Smart Cloud Webinar 2014-02-13 Introduction to Softlayer IaaS MDB


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Introduction to the IBM IaaS offering with Softlayer technology. Cloud computing, on demand use and pay as you go billing.

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Smart Cloud Webinar 2014-02-13 Introduction to Softlayer IaaS MDB

  1. 1. IBM Inside Sales - Cloud Computing Team 2014 “Introduction to Softlayer Cloud Services” Manuel Daza Enterprise Sales Cloud Specialist @dabarsm Ignacio Daza Cloud Architect @Nacho_Daza © 2011 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. IBM Cloud Computing A Working Definition Cloud (n) On-demand compute with consumptive billing • On-demand Rapidly provisioned services • Compute Servers, network, storage, firewalls, ancillary services • Consumptive billing Turns traditional fixed IT costs into variable – monthly or hourly •Initial model – virtualized multi-tenancy computing – does not meet requirements for 100% of applications and use cases •For broadest applicability, user-selectable levels of performance, security and isolation are required © 2014 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. IBM Cloud Computing Traditional On-Premises Applications Applications Applications Data Data Runtime Runtime Middleware Middleware O/S O/S O/S Virtualization Virtualization Servers Servers Storage Storage Networking Networking Vendor Manages in Cloud Client Manages Runtime Software as a Service Virtualization Servers Storage Networking Vendor Manages in Cloud Middleware Data Platform as a Service Middleware O/S Virtualization Servers Vendor Manages in Cloud Runtime Applications Client Manages Data Infrastructure as a Service Client Manages Cloud services improve application development and deployment, while maintaining the ability to differentiate at the application layer Storage Networking Customization; higher costs; slower time to value Standardization; lower costs; faster time to value © 2014 IBM Corporation
  4. 4. IBM Cloud Computing Why we are introducing SoftLayer? © 2014 IBM Corporation
  5. 5. IBM Cloud Computing A global hosting leader Customers Devices 100,000 Domains 22,000,000 Employees 685 Data centers 13 (will be 40 in 2015) Network PoPs Top 100,000 Sites By Hosting Provider +22,000 in 140 countries 17 Source: © 2014 IBM Corporation
  6. 6. IBM Cloud Computing With a Global footprint  Global Private Network  data centers & PoPs   IMS Different delivery options Globally consistent service portfolio Triple Network Architecture Automation Software Bare Metal © 2014 IBM Corporation
  7. 7. IBM Cloud Computing Two major application deployment models have emerged in cloud adoption Cloud Native Cloud Enabled Scalable Virtualized Automated Lifecycle Heterogeneous Infrastructure + Elastic Multi-tenant Integrated Lifecycle Standardized Infrastructure Existing Middleware Workloads Emerging Platform Workloads Compatibility with existing systems “Systems of Record” Exploitation of new environments “System of Engagement” SoftLayer SCE+ © 2014 IBM Corporation
  8. 8. IBM Cloud Computing SoftLayer supports and extends IBM’s IaaS cloud strategy. Workload optimized, deployment choices, integrated services management  Bare-Metal Servers, Virtualized Public Cloud Instances, Private Cloud Deployments Provides the best fit optimized for a range of cloud workloads  Integrated Platform Across Multiple Architectures Highly flexible with support for public, private and hybrid deployments  Common Management System with APIs Customer control and increased visibility with a unified management system  deployed on demand and provisioned automatically in real time Common User Interface, Mobile and APIs Common User Interface, Mobile and APIs Bare Metal Servers Public Cloud Instances x86 Pod Infrastructure x86 Pod Infrastructure x86 Pod Infrastructure x86 Pod Infrastructure Private Clouds x86 Pod Infrastructure x86 Pod Infrastructure Unique Triple network Architecture allows seamless communication across distributed Unique Triple network Architecture allows seamless communication across distributed environments environments Proprietary Infrastructure Management System facilitates automation & orchestration Proprietary Infrastructure Management System facilitates automation & orchestration © 2014 IBM Corporation
  9. 9. IBM Cloud Computing Softlayer’s robust capabilities deliver bare metal dedicated servers, private virtualized clouds, or public multi-tenant shared clouds SoftLayer is a leading cloud infrastructure provider Dedicated (bare metal) cloud Public (Virtualized Multi-Tenant) Cloud Private (Virtualized Single-Tenant) Cloud A bare metal, dedicated solution to meet the exact needs of your application • Options from entry-level single processor to quad proc, hex-core, and GPU-powered, with multiple hardware upgrades available • Deployed in real time via SoftLayer portal or API • Flex Images server deployment system provides image capture and deployment for dedicated, just like virtualized cloud servers Multi –tenant cloud computing, storage and content delivery on SoftLayer’s automated platform • Multi-tenant environment with SoftLayer managed hypervisor, ideal for rapid scalability and higher-cost effectiveness • Seamlessly integrates with SoftLayer dedicated servers and automated services, over one private network • Includes virtual servers, remote storage and a robust content delivery network • Storage Single-tenant cloud computing, deployed and scaled in a matter of hours • Single-tenant environment with SoftLayer managed hypervisor, ideal for applications with stringent resource requirements • Automatic provisioning and server registration • Able to function as a stand-alone environment, or be fully integrated with other SoftLayer solutions • Managed through Citrix CloudPlatform Services Wide range of additional services for customizing and building out the SoftLayer environment Multiple technologies inc Object Storage, iSCSI and FTP/NAS • Network Customize your network configuration and services with load balancing and port speed and bandwidth upgrades • Software Industry-leading OSs, control panels and hypervisors Managed Services • Monitoring One-stop monitoring and reporting of every facet of your environment • Security Range of security options to esstablish multiple, overlapping tiers of security • Additional Email Delivery Service, Message Queue Service, Digital Transcoding • One business-day deployment Provides dedicated, cloud • Designed for large, multi-faceted or integrated environments deployments with 24/7 management of • Includes database, security, monitoring core services and backup © 2014 IBM Corporation
  10. 10. IBM Cloud Computing Triple-network architecture • High-performance public network with transit from multiple tier-1 carriers • Secure OOB management via VPN • Private network for intra-application and inter-facility communications, access to shared services • Native IPv6 support • Virtual racks for integrated management • Complete suite of network services © 2014 IBM Corporation
  11. 11. IBM Cloud Computing Robust, Full-Featured API • Improves customer control, reduces error, increases flexibility • SoftLayer API provides +2,200 function calls to over 200 services • Supports REST, SOAP & XML-RPC interfaces • Enables full auto-scaling implementations • Comprehensive documentation, libraries and support Functions include: • • • • • • • • • • • Automatic server deployment Service provisioning Reboots & reloads Ticketing Hardware configuration Software load DNS Network Storage Security scans Monitoring © 2014 IBM Corporation
  12. 12. IBM Cloud Computing 21,000 leading-edge customers* Mobile & Communications Software as a Service Bump Voxer Instapaper Yelp Games and Entertainment Social Marketing and Digital Media Platform as a Service Enterprise Hosting & Service Providers * SoftLayer references © 2014 IBM Corporation
  13. 13. IBM Cloud Computing SoftLayer’s solutions and services satisfy some needs of our large enterprise clients for unmanaged infrastructure capability ISVs / Production ERP / Unmanaged Production Hosted Enterprise Private Clouds High Performance Computing • High I/O intensity, Predictable QOE • High I/O intensity, Predictable QOE • High I/O intensity, Predictable QOS • Supports existing portfolio, license model, and provides platform for future services • Excellent base to build out enterprise PC requirements (HA, data isolation, encryption, reporting, hybrid cloud, etc.) • Dedicated high performance servers and GPUs with cloud flexibility • IBM SCO Openstack, Citrix Private Clouds and VMWare Private Clouds • GPU offering available • ISV Application Production Infrastructure • Global reach and load balancing Big Data, Analytics, Database Services and Archive Social Business • Load Balancing Mobile • High I/O intensity, Predictable QOE • High I/O intensity/Load balancing • High I/O intensity, Predictable QOE • Flexibility to add additional servers/cloud instances • Integrated dedicated servers and cloud instances • Scale cloud instances in minutes • High availability / security • Storage services for files and media • Pre-configured Big Data solutions • Database management services • Reliable Collaboration software infrastructure platform Dev Ops • High I/O intensity, Predictable QOS • Elasticity of offering • Robust content delivery network Web Applications / E-Commerce • High I/O intensity, Predictable QOE • High performing load balancers for variable demand • Rapid expansion to meet market demand • Promotion via cloud of application lifecycle • Integrated dedicated servers and cloud instances © 2014 IBM Corporation
  14. 14. IBM Cloud Computing Further Information • Unique Softlayer Datacenter Architecture • Create your own account with SoftLayer by registering on this site: • One month Free Trial option • SoftLayer delivers the best client self-service experience in the industry (check a live Demo) • Clients can go from engaging to on-boarded and working in a few hours • Globally consistent service portfolio Softlayer is the deal for: X86, self-service, API-based access Competitive platform to AWS and other cloud providers Fast access (Credit card processing) Object storage opportunities 8 initial-focus workloads © 2014 IBM Corporation
  15. 15. IBM Cloud Computing Thanks! Manuel Daza Ignacio Daza Enterprise Sales Cloud Specialist Cloud Architect @dabarsm @Nacho_Daza © 2014 IBM Corporation