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Evaluation of hollyoaks later trailer


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Evaluation of hollyoaks later trailer

  2. 2. As a group we decided to recreate a scene from Hollyoaks later. We chose this clip as it produced a variety of different shot types, edits and sound effects we were able to experiment with. The fast pace editing gave us a challenge as it was difficult to recreate the exact performance.
  3. 3. Story board of HOLLYOAKS LaterLong Shot Mid Shot Over the shoulder camera angleReverse angle edit Two Shot MS Over the shoulder camera angle MS
  4. 4. Two Shot Close Up Close Up Two shot Mid Shot Close Up
  5. 5. HOLLYOAKS LATER TRANSCRIPTHOLLYOAKS LATERSilas kills Rae *phone rings* scarf over head*outside*dark*raining* MS of Rae answering phone over shoulder shot (Silas) Silas walks over over shoulder shot (Rae) Rae: Tee?! (shocked/scared) rain noise in background Silas: I’m so sorry reverse angle edit over shoulder Silas: But you talked yourself into this *Silas punches Rae on the head with a brick* two shot/long shot scarf flies off CU on scarf on floor and track up to low angle of Rae CU of Silas scary face ATTACK *punches her again with the brick* in CU to LS *Silas picks Rae up, strangling her, tracking shot in CU drags into undercover LS undercover* CU to LS of the struggle *Silas strangles Rae with a rope, framing shot CU* CU Silas face reverse between them LS CU of eye shaking DEAD
  6. 6. MISE EN SCENE We filmed our trailer in a location we thought would best represent our chosen scene from HOLLYOAKS LATER. We chose an old mill in Stockport near to our college which provided suitable surroundings for our filming.
  7. 7. PROPSAnother aspect we took into account for our filming was the use of props and costume to create realism. We used fake blood to create a gruesome dramatic effect to recreate the moment Silas attacks Rae The actual character Silas in the programme HOLLYOAKS LATER wears glasses and a black hooded coat to create a Silas using a rock to mysterious persona and a attack his victim so we villainous character replicated this In the clip Rae uses a scarf to cover her head in the rain and there is a close up shot as it hits the floor when she is being attacked. To represent this we used a hoody instead.
  8. 8. Technologies; use of video camera to record our footage We used a camcorder to collect a sufficient amount of footage in different camera angles helped by using a tripod which allows you to produce a steady image from different angles and heights.
  9. 9. Technologies; use of YouTube and Slideshare• We found the clip we wanted to re-enact via youtube, we analysed the clip then wrote out the script and the various camera angles and edits used in the original clip• We used Slide Share and youtube to upload our product and create a HTML• We used Slide Share to present our work and make it appear professional
  10. 10. Technologies; use of iMovie as an editing application• We used iMovie to edit our video recordings of the scene re-enactment.• By filming our own clips for the scene, we were able to cut specific sections of out the recordings to use.• Through the use of iMovie we were able to add our own sound effects. For example in our product we used the diegetic sound effect of heavy rain to add dramatic tension. We also used to sound of a heart beat towards the end of the clip to exaggerate the death of Rae.
  11. 11. Creativity; how creative were you in the use of the footage?• We researched on YouTube for a clip we wanted to recreate and get some inspiration from the camera angles and effects used.• We were able to select specific parts of the episode we thought were ideal for recreating as our own• The use of sound effects allowed us to show our creativity. Associating sounds with specific parts of the clips chosen.
  12. 12. Soap opera conventions; how did you make use of them?• The clips we used involved one specific character in particular.• The clips we cut from the episode use different useful conventions, for example a tracking shot, close up, and two shots etc.• The female character we used wears little make up and casual clothes to create realism. Whereas the male character wears a big black hooded coat and glasses to create a mysterious identity.