7 RDS R2 RemoteApp WinXP Linux27
  28. 28. TCO: Have a hybrid desktop offering Hosted Hosted Hosted Hosted VDI Personal Shared Apps Data Data Data Data App 1 App 1 App 1 App 1 App 2 App 2 App 2 App 2 App 3 App 3 App 3 App 3 Windows 7 Server 2008 Server 2008 Server 2008 DaaS Cloud Platform Compute Network Controller Storage Controller Controller28
  29. 29. TCO: Costs to host virtual desktops or apps Hosted VDI Hosted Hosted Hosted Apps Personal Shared OS Type Windows 7 Server 2008 R2 Server 2008 R2 Server 2008 R2 License Type SA / VDA SPLA SPLA SPLA Density 1:1 1:1 4:1 10:1 User Friendly Yes Yes No Yes IT Friendly Yes No Yes Yes App Support Yes Unknown IT Managed IT Managed Customization Yes Yes No No Security Risk No Maybe No No Full desktop Licensing Non-persistent Single App29
  30. 30. TCO: Licensing Windows Desktops with DaaS Hosted VDI Hosted Personal Hosted Shared Hosted Apps OS Type Windows 7 Server 2008 R2 Server 2008 R2 Server 2008 R2 License Vehicle Volume License SPLA SPLA SPLA License Type VDA (SA) RDS-CAL RDS-CAL RDS-CAL30
  31. 31. Dedicated Hardware for Virtual Desktops Tenant A 120 Win7 desktops Tenants A, C, D 500 Server desktops Tenant B 230 Win7 desktops “Hosters need to ensure any hardware running an instance of Microsoft software (OS or application) must be dedicated to a single customer.” 6CAF401077D0/Microsoft%20VDI%20and%20VDA%20FAQ%20v3%200.pdf31
  32. 32. TCO: Where to optimize Virtual Desktops, RDS and Apps RDS Session Inventory Broker Allocator Manager Manager No License Costs Grid-based architecture Unified Platform – All open source – Multi-geo without database – Unified platform for all replication workload and locations, customers32
  33. 33. TCO: It‘s all about orchestration Cloud Portal Desktops Bundled Solutions Directory Services Storage Services Unified Messaging Communication Cloud APIs Cloud Orchestration Engine Compute Network Controller Storage Controller Controller33
  34. 34. Final words • Service Providers around the world are confronted with customer demand for DaaS. • When creating a new service offering, you must know: • Average size of the initial and final deployment • Vertical markets that your customers are in (large or small government, finance, SME, …) • Create the portfolio around that market, and keep it simple • There will be a need for professional services, especially for the change management and deployment parts of each project • Either develop these services yourselves or deliver through MSP‘s • IMO, 90% of the on premise VDI projects stall because of bad project intake and design. Make sure that for DaaS the user experience is monitored and gets acted upon: they are the benchmark for every project.34 Confidential & Private
  35. 35. Thank You Questions?35
  36. 36. How Desktone DaaS is Being Used General Desktop Replacement Reduce management effort & TCO Seasonal & Remote Offices/ Contract Employees Field WorkersImprove data security & load changes Centralize desktop management Virtual Desktops Mobile Special Employees Desktop Needs Full desktop to any device Flexible configuration 36 ©2012 Desktone, Inc. All rights reserved.
  37. 37. Mindshift-Desktone Offering #1 Managed Service Provider (MSP) in US Why Desktone – Wanted full VDI desktop versus shared desktop – Required reporting API‘s and tiered roles Mindshift’s Challenge – Tried XenApp (shared terminal services desktops) but had performance issues and lacked application customization – Investigated building their own datacenter with VMware View but cost and complexity were prohibitive Mindshift Offering – 3 plans of CloudShift Desktop powered by Desktone – +1 Offerings include help desk support Results – Dozens of deployed customers37 ©2012 Desktone, Inc. All rights reserved.