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Integrated Marketing Communications Plan designed in group coursework in my Advertising and Brand Promotion class.

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Blue Frog Chocolates IMC Plan

  1. 1. Integrated Marketing Communications PlanGAC^2 the NOVAClient name:Blue Flog ChocolatesDate:11/16/2009<br />Table of Contents<br /> TOC o " 1-3" h z u 1Executive Summary PAGEREF _Toc114069187 h 4<br />1.1Introduction PAGEREF _Toc114069188 h 4<br />1.2Purpose PAGEREF _Toc114069189 h 4<br />1.3Market Summary PAGEREF _Toc114069190 h 4<br />1.4Market Opportunity PAGEREF _Toc114069191 h 4<br />1.5Key Components of the IMC program PAGEREF _Toc114069192 h 4<br />1.6High-level Timeline & Key Decisions PAGEREF _Toc114069193 h 4<br />2Situational Analysis PAGEREF _Toc114069194 h 4<br />2.1Company Background PAGEREF _Toc114069195 h 4<br />2.2Market Summary PAGEREF _Toc114069196 h 5<br />2.2.1Target Markets PAGEREF _Toc114069197 h 5<br />2.2.2Market Demographics PAGEREF _Toc114069198 h 5<br />2.2.3Market Needs PAGEREF _Toc114069199 h 5<br />2.2.4Market Trends PAGEREF _Toc114069200 h 5<br />2.3Assessment of Relative Strengths and Weaknesses of Products or Services PAGEREF _Toc114069201 h 5<br />2.4Competitive Analysis PAGEREF _Toc114069202 h 5<br />2.4.1Competitors by Sales Volume PAGEREF _Toc114069203 h 6<br />2.4.2Competitors by Demographic Share PAGEREF _Toc114069204 h 6<br />2.5Review of Previous Promotional Program PAGEREF _Toc114069205 h 6<br />2.5.1Current Promotional Efforts PAGEREF _Toc114069206 h 6<br />2.5.2Success Factors PAGEREF _Toc114069207 h 6<br />2.5.3Critical Issues PAGEREF _Toc114069208 h 6<br />3Integrated Marketing Communications Plan PAGEREF _Toc114069209 h 6<br />3.1Communications Goals and Objectives PAGEREF _Toc114069210 h 6<br />3.2Positioning and Messages PAGEREF _Toc114069211 h 6<br />3.2.1Unique Selling Proposition PAGEREF _Toc114069212 h 6<br />3.2.2Key differentiators PAGEREF _Toc114069213 h 6<br />3.2.3Target Messages PAGEREF _Toc114069214 h 6<br />3.3Communications Program PAGEREF _Toc114069215 h 7<br />3.3.1Advertising PAGEREF _Toc114069216 h 7<br />3.3.2Direct Marketing PAGEREF _Toc114069217 h 7<br />4Budget PAGEREF _Toc114069218 h 8<br />5Control PAGEREF _Toc114069219 h 8<br />5.1Metrics PAGEREF _Toc114069220 h 8<br />5.2Contingency Planning PAGEREF _Toc114069221 h 9<br />6Detailed Execution Plan (Implementation) PAGEREF _Toc114069222 h 9<br />6.1Creative Strategy PAGEREF _Toc114069223 h 9<br />6.2Tactical Timeline PAGEREF _Toc114069224 h 9<br />7Appendices PAGEREF _Toc114069225 h 9<br />Executive Summary <br />Introduction <br />Blue Frog Chocolates is a gourmet confectionery owned by Richard H. Streiffer and his wife, Ann, a former geriatric nurse. The locally conceived, owned, and family-operated company opened in the summer of 2000 on 5707 Magazine Street, New Orleans. Anne and Richard opened the store with no experience in the candy or confections industry. They just wanted a business for retirement and a place for their grandchildren to visit them. Ann runs the business fulltime, whereas Richard works on weekends and holidays. Before GAC^2 the NOVA became involved, Blue Frog Chocolates had no organized marketing or marketing budget plan.<br />Purpose<br />Our IMC Plan identifies six opportunities for Blue Frog Chocolates to better develop lucrative relationships with their target market. These opportunities include:<br />Better Defining their Target Market<br />Developing a Clearly Defined Marketing Budget<br />Establishing a Brand Personality<br />Changing the Exterior of the Store<br />Further Developing the Blue Frog Chocolates Web Page<br />Getting further socially involved in the New Orleans Community<br />Market Summary<br />Blue Frog Chocolate offers a large diversity of domestic and international, imported confections in a wall-to-wall selection. Chocolates in all kind of types, tastes and forms could be find in the shop for every season and occasion. “Blue Frog carries a variety of imported candies including French chocolate maker CHOCOMOD's dark truffles rolled in cocoa powder, Mexican spiced cocoa, dulce de lecheby La Salamandra of Argentina, and Bellagio Sipping Chocolate and Nutella spread from Italy. This successful selling concept was acknowledged by gourmet savvy New Orleanians, as the “Best Candy Shop” in Gambit Weekly’s annual “Best Of New Orleans” Survey, and Blue Frog Chocolates won the price for six consecutive years. The shop offers a lot of accessories and souvenirs referring to frogs, the symbol of the company, and other “chocolate” themed items like stuffed animals, cups and mugs, umbrellas with chocolate motives on it, and ceramics.<br />Market Opportunity<br />There exists a variety of market opportunities for Blue Frog Chocolate. Besides current target groups Wonder Women, Tiptoe Tourists and Corporate Clients, we identify three other target groups, namely, Seasonal Buyers, Party People and Chocoholics. It is suggested the more marketing effort be put to address the need of these group, so that it will increase the potential market share and revenue of the company.<br />Besides, the changing buying behavior of chocolate buyers from merely buying chocolate to buying happiness give blue frog chocolate the chance to deliver needed experience to customers through customization of chocolates. Adding emotional components to the sale would be a possible new trend in the chocolate industry. The company can accomplish it by adding emotional components to the sale, such as allowing the customers to create own chocolates by melting and molding the chocolate themselves in the shop.There is a trend for chocolate companies to combine their business with café or selling chocolate drinks at the store. Chocolate drinkers will also be a potential target market for the company if the Blue Frog Chocolate integrates the café component with their current chocolate business.<br />Key Components of the IMC program<br />Through focusing on the six key opportunities presented throughout the program, Blue Frog Chocolates will be able to develop better relationships with their customers and see a significant increase in sales.<br />Better Defining their Target Market<br />Developing a Clearly Defined Marketing Budget<br />Establishing a Brand Personality<br />Changing the Exterior of the Store<br />Further Developing the Blue Frog Chocolates Web Page<br />Getting further socially involved in the New Orleans Community<br />High-level Timeline & Key Decisions<br />Once the Blue Frog Chocolate owners have reviewed and approved the GAC^2 the NOVA IMC Plan, the plan will take place over the course of the next year. The tactical timeline schedule can be found in section 6.2, and outlined in Section 4 is a budget which GAC^2 the NOVA believes to be feasible for Blue Frog Chocolates.<br />Situational Analysis <br />Use this section to bring together results from primary and secondary research to identify your target market(s), an analysis of your current environment, data on key competitors.<br />Company Background<br />2.1.1 General Information<br />Image 1: The Company Logo3315335-2540Blue Frog Chocolates is a gourmet confectionery owned by Richard H. Streiffer, M.D., Chair of Family and Community Medicine at Tulane University School of Medicine and his wife, Ann, a former geriatric nurse. The locally conceived, owned, and family-operated company opened in the summer of 2000 on 5707 Magazine Street, New Orleans. Anne and Richard opened the store with no experience in the candy or confections industry. They just wanted a business for retirement and a place for their grandchildren to visit them. “We had no idea what [Blue Frog Chocolates] was really going to be," she [Anne Streiffer] says. 'We had preconceived notions of it being a little mom-and-pop operation where people would buy a little chocolate and leave and hopefully come back again." Therefore, Ann runs the business fulltime, whereas Richard works on weekends and holidays. He also does the accounting and advertising at home after work.<br />Image 2: Blue frogs331152550800The desire to open their own chocolate shop stemmed from Richard’s childhood spent helping his merchant father. " I grew up in my father's store. I was there every Saturday and in the summers. Owning a business was in my blood." Today they offer a large diversity of domestic and international, imported confections in a wall-to-wall selection. Chocolates in all kind of types, tastes and forms could be find in the shop for every season and occasion. “Blue Frog carries a variety of imported candies including French chocolate maker CHOCOMOD's dark truffles rolled in cocoa powder, Mexican spiced cocoa, dulce de leche by La Salamandra of Argentina, and Bellagio Sipping Chocolate and Nutella spread from Italy. The store also has upcoming additions to its expanding repertoire of quirky candies, New Orleans icons, and seasonal selections: peanut butter-and-jelly bonbons from the Norman Love line, Christmas-themed Italian candy flowers and chocolate Mardi Gras king cakes.” This successful selling concept was acknowledged by gourmet savvy New Orleanians, as the “Best Candy Shop” in Gambit Weekly’s annual “Best Of New Orleans” Survey, and Blue Frog Chocolates won the price for six consecutive years.<br />Absolute eye-catchers in the product line are the vividly colored chocolate flowers imported from Italy. The flowers are made by D'Alessandro of Sulmona, Italy and they are almost too fancy and unusual to eat. Each petal is made from chocolate, almond or licorice, and is covered in a candy coating. Customers can get an impressive bouquet made of chocolate. These Italian candy flower arrangements even stay fresh and beautiful for up to one year.<br />32804102475865Image 3: Italian candy flowers-62230-777875In addition to its regular retail business, the Streiffers fulfill a number of custom orders. Wedding, shower, and party favors with chocolate wrapped in labels bearing customers' photos are common orders. Customers can also customize chocolate with their own design and wording, company logo, school graphic, or krewe insignia. Also, novelty chocolates, milkies chocolate candies and overflowing gift baskets are offered. Ann says: “The volume is much different than we anticipated; there are more corporate orders, more production. We have a lot of repeat customers, and we have the Web site business, which has blossomed.”<br />Besides chocolate, customers can also buy candy and various other sweets, domestic or international. Furthermore, the shop offers a lot of accessories and souvenirs referring to frogs, the symbol of the company, and other “chocolate” themed items like stuffed animals, cups and mugs, umbrellas with chocolate motives on it, ceramics etc..<br />Image 4: Chocolate and souvenirs<br />2.1.2 The Name “Blue Frog Chocolates”<br />Image SEQ Image * ARABIC 5: Blue Frog, Source: http://blue frog chocolates. com/legend.html The company’s name arises from the Aztec legend of the blue frog: Chocolate, the “food of the gods,” “was hidden from human beings inside cocoa pod beans by the sun god, named Nanahuatzin. Mankind owes our knowledge of the divine dish [chocolate] to Xocolati, the god of delight. Xocolati 4423410-66040appeared to humans as a blue frog and sang his distinctively delightful song from the [banks of] bitter waters of the great pond, giving pleasure to the hot tropical nights. <br />It was Xocolati, legend says, that led humans to open the strange cocoa pods which grew along the banks of the great pond. He then taught them how to extract the secrets of the “food of the gods” from the beans inside, much to the dismay of Nanahuatzin. Eventually, humans learned to create a delightful liquid treat from the cocoa bean and whip it into a frothy drink. Surely, this wondrous drink, now being enjoyed by humans, was intended for gods! The beans themselves became a symbol of prestige and wealth to the people, and were even used as money. To honor the blue frog for revealing this godly secret to humankind, the special substance became known as Xocolati - - chocolate!Yet, even today, humankind must beware that the wrath of Nanahuatzin persists. For when chocolate is left in the sun god’s view for longer than a few moments, he reminds us of his anger with Xocolati and melts his revenge on the blue frog’s namesake!” <br />Blue Frog Chocolates2.1.3 The location on Magazine Street<br />Image SEQ Image * ARABIC 6: Blue Frog Chocolate (exterior view), Source:<br />Blue Frog Chocolates is situated in uptown New Orleans on Magazine Street in a quaint nearly-100 year old cottage. The company is a member of the MSMA (Magazine Street Merchants Association). The motto is: “Shop, Wine, Dine and Relax… in the heart of New Orleans” and it is an association of so called “Mom and Pop” shops that make up the shopping district. The street is known for a wide variety of businesses, shops, bars and restaurants. “Our primary focus is to provide a clean, safe and fun place to live, work, dine or shop throughout the six mile corridor that courses through some of New Orleans’ most loved neighborhoods.”<br />Market Summary<br />Target Markets<br />Blue Frog Chocolate currently has three types of customers that we have named “Wonder Women”, “Tiptoe Tourists” and “Corporate Clients”. <br />Target GroupAttributes Purchase rationalesWonder Women-Wealthy women-Over 28 years old-Professionals or housewives -Special events like birthdays, parties, holydays-Buy for their families -Indulge themselves Tiptoe Tourists-Outsiders-Have little time in New Orleans-Vacations -Happened to walk by the shop-Spontaneous buying Corporate Clients-Banks-Football teams-Businesses -Special corporate events-Meetings-Corporate gifts <br />Wonder women are higher than average to high income women who enjoy buying chocolate to indulge themselves and reward themselves with something sweet after a very difficult week. They are normally over 28 years old and they are either pursuing a career or are already professionals. Some of them are housewives and have children. They buy chocolate for their families and kids. This group prepares and organizes special events like parties for their children, friends and family birthdays, and holyday celebrations like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, or Thanksgiving. <br />Tiptoe Tourists are people who are in New Orleans only for a few days. They normally come into the store by chance as they happened to pass by. Their buying patterns are spontaneous, but Blue Frog Chocolate offers a good souvenir option where they can buy gifts for their families and friends. This group is not very price sensitive as during vacations (or when visiting a new city), people tend to spend more on goods that they normally would not invest much money in (like food, entertainment, and gifts). <br />Corporate Clients include banks, football teams and small local businesses that want to customize pieces of chocolate with their logos or specific figurines. These clients represent a large sales volume for Blue Frog Chocolate as they make bulk orders every time they have corporate events, special meetings or need to give corporate gifts to clients or other companies. <br />Market Demographics<br />Target GroupWonder Women Tiptoe TouristsCorporate ClientsDisposable incomeThis group has the highest personal disposable income as they are professional working women. Tourists normally are willing to spend extra money in special souvenirs like local chocolate or the candy flowersThey spend considerable amount of money on a single order. However, these orders do not come in a constant way.AgeThis group compounds 28 year old women or older. Tourist groups go form family vacations to businessmen to friends traveling. As such, this group will be characterized by very disperse age groups. However, people interested in buying the product are from 25 to 50 years old. N/AUsage of productEmotional: This group buys chocolate with the intention of building emotional bonds. They buy chocolate to give their family and friends as presents. They also buy chocolate for themselves as a reward for the working week.Focus should be on the emotional part of chocolate:-Bringing back of childhood memories and feelings-Giving out love-Celebrating in family-Emotional cards can be added to the chocolate-Special chocolate can be made depending on the occasion: birthday chocolate, friendship chocolate, I love you chocolate, brake-up chocolate for those coming out of a relationshipMemento Builder: Tourists buy chocolate because they want to remember the time they spent in New Orleans and they want to show people back home that they missed them. Focus should be in the things that are characteristic of New Orleans like food, drinking, jazz, music, and parties. Blue Frog Chocolate could then sale chocolate with these motives and promote them as souvenirs. Image Builder: Banks and businesses purchase chocolates wanting to build their own brand and company image. Businesses can personalize their chocolates and set up specific dates when they are going to need the chocolates. Media habitsThis group tends to be exposed to the following media:-News papers-TV-Radio-Magazines-Local events like charities, auctions, partiesTourists normally find information about the cities they visit on:-TV-Internet-Hotel recommendations-Word of mouth of friends or relativesCorporations focus on the following media:-TV-Radio-Local events-Business events like career fairs, networking events or conventions Brand LoyaltyThese customers visit the store only sporadically as they see the product as something that is bought on special occasions. Will not show brand loyalty as they are in town for only a couple of days and they cannot shop for chocolate on line given Blue Frog is against this politicDisplay high loyalty as they have their own logos set on personalized molds <br />Market Needs<br />Blue Frog Chocolate has a very wide customer base and as such, the company has to focus on satisfying very diverse needs. Wonder Women look for an emotional experience when they buy chocolate, Tiptoe Tourists look for mementos, and Corporate Clients search brand building. Although these three groups look for different specific objectives, they are all looking for an experience. Blue Frog Chocolate customers don’t buy chocolate just because they want to buy the product, they do it with special motives in mind. Other chocolate stores like Godiva fail to submit this experience as they offer mass products for the general public. <br />Blue Frog Chocolate has the opportunity to deliver this needed experience to their clients through customization of chocolates, adding an emotional component to the sale, melting and molding the chocolate right in the store and letting customers participate in the creation of their own chocolate. The following chart depicts some of the market needs and explains whether Blue Frog is meeting the requirements. <br />Market NeedCurrent Blue FrogInitial RecommendationPriceAffordable but people are willing to pay a few more dollars for home made chocolate that is tailored to their more specific needsPRICE RANGE depending on product-Blue Frog could have a chocolate bar and charge by weightQualityHigh quality that makes it worth it to spend more money--Candy Flowers are imported from Italy-Have chocolate made from different parts of the worldProduct-Personalized in form, taste and ingredients used-Original-Unique-Blue Frog offers several package sizes and types of chocolates-The store sells a wide variety of flavors and shapes-corporate customers have personalized molds-Blue Frog could offer customers the chance to make their own chocolate in the store-Customers could also have the chance to create their own chocolate recipe and add as many ingredients as they want into their own chocolate mix-Customers should also have the chance to decide the shape and size of their chocolates and the way they want to pack them-Blue Frog could offer every day customers (like Wonder Women) the opportunity to order personalized molds like Corporate Clients do. These molds could add special words or phrases to the chocolates, or have names inscribed in them.ExperienceEmotionalMementosBrand Image <br />Market Trends<br />Chocolate is not a daily consumption product and as such, Blue Frog should look for market opportunities to improve their positioning and market share. Sales from this type of product have a tendency to fluctuate according to trends. Some of the most influencing trends right now are scheduled in the following table.<br /> <br />Basic ConceptHow to use the conceptGreen-All natural products-Fare trade products-Supporters of the planet-Sell some special “green” chocolate-Create “the green corner” where people can make their own “green” chocolate Health and light -Low caloric-Low fat-No sugar-Suited for diabetics-Customers should have a healthy chocolate option-“Chocolate can now be your Sinless Pleasure” -Advertise as a healthy sweet option for people with health problems -Weight watchers Relationship Marketing-Build a relationship with the customers-Customers should feel special and important for the company-Both the company and the clients should benefit from the relationship-Trust and honesty are essential -Customize molds-Clients should be able to create their own chocolate recipes on line and order them to the store. These recipes could offer chocolate options (dark, milk, white), fillings (cream, syrup, nuts, fruits), and presentation (molds, size and package). Cause Marketing-Business joins a social cause-Both parties must benefit-Long term relationship-Blue Frog could start a long term relationship with a special cause like: Feeding children, Raising funds to fight cancer, raise awareness about AIDS and HIV<br />Cause marketing is a market trend that would really benefit Blue Frog. The company normally gets engaged in charity but does so as a short-term activity. If Blue frog focused their interest in a single cause, not only would they constantly see the benefits they experience when they participate in charity events, but they would also gain social recognition for their action. Focusing on one cause would add credibility to Blue Frog’s support and would probably contribute to greater recognition and higher sales. <br />Cause marketing generates first order privileges (improvements in sales and cash flow) and second order privileges (that benefit both the for-profit and the non-profit organization to expand their image and create greater value). <br />1st Order Benefits2nd Order Benefits Blue Frog Chocolate -Generates word of mouth which would lead to increase of sales-Increase sales due to increased exposure-The company would be recognized as an active part of the community-People will feel Blue Frog as part of the NO family-Cultural heritage is protected X Cause Picked-They will receive money from the Blue Frog Chocolate sales-Donations could be made in product form (chocolates, candies, stuffed animals) -The support of Blue frog would help generate further interest in the cause and this will motivate people to make their own donations and participate in the cause’s activities. <br />Assessment of Relative Strengths and Weaknesses of Products or Services<br />Strengths<br />14039851471930Blue Frog Chocolate sells very unique products that feature New Orleans. There’s nowhere like Blue Frog Chocolate in New Orleans that sells chocolates representing the local culture and feature. It’s the best place for tourist to buy souvenirs. You can find a large variety and different favors of chocolate bars, gift packs, cocoa powder and quirky candies in the shop. You can even find cups, umbrellas, T-shirt, and other accessories related to chocolate. It’s definitely a paradise for super fans’ of chocolate. Many of the molded chocolates are in New Orleans style, such as those in the shapes of an alligator, the logo of New Orleans, crawfish, Mardi Gras specials, etc. They also sell chocolate neckties and even chocolate handcuff for people preparing presents. Also, imported Italian Chocolate flowers are exclusively available at Blue Frog Chocolate. There are no any other shop selling these flowers, and it is one of the best selling items in the shop. Due to these unique products and characteristics, Blue Frog Chocolates have very few direct competitors in the market.<br />The store’s Magazine Street location is quite advantageous, according to Ann. The street is famous in New Orleans for its high-end stores and high-income neighborhoods. As such, they’ve got their target customers, such as rich people and women passing by every day.<br />Weaknesses<br />Blue Frog Chocolates does not have a well-planned integrated marketing program. They do have promotion efforts, but only on a small scale. They posted printed ads in local magazines and newspapers. Though their products are very unique, not many people know about them. Blue Frog Chocolates will attract more customers if they achieve a better communication strategy with their customers.<br />Another weakness concerns the operation of the chocolate business. The product itself is very sensitive to temperature. With its hot and humid weather, New Orleans is considered to be a poor place to operate chocolate business. The business becomes difficult to operate when summer comes. The warm weather condition also dampens the online sales. Due to the high temperatures in the summer, it is necessary to ship with 2 day express. It definitely adds costs to the operation and makes online selling not profitable and unappealing. <br />Worse still, in order to deal with the problem all the windows in the shop are covered with curtains to prevent the sunshine from melting the chocolate. These curtains also block the view of the potential customers from seeing the beautiful chocolate products inside the shop. People may walk past the shop without noticing that there is a chocolate company there. Also, the store does not have a parking area outside the shop. This lack of parking is also a possible obstacle that lowers the number of potential customers who shop at Blue Frog Chocolates.<br />The store does have repeating customers, but not as many as they expected. Perhaps this is because the store does not have any membership schemes or sales promotions. Maybe there are similar chocolate companies, starting their business recently, who do have such schemes and promotions, and steals Blue Frog Chocolates’ potential business.<br />Opportunities<br />According to Ann, they are thinking of turning half of their shop into a Café, serving different flavors of hot and iced chocolate. The other half of the shop will be selling chocolate, just like the way they are operating now. It is a recent trend for chocolate shops to sell drinks. A good example of a store following this trend is Godiva. They sell high-end chocolate and take-away iced chocolate. They have changed the customer’s perception by showing that chocolate shops do not only sells chocolate bars and gift pack, but also drinks. It has been a great success. So, it would be good idea to the set up a café in Blue Frog and let people drink and buy chocolate at same time.<br />We also come up with an idea that the shop can invite schools to visit Blue Frog and show them how chocolate is made. It will help to increase the brand awareness and develop a better public relationship with the local residents.<br />There is also potential demand from local corporations. The last two corporate sales made by Blue Frog turned out to be very successful. Corporations like to made chocolate logos for souvenirs for their employees. Blue Frog could take the initiative to reach the potential corporate customers in the market through effective marketing communication. <br />Threats<br />There are increasing indirect competitors in Magazine Street, such as the ‘Zucarit’.Ann mentioned that there were very few chocolate shops operating in 2000 when they started their business. Yet, there are increasing number and variety of chocolate shops coming up. Though operating chocolate business is not an easy job in New Orleans, many chocolate companies manage to cope with the problem with improving techniques. Paying little attention in research and development has put Blue Frog Chocolate at a disadvantage.<br />Competitive Analysis<br />Competitors by Sales Volume<br />Blue Frog Chocolate is located at Magazine St, New Orleans. This chocolate store offers a large diversity of domestic and international chocolate goodies. In a matter of marketing, it is important to possess comprehensive knowledge about both a business’ direct and indirect competitors, and to set strong marketing and promotional positions. A business competitor’s relative size to a company can have a huge influence on business decisions.<br />In New Orleans it is very difficult have a chocolate store due to the hot and humid weather. As we know the direct competitors are all businesses that sell a product equal or nearly equal to Blue Frog Chocolates, and they operate in the same market and attract similar customers.  Blue Frog’s indirect competitors are all involved in a portion of their market, and seek to meet their customers’ needs differently with substitute products.<br />Blue Frog Chocolate can have some troubles with their competitors because of their different weakness, and they can take vantage in their strengths, in issues such as store parking, the weather, promotion efforts, relationships with customers, the types of customer and the experience that they bring, etc.<br />We acknowledge that Blue Frog Chocolates’ direct competitors are the local chocolate stores, because they sell the same product: chocolate. Blue Frog Chocolates does not have a lot of competitors, because of the hot and humid weather in southern Louisiana. The chocolate stores located in New Orleans have different target markets, because they are in French Quarter and they sell their wares downtown. Blue frog Chocolate is the only chocolate shop uptown, and at the same time they are the only store that specializes in many kinds of chocolate, and they also have unique decorations and promotions in the store. Also, there are many stores who sell small amounts of chocolate and some chocolate bars, but they do not possess the voluminous resources that Blue Frog Chocolates sell.<br />Competitors by Demographic Share<br />The Direct Competitors are:<br />1- CHOCOLATES:<br /><ul><li>Blue Frog Chocolates (Own store)
  2. 2. 5707 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA‎ -(504) 269-5707‎
  3. 3. Cuccia Chocolates
  4. 4. 848 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA‎ -(504) 522-7111‎
  5. 5. Rocky Mountain Chocolate
  6. 6. 1 Poydras St, New Orleans, LA‎ -(504) 679-7005‎
  7. 7. Wilbur Chocolate Co
  8. 8. 2909 Division St, Metairie, LA‎ - (504) 454-0124‎
  9. 9. Rocky Mountain Chocolate
  10. 10. 4436 Veterans Memorial Blvd, Metairie, LA‎ -(504) 888-7787‎
  11. 11. -117475713740Great American Chocolate Chip Cookie Co The
  12. 12. 1401 W Esplanade Ave # 1206, Kenner, LA‎ -(504) 466-2447‎</li></ul>First, we can see on the map that the geographic distribution of Blue Frog Chocolates’ competitors varies widely across New Orleans. Blue Frog Chocolates is the only chocolate store uptown. The others are in the French Quarter or in different areas of New Orleans. Blue Frog Chocolate is in one of the two high income areas of the city, and there are not any other chocolate shops in other similar areas. For this reason uptown is a very good location. <br />Researching the others stores can help us differentiate between the target market demographics that we have outlined (Wonder Women”, “Tiptoe Tourists” and “Corporate Clients” “Man looking for fast solution). These other stores differ from Blue Frog Chocolates because they are in the French quarter and their target markets are mainly tourists, but not the wonder woman, or people with a highest personal disposable income. Also the competitors of Blue Frog Chocolate don’t have the same distribution channels, because some stores only sale online or in other ways. Finally, the prices and quality of the different chocolates also are different. <br />The indirect competitors are the stores that bring a similar product or substitute product to Blue Frog Chocolates. These products satisfy hunger, provide quick gifts, give a good taste in general, provide exclusivity, and provide novelty. These indirect competitors are involved in a side in our market and seek to meet our customer’s need in a different way. Blue Frog Chocolates’ indirect competitors include Candy´s Stores, Florists, and Toy stores (Where you can find a teddy). They sell to the same target market as us, but with a different product.<br />1- Candies:<br /><ul><li>Southern Candymakers
  13. 13. 334 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA‎ -(504) 523-5544‎
  14. 14. Sucre
  15. 15. Sucre, 3025 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA‎ - (504) 520-8311‎
  16. 16. Lucky You! Candy Company
  17. 17. 4505 Magazine St., New Orleans, LA‎ -(504) 301-9043‎
  18. 18. Praline Connection
  19. 19. 542 Frenchmen St, New Orleans, LA‎ -(504) 943-3934‎
  20. 20. Laura's Candies & Creole Prlns
  21. 21. 331 Chartres St, New Orleans, LA‎ -(504) 525-3880‎
  22. 22. Blue Frog Chocolates
  23. 23. 5707 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA‎ -(504) 269-5707‎
  24. 24. Evans Creole Candy Co
  25. 25. 848 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA‎ -(504) 522-7111‎
  26. 26. Roman Chewing Candy Co
  27. 27. 5510 Constance St, New Orleans, LA‎ -(504) 897-3937‎
  28. 28. Aunt Sally's Praline Shops
  29. 29. 1 810 Decatur Street, New Orleans, LA‎ -(504) 524-3373‎
  30. 30. Leah's Pralines
  31. 31. -222250477520714 St. Louis St., New Orleans, LA‎ -(504) 523-5662‎</li></ul>We can see on this map that the Candy Stores are very near to the Blue Frog chocolate, and this could be a problem because customers might be tempted to shop elsewhere. <br />2- Flowers<br /><ul><li>Audubon Flowers Inc
  32. 32. 6101 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA‎ -(504) 891-0208‎
  33. 33. Irmalila Flower Shop
  34. 34. 2307 Whitney Ave, Gretna, LA‎ - (504) 304-6148‎
  35. 35. Le Grand the Florist
  36. 36. 537 Huey P Long Ave, Gretna, LA‎ -(504) 362-5757‎
  37. 37. Harkins the Florist Inc
  38. 38. 1601 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA‎ -(504) 529-1638‎
  39. 39. Big Easy Flowers
  40. 40. 750 Carondelet St, New Orleans, LA‎ -(504) 524-9989‎
  41. 41. Le Grand the Florist
  42. 42. New Orleans, LA‎ - (504) 525-2811‎
  43. 43. Westbank Florist LLC
  44. 44. 4901 10th St, Marrero, LA‎ - (504) 341-4305‎
  45. 45. Urban Earth Design Studios
  46. 46. 914 Terpsichore St, New Orleans, LA‎ -(504) 524-0100‎
  47. 47. Barbara's Florist
  48. 48. 2 Canal St # 222, New Orleans, LA‎ -(504) 523-5500‎
  49. 49. Dunn & Sonnier Antiques
  50. 50. 2138 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA‎ -(504) 524-3235‎</li></ul>3- Toy store<br /><ul><li>Magic Box Toys
  51. 51. 5508 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA‎ -(504) 899-0117‎
  52. 52. Worlds Best Toys The
  53. 53. 333 Canal St # 205, New Orleans, LA‎ -(504) 586-1006‎
  54. 54. Idea Factory
  55. 55. 838 Chartres St, New Orleans, LA‎ -(504) 524-5195‎
  56. 56. Bootsy's Fun Rock'n
  57. 57. 3109 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA‎ -(504) 895-4102‎
  58. 58. Little Toy Shop
  59. 59. 900 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA‎ -(504) 522-6588‎
  60. 60. Funrock'n
  61. 61. 1128 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA‎ -(504) 524-1122‎
  62. 62. More Fun Comics & Cards
  63. 63. 8200 Oak St, New Orleans, LA‎ -(504) 865-1800‎
  64. 64. Capelle Inc
  65. 65. 513 Saint Ann St, New Orleans, LA‎ -(504) 523-1770‎
  66. 66. Happy Fun Time
  67. 67. 1129 Dublin St, New Orleans, LA‎ -(504) 975-3030‎
  68. 68. -69850698500New Orleans Original LuLu Dolls
  69. 69. Order by phone or e-mail,  New Orleans, LA‎ -(469) 222-4510</li></ul>This map shows the nearest indirect competitors in the area surrounding Blue Frog Chocolates. We can see that some of the strongest indirect competitors could be the candy stores, because this street and sector have a lot of them. These stores have the same target market, which are people with high personal disposable income. They have different prices than Blue Frog Chocolate, = because they sell different products. Also, they don’t sell in the same volume and diverse channels that our store sells and promotes. <br />Review of Previous Promotional Program<br />Current Promotional Efforts<br />Current promotional efforts of Blue Frog Chocolates include a website ( , print ads run in local magazines and newspapers, t-shirts with the Blue Frog Chocolates logo printed on them, and a mass email customer listserv, and participation in the Magazine Street Merchants Association (a group of Magazine Street businesses who advertise together).<br />The website is not updated very frequently and is handled by an outsider to the business, an acquaintance of the owners. However, there are many different sections to the site, and a wide variety of goodies and chocolate-related accessories can be purchased by customers.<br />Blue Frog Chocolates’ owners claim that their most successful marketing venture to date has been their print ads featured in local circulations including The Gambit, the Times Picayune, New Orleans Magazine, and Where. Where Magazine is different from the other print ads put out by Blue Frog Chocolates because Where is made available mainly to tourists in hotel lobbies, whereas the other medias are distributed relatively equally throughout the city of New Orleans. Of these print ads Blue Frog Chocolates’ owners claim that most new customers claim The Gambit ads are what brought them to shop at the chocolate store.<br />Only in the past few years has Blue Frog Chocolates been asking their customers to sign up for their online email listserv of about 3,600 customers. Through this listserv Blue Frog Chocolates can contact all of their internet-savvy customers at once to alert them of new products available in the store.<br />Most of Blue Frog Chocolates’ marketing strategies seem focused on drawing in foot-traffic into the store. Most of their promotions occur on a smaller scale as they are a small “mom and pop” locally owned and operated business. <br />Success Factors<br />In terms of defining themselves as a brand, Blue Frog Chocolates has a lot going for them. Their print ads and logo are very distinctive, sporting playful phrases such as “Life is short, eat desert first” and “chocolate: nature’s way of making up for okra.” Blue Frog Chocolates is also extremely successful as defining themselves as a local New Orleans business. They also participate in many local events and donate chocolate gift baskets to school fundraisers. Through selling unique New Orleans chocolate products, the store has consistently received publicity awards from local New Orleans publications and groups<br />Critical Issues<br />Most of Blue Frog Chocolates’ limitations are mainly due to the fact that there are only two people behind all of the store’s daily operations as well as its future planning and marketing promotions. They seem unable to expand into larger medias such as increased internet sales through advertising on Google. Another issue for the company in terms of online sales is that it is extremely difficult for them to distribute the chocolate due to heat issues. In order to reach out to a larger audience than their local uptown neighborhood, Blue Frog Chocolates would have to renovate a lot of their “small business” plans and really expand as a business entity. The owners are so busy just running the daily business that they do not have time to draw out extensive marketing budgets. One next feasible step for the company would be to broadcast a radio spot.<br />Integrated Marketing Communications Plan<br />Communications Goals and Objectives<br />The primary role of our Integrated Marketing Communications Plan is to communicate and therefore our planning is based on communications objectives, which are statements of what various aspects of the IMC program will accomplish. In the following we will show particular communication tasks, which are required to deliver an appropriate message to the defined target audience.<br />Our Communication Goals and Objectives for Blue Frog Chocolates are as follows:<br /><ul><li>Advertising:</li></ul>Objectives: Drive attendance to Blue Frog Chocolates by creating a brand personality and inform the target audience of products and services and special events offered by the company.<br />Audience: Target groups Wonder Women, Tiptoe Tourists, Corporate Clients, Party People and Seasonal buyers.<br />Timing: As allowed and determined by budget.<br />Tools /media: Internet, Newspaper, direct mail, outdoor, tourist media, social media, Blue Frog Chocolates web page, streetcar.<br /><ul><li>Sales Promotion</li></ul>Objectives:Use price, product, and other variables to drive attendance when it might not otherwise come.<br />Audience: Target audience like Wonder Women, Tiptoe Tourists, Corporate Clients, Party People and Seasonal buyers.<br />Timing: To fit needs of Blue Frog Chocolates.<br />Tools / media: Outdoor, coupons, direct mail: fliers, statement stuffers, online discount.<br /><ul><li>Public Relations</li></ul>Objectives:Inform, create favorable image of Blue Frog Chocolate, personalization and characterization of the frog.<br />Timing:Ongoing, news and information about coming events.<br />Tools / media:Articles in local media, tourist media, visitor guides, newsletter, social media, support local cause, parentship for a frog in the Zoo and the Aquarium.<br /><ul><li>Cause Marketing</li></ul>Objectives:Promote special programs and events in corporation with a local charity. <br />Audience:Supporters of both theBlue Frog Chocolate and the corporate service partner.<br />Timing:Coincides with needs of both partners, and seasonal events.<br />Tools / Media:Advertising, web page, publicity, discount co-op promotions, local charity.<br /><ul><li>Internet</li></ul>Objectives:Provide information regarding products and services offered public relation activities / local charity.<br />Audience:Everyone interested in acquiring more information about Blue Frog Chocolates, especially the target audience.<br />Timing:Ongoing, updated frequently over time.<br />Tools:Social media web site, including videos, online shop, and newsletter.<br />Additionally, we have set the following goals:<br /><ul><li>Create new customer relationships and fasten long-lasting relationships with existing clients through e.g. by improving the physical outward appearance of the store.
  70. 70. Further establish the brand identity by creating a Blue Frog animated character.
  71. 71. Establish a local identity and social awareness by supporting a local charity and adopting a blue frog at the Audubon Zoo and the Aquarium.</li></ul>In the following, we are going to explain the given set of objectives for the various promotion tools in details.<br />Tools / Media<br /><ul><li>Tool / MediaExplicit media / tool useHow to use itTarget groupGoalsSocial MediaTwitter, FacebookTalking about special events, new arrivals, discounts, what kind of chocolate they are creating in the moment, etc.Seasonal buyer, party people, chocoholics, wonder women, tiptoe tourist, corporate clientsCreating awareness and interest, stimulus purchaseWebpageNewsletterReminder – announcing upcoming season / events / special offers / discountsSeasonal buyer, party people, chocoholics, wonder women,corporate clientsCreating awareness and interest, stimulus purchaseAnnouncing new arrivalsSeasonal buyer, party people, chocoholics, wonder womenCreating awareness and interest, stimulus purchaseInvitation – “We haven’t seen you for a long time, come around try our new XY chocolate”Customers who haven’t visit the shop for a long time / who haven’t purchasedVisiting the shop or the webpage, making a purchaseNewsletter for local businessesIntroducing BFC, informing about party service, catering and designing special chocolateLocal businessesCreating awareness and interest, purchasingList serveReminder and announcing new arrivalsSeasonal buyer, party people, chocoholics, wonder womenCreating awareness and interest, stimulus purchaseVideos / adds to remember people of special eventsInforming costumers about upcoming events and special offersstoryboardSeasonal buyer, party people, chocoholics, wonder women, tiptoe touristCreating awareness and interestAdvertising Streetcar Inform about BFCEspecially touristsCreating awareness and interestNewspaper “Where”Inform about BFC and their products and servicestouristsInforming, Creating awareness and interestFlyerInform about BFC and their products and services; Informing costumers about upcoming events and special offersSeasonal buyer, party people, chocoholics, wonder womenInforming, Creating awareness and interestParentship of a frogAdopting a frog in the Zoo and the AquariumInform about the history of chocolate and therefore where the name BFC comes fromEspecially tourists, but also wonder womenInforming, Creating awareness and interestCharity eventsSupporting a local causePRCorporate clients, wonder women, chocoholicsCreating awareness and interestBFC shop (outward look)Banner, flags, logos, etc.Eye-catcher, inviting people to enter the shopPeople passing byCreating attention, awareness and interestBannerBannerInform potential costumers about their products and services offered (e.g.: at charity events)Seasonal buyer, party people, chocoholics, wonder women,corporate clientsCreating awareness and interest</li></ul>Positioning and Messages<br />Unique Selling Proposition<br /><ul><li>Changing the Outside Perception</li></ul>262318524130In order to better reflect the tasty,positive , and eye-catching atmosphere found in the interior of the store we thought of changing the outward appearance of the store and the property around it. Currently, the outside of the store is not eye-catching at all; not much is there to attract customers’ attention and awareness. If a customer did not already know that the building is a chocolate store, he or she would simply pass by without taking notice of the company or discovering the inside of the store and the products offered. For this reason one of our main focal points is to change the outward look of the store in order to catch the attention of potential customers and create awareness of the brand and the products we offer. <br />Not only is it our aim to create an inviting external appearance for the store; we also want to create a bundle of benefits and values that satisfies the needs of our consumers. The company must face the challenge of how to influence the purchase behavior of our consumers in favor of the products and services offered. Therefore, it is important that the outward appearance of the shop arouses attention and creates motivation for the consumer to enter Blue Frog Chocolates. We want to achieve this appearance by taking the following actions:<br />A: Advertising / decoration: In order to attract the customer’s attention, we must change the outward look of the shop and the property.<br />This aspect stresses the communication between Blue Frog Chocolates and its potential consumers. We must focus on the passing of information and making the customers aware of the existence of the company. In order to create attention, Blue Frog Chocolates should use:<br /><ul><li>Banners and flags with the Blue Frog Chocolates logo on it (create attention; indicate that there is something; create awareness of the brand and the company)
  72. 72. Frog Statues (building a connection between the company’s name and the products offered; underlining the brand’s personality; creating awareness)
  73. 73. Blue Frog Chocolates Logo on the sidewalk (acts like a finger board to guide the consumers to the shop; like footprints you just have to follow; creating curiosity)</li></ul>185166077470<br /><ul><li>-81915340360Pictures on blinds (personalization of the Blue Frog Chocolates)
  74. 74. Invitation sign – Welcome, come in and experience the world of Blue Frog Chocolates</li></ul>Through these means, the company can create attention and awareness and also arouse interest in the company and its products. They can also reach a lot of people since Magazine Street is a highly frequented road with a lot of cars, busses, and bikers passing by. In addition to this, there are also a lot of pedestrians walking by. By changing the outward appearance and stressing the promotional tools, Blue Frog Chocolates can reach a larger target group. More people can become aware of the existence of the shop and remember the store later when they are in need of the products offered.<br />Additionally, the outward look has to be changed depending on the season (e.g. Christmas time, Mardi Gras, etc. pp.).<br />To communicate our objectives, we suggest to create a banner, which informs the customers about upcoming events (e.g.: “It’s Christmas time – we have the appropriate gifts!” or “Remember, Valentines Day is coming…”).through outdoor advertising. Additionally, they can use banners to inform the target audience about new arrivals, seasonal offers (“Only for a short time, only at Blue Frog Chocolates”) and special discounts.<br />B: Patio / porch with benches, chairs and tables – Blue Frog Chocolates Café<br />Referring to Maslow’s theory of hierarchy of needs, the lower-level physiological and safety needs must be satisfied before higher-order needs become meaningful. Therefore, we think it is very important that Blue Frog Chocolates focuses on physiological needs like hunger and thirst. It is a fact that lower-level needs are an ongoing source of motivation for consumers in terms of their purchasing behavior. Consequently, we propose to extend the already existing porch in front of the shop, facing the street. <br />Until now, Blue Frog Chocolates only focused on costumers picking up products and leaving after they made their purchase. By opening a little café section on the porch, Blue Frog Chocolates can invite their customers to linger and stay for a cup of hot chocolate or a coffee with a special chocolate taste. In this cozy atmosphere, customers can truly experience the delicious world of Blue Frog Chocolates. They can smell and taste the chocolate, listen to music and respond directly to given stimulus. In addition to this, the customers can cultivate friendships and simply relax and have a good time. Through this addition to the store, Blue Frog Chocolates will not only win new costumers but also build stronger relationships with existing customers. The porch is an eye-catcher and creates curiosity. People get invited to try out the café and to enter the chocolate shop. <br />There also exists the possibility of extending the offered service on the porch. Blue Frog Chocolates could also offer chocolate cakes, muffins and other pastries. <br />For achieving to communication goals, we suggest Blue Frog Chocolates to use a board or other signs to inform potential costumer about their today’s offer (“Today we offer: White hot chocolate”), which is situated at the entrance of the property, close to the porch. <br />In summary, our goal is to create awareness of the company and the products offered by Blue Frog Chocolates. Therefore it is very important to change the outward look. It is our aim to win new costumers, build lasting relationships with both, new and already existing clients and to satisfy their needs and wants. Satisfaction occurs when the consumer’s expectations are either met or exceeded. Accordingly, it is significant that Blue Frog Chocolates support sensation, the immediate, direct response of senses (taste, smell, sight, touch, and hearing) to a stimulus such as the mentioned actions above. You have to experience the chocolate – the taste and the smell. The little café is therefore a very good opportunity. In addition, it is important to keep in mind that consumer make a selection on the basis of an overall impression, that is first off all the outside look, or summary evaluation of the various alternatives under consideration. Hence, the outward appearance plays an important role.<br /><ul><li>Events and Parties</li></ul>Another way to change the Blue Frog Chocolates’ image is to offer special events and parties. People should experience the delicious world of Blue Frog Chocolate. Therefore we suggest the following:<br /><ul><li>Customers can create their own chocolate – e.g. mixing different fruits together, choosing one’s favorite chocolate and picking a special form / body for the self-made chocolate
  75. 75. Workshops – how to make chocolate. It is an ideal event for school classes, company outings etc. pp.
  76. 76. Catering – providing chocolate for special events like weddings, birthday parties, or other special events.</li></ul>To make sure the potential clients know about these special services, we suggest the following:<br /><ul><li>Creating banner and post it close to the cash till area (e.g.: “Ask for our special events”; “Create your own chocolate”, “Looking for a party service?”)
  77. 77. Inform clients on the web page about these services
  78. 78. Using social media – keep people up to date and create interest
  79. 79. Sending Newsletter using the Mail List.</li></ul>Key differentiators<br />First, it is the locally focused style of Blue Frog Chocolates that differentiates it from other chocolate companies. It’s the best place for tourist to buy chocolate New Orleans souvenirs. Not only do they sell very unique products that feature New Orleans, but they also support the city by buying the materials from local industries and sponsoring local charities.<br />Second, the legend of blue frog also establishes that every product in the company comes with the unique logo and story of the blue frog. The logo, decoration, and packaging of the company come with the design of the blue frog. People can even get a postcard with the story of the blue frog to mail it together with Blue Frog Chocolate to their friends.<br />Lastly, we suggest that the company let customers personalize their own chocolate. For example, it can allow customers to choose their own flavor, concentration, shape and color of the chocolate. It will become the selling point of the blue frog. <br />Target Messages <br />Our team originally identified three target markets Blue Frog is currently attending. We called them Wonder Women, Tiptoe Tourists and Corporate Clients. <br />Target GroupAttributes Purchase rationalesWonder Women-Wealthy women-Over 28 years old-Professionals or housewives -Special events like birthdays, parties, holydays-Buy for their families -Indulge themselves Tiptoe Tourists-Outsiders-Have little time in New Orleans-Vacations -Happened to walk by the shop-Spontaneous buying Corporate Clients-Banks-Football teams-Businesses -Special corporate events-Meetings-Corporate gifts <br />In addition to these three groups our marketing team identified three more potential target groups and we describe them in the following table:<br />Target GroupAttributes Purchase rationalesChocoholics-They love chocolate-They see chocolate as a delicious craving-They range all ages-They like to experience new flavors and mixes of chocolates-They are willing to pay a higher price for high quality products-They are influenced by their senses: smell, sight and taste-Want it exactly like they like it-Driven by quality rather than by priceParty People-Young couples-They have kids -They have lots of friends-They love to host parties at their homes-Planned-They would buy the product in a very planned manner, but they would like to spend a significant amount of money on it-They are very picky and everything must be done exactly as they ask for it-They value creativity, originality, specifically tailored products and qualitySeesaws -Seasonal clients-Only buy the product during special occasions and holydays- Men and women from 25 to 45 years old-They work or study-They purchase the product only on special occasions-They are looking for a quick and simple solution -Will buy anything that works as a gift-Very concerned with package and appearance of the product-Does not care for price or quality as much<br />Having defined these 6 groups, our marketing team developed a set of objectives that are to be evaluated in these target markets.<br /><ul><li>Target GroupObjectivesSeesawsBecome top of mind in Seesaw clients by:-Creating a memorable image of the company-Expanding the product supply and flexibility-Offering innovative and practical solutions to these clientsUse Interactive media, Guerrilla advertising, Publicity and Public Relations to expand the message of the companyAchieve an increase of at least 15% each year on sales made during special holydays like Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc. Party PeopleBecoming the ultimate party theme creator by:-Offering creative styles-Being able to shape from a fun kid’s party to a high décor ballroom partyPersonalizing the theme and party in even the smallest detail.Building a client database that includes Party People as a target and stores their names, birthdays, likes, tastes, and special requestsWithin 6 months of having the database organized, being able to send personalized invitations by mail and special promotions about parties, with at least 15% chance of response. ChocoholicsBecoming the most luscious chocolate experience by:-Allowing customers to create their own chocolate in terms of thickness, filling, toppings, shape, size and quantity.Design a successful and user friendly webpage where clients could easily post their orders and design their chocolatesWithin 6 months of having established the webpage order service, sales form this department should provide for at least 15% of revenuesWithin 12 months, sales as a percentage of revenue should have increased to at least 20%Wonder WomenBe perceived as a high quality brand that offers a very wide line of products designed to please the sensesBuild a recurring customer’s recognition program and personalize the service of those clients who go to the store in a regular basisDesign a reward program for Wonder Women and those other clients that feel a special connection to the brand and act loyally towards it. Build and implement both programs describes above in the first 10 months Achieve a growth in sales from Wonder Women in at least 20% in the first 10 monthsTiptoe TouristsIncrease revenues coming from this group in at least 15% in the first year of implementing the strategiesExpand the tourist information to other media and finding more creative solutions to souvenir gifts and tourist interestsCreate bonds and relationships with new medium and channels, challenging the original ideas of how the brand has to be transmitted. Corporate ClientsCreating a corporate database within 4 months of operations to keep record of important orders, past requirements and special preferences. Increase corporate clients by 15% in the first year of operationOffer different corporate incentives like price discounts, product surplus, greater personalization, time flexibility, delivery options, paying options, etc to understand what this group values the most</li></ul> To achieve the objectives explained above, our team developed a series of strategies to help in the reaching of the target markets. Media, channel and message tactics were also developed to allow a successful achievement of communication strategies for Blue Frog. <br />Target GroupStrategySeesawsMake this segment immediately aware of Blue Frog Company when they are looking for gifts, presents and offerings during seasonal market peaks, by recreating similar situations as those experienced by this target market in the advertising efforts targeted towards them. Some possible storyboards are:-Couples anniversary: The guy forgets the anniversary and needs a fast but appropriate solution. Blue Frog offers personalized gifts. -First Date: Instead of real flowers the guy offers his date some candy flowers.-Christmas-Easter-Thanksgiving-Mother’s and Father’s Day-Birthdays-HalloweenParty PeopleAppeal this segment by concentrating on personalization, customization and service. Blue Frog has to offer not only fantastic products but also a solution to organizing events. Blue Frog has to offer the logistics behind hosting so that clients feel they can relax and enjoy their own party. Logistics includes: -Transportation of the food-Dealing with unexpected orders-Organizing the place, tables and rooms-Coordinating servings and serviceChocoholicsAppeal this segment by focusing on the experience of the store and on how easy it is to personalize products. Focus on how people are unique and as such, their tastes are different. Blue Frog should make it clear that they understand each person likes different things and they should honestly show they are interested in designing special products that fulfill those special needs. Wonder WomenAppeal this target market by promoting the softness of Blue Frog Chocolate and communicating how chocolate makes people feel better. For this group of people, senses are important in persuasion. Appeal this segment by focusing on the benefits of chocolate in terms of senses: smell, taste, texture. Emotional benefits should also be mentioned: happiness, tranquility, sense of reward, and love. Advertising should focus on the senses and the sensuality behind chocolate. Tiptoe TouristsAcquiring a “must see” reputation in New Orleans and being recognized in tourist books, hotels, travel agencies, etc. Blue Frog should aim to be known for a typical new Orleans style. Advertising then, should focus on special products that make Blue Frog unique. It should also state how Blue Frog supports New Orleans and how it builds a sense of community. Corporate ClientsBuilding up partnerships with corporate clients and creating long-term relationships with them by offering systematic promotions that could interest them. Promotions may come in the form of monetary discounts, special products, recognition in terms of PR, etc. <br />To accomplish those strategies, Blue Frog should follow some of the subsequent tactics:<br />Target GroupMedia TacticsMessage TacticsSeesawsPublicity + Guerrilla Marketing+ Interactive Media-Humor-Blue Frog personality-DramatizationParty PeopleCause marketing + Advertising-Emotional Approach-Blue Frog personality ChocoholicsInteractive Internet Marketing + Guerrilla Marketing-Emotional approach-Blue Frog personalityWonder WomenCause Marketing + Sales promotions-Blue Frog personality-Emotional approach-DramatizationTiptoe TouristsGuerrilla Marketing + Publicity and Public Relations-Blue Frog personality-Representative of New Orleans style-SymbolismCorporate ClientsPersonal selling + Direct Marketing-Blue Frog personality-Rational Approach-Facts and figures <br />Establish Local Flavor and Identity<br />Like we have mentioned before, the uniqueness of Blue Frog Chocolate is that they sell chocolates representing New Orleans as the “Big Easy” city. The company buys products mainly from local manufacturers and wholesalers to support the local industries. According to the owners of the company, the products they sell and their business practices all aim to give support and appreciation to the city because they love New Orleans so much! <br />After the destruction of Hurricane Katrina, people in New Orleans sought to be more united and help each other. Blue Frog Chocolate's idea of supporting the local industries is a prime example of this citywide unity. We suggest that the company stress on the uniqueness of the New Orleans products they are selling, like the molded chocolates in New Orleans style. They should also emphasize how they support the local industries. Also, they can support local charities as a promotion tool to make the company's supportive and helpful characteristics stand out. <br />Buying chocolate is like buying happiness. People come to Blue Frog Chocolate not only for snack, but also happiness. People in New Orleans like laughing and lead a relaxing life. The idea of allowing customers to make their own chocolates not only increases the emotional bond between them and Blue Frog Chocolate, but also enhances the effect of giving customers happiness through selling chocolate. People can make fun out the chocolate. Also, the painting and decoration in the shop is like an art. People shopping in Blue Frog Chocolate feel like visiting a museum. They are surely amazed by the large variety of snacks, candies and accessories selling there. Satisfaction is gained upon visiting the shop.<br />Another way Blue Frog Chocolates can establish their local identity and raise social awareness at the same time is by partnering with a local charity of the owner’s choice. Pamphlets for the charity can be put on display in the store and be placed in gift bags for the customers. Blue Frog Chocolates can even make a special mold to help sponsor the charity, and every time this chocolate charity item is sold, part of the sales money can go towards the charity. By helping to support a local charity, Blue Frog Chocolates can show that they are invested in the New Orleans community and that they care about their social surroundings.<br />Blue Frog Chocolates can also invest in the New Orleans Community and raise brand awareness through sponsoring or adopting blue frogs on display at the Audubon Zoo and the New Orleans Aquarium. By donating a small amount of money to both these institutions to help with the upkeep of the frogs, Blue Frog Chocolates can put up a small sign near the frog exhibits with fun facts about the frog species, and also invite the zoo and aquarium patrons to stop by the Blue Frog Chocolates store for souvenirs. Blue Frog Chocolates shaped like frogs could even be put on sale in the zoo and aquarium gift shops.<br />Communications Program<br />Advertising<br />Objectives<br />Brand Personality for Blue Frog: <br />We want to make certain modifications to the Brand Personality of Blue Frog Chocolate. The brand already has a blue frog symbol, but this frog does not have a personality. We want to give this frog life, emotion, feeling, humor, charisma, personality, animation, etc. We want to make a real character of this frog to represent the vision and mission of our store. The idea is that the Frog needs to be in all parts of our IMC plan so that customers can start to recognize the frog as the representative of the brand. This will help strengthen our relationships with our customers, and it will also help us get new customers. Our plan is to make the animated Blue Frog Character the personality and " spokesfrog” of the company.<br />Advertising Message And Strategy<br />After creating the Blue Frog personality, we would like to apply him by making a campaign using TV, billboard, magazines, and teaser advertisements, because these are the best mediums to make our Blue Frog famous. We want to create teaser ads, or brief advertisements designed to tease the public by offering only bits of information without revealing our program of the ad or services being advertised. The purpose of Teaser ads is to stimulate curiosity and get attention for the campaign that follows. In order for a teaser campaign to be effective, the ads must have great visibility in print, broadcast, and billboards media so as to reach a large number of people. The Frog needs to catch consumer’s attention. In the beginning we want to display striking and funny images of the Blue Frog. These images also need to cause desire and capture the attention of people. In addition to this, we need to show powerful and attractive images showcasing the experience of the chocolate in order to create the urge to eat chocolate. <br />We want to create creative online animated videos where a Blue Frog with personality invites and show to the people the experience of eating chocolate. The frog needs to be enthusiastic, funny, and interesting. Our target market needs to feel and perceive the experience of the store, brand, and taste. Also the ads need to show the emotion and experience of eating a chocolate or candy and also the experience for go to buy one of this in the store, need to be short but intensive, need to show the quality, the privilege, and good taste of the chocolate; need to make a invitation and attract the people. Also we can use some testimonial and personal experience from people and artists, neighbors that they enter to the store to buy a chocolate, the people who it’s the chocolate, and also the relationship that they have with Blue Frog Chocolate, this can influence the customer. One of the ideas is the Blue Frog singing that he feels good with the chocolate, something uncommon, but funny. We will use online videos because this media can show in images and sound, they can show and make desire to eat one of our chocolate, they can show the experience about to eat our product. On the other hand, the magazine will be used to support the other types of media and get other customers in a different way. The advertising in the magazine needs to have an attractive headline, and good visual elements (The Blue Frog Chocolate, or attractive chocolate) that the customer can perceive and be interested to look at. <br />Web Marketing<br />Objectives<br />Through reaching our customers with an effective webpage, Blue Frog Chocolates can increase brand awareness and overall sales.<br />Advertising Message and Strategy<br /> Web Page<br />This is a good and very effective way to describe our service in profundity, and also be accessible to clients everywhere at all hours. <br />Blue frog chocolate requires have a good website, with animation, image, videos, pictures, music, links, etc. All of these things need to be in the website, to catch and attract them from temptation, want, and desire to eat chocolate to our customer or also pull towards us more people to take our products. The website must reveal the experience that one can live eating a chocolate of Blue frog chocolate. Need to be easy to drive, and find the things that the customer wants to find. On the web page should get all necessary information regarding our product, whether that includes this price, place, promotions, kinds, taste, events, etc.<br />The website necessitates representing a chocolate &candy webpage. When you enter to the link you need to feel that you enter to the store, the customer need to know that is a web about chocolate, need to said “I want to eat chocolate now”, “I want to go to the store”. The web page need to show the real store that Blue frog chocolate is. We must take all the vantages, our strength and show it in the web site, because this is a good tactic to catch client and inform about our chocolates and candies.<br />Also for have an integrative marketing we need to show in the website which is our vision about Blue frog chocolate, we need to show our brand and the feeling of the bran in the webpage and in the entire medium that we will use. <br />In this moment the webpage, don’t show the things that we said before. For this we need to make and put all our effort in improve it.<br />Consumers will be directed to the website through advertising in the Blue Frog Chocolates Store, and subscribers to the Blue Frog Chocolates Listserv will receive email notifications to alert them of new developments on the website.<br />Budget<br />After we determined the communication objectives of Blue Frog Chocolates, we turned our attention to the promotional budget. We want to stress that advertising and other promotional efforts are designed to achieve communications such as brand knowledge and interest, favorable attitudes and image, and purchase intentions. Consumers are not expected to respond immediately. Rather, it is necessary to provide relevant information and create favorable predispositions toward the brand before purchase behavior will occur. The planning of the budget focuses on the long term. But to that effect, we also have to keep in mind that Blue Frog Chocolates it a small family company with a small budget. Therefore, expensive advertising like TV ads are impossible. Thus, we focus on low-cost media and we want to emphasis that advertising and promotion have to be seen as an investment, not an expense. <br />One basic question do we want to answer in this part: What will the promotional program cost? <br />Our Budget Estimations are as follows:<br />Tool / MediaExplicit media / tool useCost per month in USDSocial MediaTwitterFor free, you only have to sign up on the web pageFacebookCPC$136.80CPM($24.360)WebpageNewsletterFor freeNewsletter for local businessesFor freeList serveFor freeVideos and adds For freeMaintenance and support$500Advertising Streetcar $30 / $20 per signNewspaper “Where”$500Flyer$0.05 per pageParent ship of a frogAdopting a frog in the Zoo and the Aquarium$15 per frogCharity eventsSupporting a local cause$200GoogleGoogle AdWords and AdSenseCharged per/clickBFC shop (outward look)Banner, flags, logos, etc.$50,00BannerBanner$50,00Total cost$1,511.16<br />Advertising with Facebook<br />We decided to following for creating an ad on the social media Facebook:<br /><ul><li>Design you ad
  80. 80. Destination URL
  81. 81. Title
  82. 82. Body text
  83. 83. Image (optional)
  84. 84. Targeting
  85. 85. Location: by city (New Orleans, LA; include cities within 50 miles)
  86. 86. Age: 16-any
  87. 87. Sex:female and male
  88. 88. Keywords: chocolate, sweets, present
  89. 89. Education:all
  90. 90. Language:English (US)</li></ul>Estimate: 1,640 people<br />who live in the United States<br />who live within 50 miles of New Orleans, LA<br />age 16 and older<br />who like chocolate, sweets or present<br />who speak English (US)<br /><ul><li>Campaigns and pricing</li></ul>Schedule:<br />Referring to the schedule, Blue Frog Chocolate can decide between the running of an ad on a continuously basis starting today or running an ad only during specified dates. For the starting period we suggest to focus on the daily basis to gain target audience. Secondly, you can chose between the pay for impressions (CPM) and the pay for clicks (CPC) and we will focus on the CPC.<br /><ul><li>Run ad continuously starting today
  91. 91. Pay for Clicks (CPC) </li></ul>In addition to this, it is necessary to set up a maximum bid, that is to say how much Blue Frog Chocolates is willing to pay per click. The minimum is 0.01 USD and as recommend by Facebook we are willing to pay 0.57 USD per day. Facebook also gives the information that the estimated clicks per day will be 8.<br /><ul><li>Calculation</li></ul>Referring to the given data, there will be eights clicks per day. For a month we can do the following calculation:<br />8 clicks per day x 0.57 USD x 30 days = 136.80 USD per month<br />(136.80 USD x 12 = 1641.60 USD per year)<br />Nevertheless, we also want to make the calculation for paying for impressions (CPM). The maximum bid is 0.28 USD and Facebook estimates that 2,900 impressions per day will show up. Therefore we can make the following calculation:<br />2,900 impressions per day x 0.28 USD x 30 days = 24.360<br />As you can see, the expenses would be much higher and aren’t affordable for Blue Frog Chocolate.<br />Advertising in the Streetcar<br />273367566040NORTA allows paid advertising on the exterior or interior of the buses and streetcars. The St. Charles Streetcar runs on the entire length of New Orleans’ St. Charles Avenue, and through the neighborhoods of South Carrollton to Claiborne Avenue and is very popular among tourist and even locals. The St. Charles Streetcar is a 13 mile route and is an ideal medium to target tourist and inform them about the existence of Blue Frog Chocolate on Magazine Street. It’s an easy advertising medium with a huge rate of daily passengers who can be seen as potential customers. Streetcar service runs seven days a week and cars operate every 10 minutes on weekdays and every 15 minutes on weekends during daytime hours. Therefore, Blue Frog Chocolates will have an immense coverage while advertising in the St. Charles Streetcar. Here are the detailed information:<br /><ul><li>average passengers per week: 56,000
  92. 92. 17 streetcars in the fleet
  93. 93. $20 per interior sign / per month
  94. 94. Printing: $ 10 per sign</li></ul>In total, advertising in a streetcar would cost Blue Frog Chocolates $ 30 per sign for the first month, and $ 20 for the following months. <br />Adopt a frog<br />We suggest Blue Frog Chocolates to become a member of “Your Adopt An Animal” donation, which helps feed and care for more than 15,000 animals (including invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and insects) in Audubon's care. The benefits offered by the Audobon society include the following: <br />Personalized certificate of adoption<br />Color photo and fun facts about the adopted wild child<br />Invitation to a special event only for Animal Adoptive Parents<br />3268345116840Adoption a Blue frog in both, the Aquarium and the Zoo in New Orleans, is a good possibility to reach a large target audience, especially tourists and the Wonder Women. Animal adoptions are valid for one year from the date of processing. Blue Frog Chocolates could hand out flyers or post a board which tells the legend of the blue frog and the story of the chocolate. It is a good way to advertise and make people aware of their products and services. Particularly the Zoo, who is situated close to the shop on Magazine Street, seems to be very lucrative for our advertising projects. Right now, they do have blue dart frogs at the aquarium but currently do not have them on exhibition at the Zoo. The adoption price for a poison dart frog (of any color) is $15.<br />Control<br />Metrics<br />At the end of every event or party an informal interview should take place between the owner and whoever threw the party. Their satisfaction with how the event went could be measured, and possible suggestions to enhance the Blue Frog Chocolate Parties could be made.<br />In order to evaluate the ROI gained by the renovation and addition of a porch/patio area to be used by customers of the new Blue Frog Cafe, for a trial period of 6 months before and after the addition of the Cafe both foot traffic into the store and completed sales should be measured. Hopefully the Cafe will generate enough percentages of sales to pay for itself within a short period of time.<br />Since Blue Frog Chocolates is a " mom-and-pop" styled business, the best way for them to keep track of which promotional tools helped them the best is to strike up friendly inquiry test conversations with their customers at the cash register. Each customer should be asked " So how did you hear about Blue Frog Chocolates?" A tally should be kept for each category of promotional tool, such as print advertising, foot traffic generated by the newly renovated outside of the store, and their email listserv. This way Blue Frog Chocolates can personally stay in touch with their customer base and monitor which communication tools are most effective.<br />In order to pretest the animated online video commercials featuring the Blue Frog, Blue Frog Chocolates can host a miniature Theater Test in the store. They can hold a drawing for Blue Frog Chocolate prizes and measure the reactions of the audience towards the animated commercials, taking special notes on their interest in the commercial, their overall reactions, and their ability to recall elements of the commercial. This way the owners will know which animated online videos to post up on their website.<br />The portion of our IMC plan that would be the cheapest and easiest aspect to control and monitor would be the Blue Frog Chocolate's Web page. The store already has hired someone to update and keep track of the site. This worker can also monitor the site and keep track of the traffic and sales generated by the website. This worker will monitor clicks, post-click conversions, frequency to conversion ratios, view-through rates, and advertising exposure time, etc.<br />5.2 Contingency Planning<br />For the social media platforms mentioned such as Twitter and Facebook, there exist very little risks. Since Twitter and Facebook are free social networking tools, we only see the positive side of creating a Facebook group named Blue Frog Chocolate for people to join and know more about the updates and activities of the company. The only risk may be that very few people might join the group and make the group seem boring and not attractive. This can be solved by offering incentives joining the group, such as giving out chocolate or coupons to the people upon joining. It can also increase their willingness to visit the shop.Regarding the newsletters and direct emails, there is possibility that it will be seen as junk mail to the businesses’ and consumers’ personal email boxes, which may ruin the reputation of Blue Frog Company. It is suggested that the newsletter comes with coupons, such that the mail will come with value instead of being junk, so that firms and individual will not regard it as spam.<br />There exists a relatively larger risk considering the adoption a frog in the Audubon Zoo and Aquarium. Blue Frog Chocolate may be refused for the adoption. It is suggested that the company first write letter to the authority to see if it is possible to do so before invest in proposal of the adoption of the frog.For the Google Adwords and Adsense, the company only needs to pay when people click on it. It reaches your target customers directly. It's very effective in terms a dollar spent on the advertising effort since it doesn't require any prepaid lump sum for the use of service. Compared to the advertisement on magazines, newspapers and streetcars, Adwords and Adsense are more effective in terms of reaching the right customers. Yet, cost being spent on the printed ads in newspapers, magazines and streetcars is inevitable. The risk associate is relatively low since the company has the experience in advertising in the newspapers and magazines. <br />Turning half of the shop into cafe may require quite a large budget, which in other words incurs a higher risk, whereas the re-decoration of the shop yields long lasting improved appearance, which worth investing. The company can open a little café section on the porch to test the effectiveness of operating cafe to induce more business to the company. During the period of the time, the company can interview the coming the customers about the idea of operating café in the shop. The responses from the customers can give better idea about the Blue Frog Café and also reduce the risk of investment in the café. The company can decide whether to turn half of the shop into café or not after taking the opinions of the customers.<br />Detailed Execution Plan (Implementation) <br />Creative Strategy<br />Creating Blue Frog Personality<br />Before moving on to describing creative strategies for each of the target markets, Blue Frog should first concentrate on building their Spokesman and Brand Image. <br />Our team found people like chocolate because:<br />Of the great taste<br />The fantastic smell<br />It makes them feel better<br />It is sweet<br />It is soft and velvety <br />It melts<br />And because they just love it!<br />Chocolate is the ultimate comfort food and people all over he world love it. Blue Frog should then find a spokesperson that can really understand how people feel about chocolate, and who better than their own Blue Frog? <br />The Blue Frog should be a fantastic character that loves chocolate and has a very magical and seductive air. <br />BLUE FROG CHARACTERPhysical Appearance Blue FrogTall and slimCan walk on two legs Wears hatsEats Chocolate all the timeHas a big smileThick VoiceMasculine PersonalityCharmingElegantSeductiveRelaxedFunnyLikes jokesLikes to flirtHe is from New Orleans, so he talks with an accentHe loves good Creole FoodLines1. “There’s the reason we’re proudly known as the Big Easy. N'awlins style!”2. “Gris gris! N'awlins style!””3. “Only thing better than Pralines: N'awlins style Chocolate!”4. “Throw Me Something, Mister!”5. “Jazz that plain chocolate up! N'awlins style!”6. “Pass a Good Time! N'awlins style!”Possible NamesThibodaeuxBoudraux DugasVincent HebertActivities he engagesHe DancesHe CooksHe rides a speed boatHe plays the saxophoneHe sings He likes Jazz and Blues He has a way with the ladiesHe Paints Philosophy “N'awlins style!”<br />Once the Blue Frog character is created and established, he will be the company’s linking unit throughout the IMC plan for each of the target markets. The next table describes the six target markets found, the communication tool proposed to reach each target, and examples of how to use those tools with the Blue Frog character as a central line. <br /><ul><li>Target GroupIMC PLANSeesawsGuerilla Marketing: Pictures and stickers of Blue Frog on the street cars, posted on chairs, on the sidewalks, in parks, in buildings, on mailboxes, etcStickers and pictures could read: “Hungry for chocolate? Jazz it up at Blue Frog Chocolates! N'awlins style!”Party PeopleSocial Marketing:Blue Frog Chocolate should pick a social cause they feel related to and work with them to find coherent solutions. Blue Frog could be the brand image and talk about the cause and directly support itChocoholicsInteractive Media:Blue Frog could invite people to post their favorite quotes regarding chocolate online or at the store. Each month the winning quote gets an in store discount, a prize or a reward. Winners also get the be announced on the webpage and their winning quote gets to be “Choco-Hall of Fame” for everybody to see. Some possible quotes are:Man cannot live on chocolate alone; but woman sure can.Chocolate is nature’s way of making up for Mondays.A little too much chocolate is just about right.There's nothing better than a good friend, except a good friend with CHOCOLATEIt's not that chocolates are a substitute for love. Love is a substitute for chocolate. Chocolate is, let's face it, far more reliable than a man.Nine out of ten people like chocolate. The tenth person always lies..Life is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get.Chocolate: Here today .... Gone today!I have this theory that chocolate slows down the aging process.... It may not be true, but do I dare take the chance?I could give up chocolate but I'm not a quitter.Nuts just take up space where chocolate ought to be.Chocolate is cheaper than therapy and you don't need an appointment.Forget love -- I'd rather fall in chocolate!!!Wonder WomenSales Promotion:In store discounts can be found in special products selected by Blue Frog each week. Blue Frog can recommend certain types of chocolates every week or every two weeks and those recommendations are then offered at lower prices, or in quantity discounts, or as part of a promotional package deal. Tiptoe TouristsPublicity:Blue Frog Chocolate has won several recognitions for being a very special candy and chocolate store. Uniting the awards won until now, and Blue Frog’s personality would create an even higher buzz in tourism. This could make agencies and airlines more aware of how important Blue Frog Chocolate is in New Orleans. Corporate ClientsDirect Marketing:Blue Frog could send mail, personal invitations, recommendations and reminders to those companies that have hired Blue Frog Chocolate for a previous job </li></ul>Tactical Timeline<br />ACTIVITIES MONTHS   January February March April May June July August September October November December Brand Personality for Blue Frog                         Events and Parties                       Become involved in NOLA Community (Zoo - Aquarium)                         Changing the Outside Perception                         Change Web Page                         Tool/Media                         Online Videos                         Billboard                         Magazines                       Teaser advertisements                         Web Page                       Guerrilla Marketing                         <br />We think this timeline will be effective because we want to implement our entire project in stages of different priorities. For the Brand Personality of the Blue Frog we want to start in January because is one of the most important items that we need to increase and develop. The Blue Frog Character is the base for all the other promotions, and effectively ties our IMC Plan together. <br />First we need to create an image and a personality about our brand to make our advertising activities attractive. For events and Parties we mixed the time slots, because don’t need to necessarily make or participate in different events all the time. We chose February, April, June, July, October, November and December because in these months many especial occasion sand holidays occur in it, like Mothers and Fathers Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.<br /> We want to Become Socially involved in NOLA Community (Zoo Aquarium) in time for the Holiday seasons so for this we want to start in May, and also because we need to have the personality of the frog completed. Other activities include changing the Outside Perception and for this we want to start in February, because there are many important changes to be made. Changes to the Web Page need to be made after the brand personality for Blue Frog is defined; we want to start in February to make a recognizable and likeable Blue Frog and webpage.<br />