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Fabric button,adjustable circle cutter,how to make a button – american button machines


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Dicsount pricing on fabric covered button machines! ABM offers discount pricing on high quality fabric covered button machines and fabric button supplies. Our fabric button makers allow you to complete a variety of fabric covered button projects.

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Fabric button,adjustable circle cutter,how to make a button – american button machines

  1. 1. Fabric button,Adjustable circle cutter,How to make a button – American Button MachinesAuthor : Jim Knight • ABM offers discount pricing on high quality fabric covered button machines and fabric button supplies. • Our fabric button makers allow you to complete a variety of fabric covered button projects. Buying Button Parts“Whatever a mans age, he can reduce it several years by putting a bright-colored flower in hisbutton-hole.” - Mark Twain (1835-1910), famous American writer and humorist.Celebrated author and dashing dresser Mark Twain knew of the importance of buttons inenhancing a man’s appearance. With the correct buttons, you can convert the most boring ofclothes into a fashion statement to reflect your own personal sense of style. Moreover, it can helpput your point across in the most unobtrusive way. Think campaign buttons.Campaign buttons are “used in an election as political advertisingfor (or against) a candidate or political party, or to proclaim theissues that are part of the political platform.” The use of campaignbuttons is nothing new; they date back to the time of GeorgeWashington, the first President of the United States. It’s theirpopularity that has increased over the years, as modern methodsof mass manufacturing have made it an effective campaigning tool,a la bumper stickers.A machine, by definition, is something that makes manual taskseasier, and same is the case with button machines. With buttonmachines, it is possible to produce large numbers of customizedbuttons with minimum costs and little effort. Such machines can range from simple mechanicalproducts retailing for less than $500 to complex electricity-operated equipment worth tens ofthousands of dollars and capable of churning out more than 1,000 buttons per hour.Often have you heard the phrase “the sum is more than the parts.” In simplest terms, it meansthat several individual components, each useful or valuable in isolation, become even more sowhen combined together. The net usefulness or value of the combination is much more than asimple summation of the individual contributions.In such a situation, if one of the components develops a fault, often you have to change the entireassembly, resulting in considerable overheads. Thankfully, that is not the case with buttonmachines supplied by companies like American Button Machines.With these machines, not only can you mix and match to select thecomponents you like, you can also replace any defective componentsuch as circle cutters and punches without having to replace theentire machine. Also, it is possible to buy the raw materials formaking customized buttons - shell, mylar, mirror, pinback, etc. - ina wide variety of permutations and combinations. When shoppingat a reputed manufacturer of button making supplies, you can also
  2. 2. purchase equipment to display your creations, such as racks and easels. Specialized software thatallowyou to design your own buttons are also available on CDs.Therefore, the things you should look for while buying button parts and related equipment are:* Technology - It’s always recommended that you buy the latest technology on offer.* Flexibility - You should be able to mix and match components as per your requirements. Youshould not buy anything that restricts how to use them.* Operation - Ease and speed of operation should definitely be factors that determine yourpurchase.* Price - As always, price is an important determinant. If the aforementioned points are satisfiedbut at a prohibitive price, the products are not cutter, adjustable circle cutter, paper cutter, fabric buttonFor more information Click Here Circle Cutters Uses“If you love someone, put their name in a circle; because hearts can be broken, but circles neverend.” − Anonymous.Circle cutters are basically instruments that allow you to cut perfect circles, every time, all thetime. Each such instrument has a compass-like structure combined with a cutting blade andusually comes personalized to accommodate a range of radii. Note that the compass referred tohere is NOT the navigational instrument that indicates the direction to the magnetic poles, BUTthe technical drawing instrument that can be used for inscribing circles or arcs.A circle is one of the simplest, yet at the same time, one of the most complex of shapes. We seecircles around us everywhere - the sun, dishes, wheels, etc. - but try drawing a circle on a pieceof paper using just a pen or pencil, and you will realize the perfection of this “simple shape ofEuclidean geometry consisting of those points in a plane which are equidistant from a given pointcalled the center,” as goes a definition of the circle.When working with different fabrics, it is often required to cut perfect circles in the cloth. Similarrequirements exist when working with paper and glass. As you may have already realized, it ispractically impossible to create perfect circles with constant radii(radius is the fixed distance between the center of the circle and itsedge, also called circumference) while drawing freehand. Here’swhere circle cutters come in.Circle cutters can be used in the following situations:* Cutting circles in fabric or cloth to make specific patterns.* Cutting circles in paper for scrapbook purposes.* Cutting circles in glass for decorative purposes.* Cutting circle in drywall for utility purposes.Although one circle cutter can often work on multiple surfaces, thereare specific cutters available for different materials.
  3. 3. You can follow the steps given below to make optimum use of your circle cutter:* Always do all your cutting on a cutting board or mat. You are also advised to wear gloves foryour own safety.* Position the base of the circle cutter at the point where you want the center of the circle to be.* Adjust the blade of the circle cutter by loosening the screw located on the cutting arm. Bend thearm until the desired radius is achieved. Once the radius is fixed, tighten the loosened screw tolock the blade in place.* With the circle cutter ready for operation, place the palm of your hand firmly over the top of thecutter and turn the cutting arm through an entire circle, takingcare to exert sufficient pressure to make the cut. If you have anydoubts whether you exerted enough pressure, it’s better tocontinue on to make a second round before you lift the circlecutter.* Do not try to work the blade in the opposite direction, as thesystem has been configured to rotate in one direction only.With the circle cutter in hand, you no longer have to worry aboutnot cutting the perfect circle. Whatever be your material of choice- wood, paper, cloth, glass - there’s a circle cutter just right foryou!For more information Click Here============================================================