How Facebook is Taking Over the Web ... One Like Button at a Time


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An overview of how far Facebook has come, including its dramatic growth over the past year and the demographics of its users. Case studies of some of the top brands on Facebook and what you can learn from them. The changes that Facebook has recently made, including the Open Graph and its implications on users’ privacy. What the future looks like for Facebook…and ultimately, the web

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How Facebook is Taking Over the Web ... One Like Button at a Time

  1. 1. How Facebook is Taking Over the Web … One Like Button at a Time Presented by: Josh Martin, Social Media Lead June 2010
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Intro 2. Just how big is facebook? 3. Best of breed facebook pages 4. Recent changes within facebook 5. Future of facebook and the web
  3. 3. Engauge leverages creativity, technology, and data to create memorable, positive, and consistent interactions that fuel client growth.
  4. 4. Josh Martin Blog: Social Media Lead Engauge @Jmart730
  5. 5. Just how BIG is facebook?
  6. 6. 400+ Million Users
  7. 7. 100 Million Mobile Users
  8. 8. 1. China 2. India 3. If Facebook were a country it 4. United States would be the world‟s 5. Indonesia 3rd largest 6. Brazil 7. Pakistan 8. Bangladesh
  9. 9. Half of Denmark has an active Facebook profile (2.4 million our of 5.4 million total). 70% of Facebook users live outside the U.S. and the site is available in more than 70 different languages
  10. 10. Facebook Overtakes Yahoo
  11. 11. Facebook tops Google for weekly traffic in the U.S.
  12. 12. per day per month Sends 8 friend requests Invited to 3 events Becomes a fan of 2 Pages spends >55 minutes on Facebook Clicks Like button 9 times Writes 25 comments has 130 friends The average facebook user
  13. 13. Age of facebook users 13-17 35 + 18-24 25-34 Source: Facebook
  14. 14. Women aged 55 and up are the fastest growing Facebook demographic in the U.S.
  15. 15. Facebook has become so popular, psychologists have identified a new mental health disorder: Facebook Addiction Disorder
  16. 16. In Australia, Facebook has infiltrated the court system: • Court notices can be served through Facebook • A Facebook summons is considered legally binding
  17. 17. In Brazil, universities are offering class enrollment through Facebook. Whenever a Facebook member enrolls in a class, his or her friends will know via a newsfeed update.
  18. 18. Best of Breed facebook Pages
  19. 19. What‟s on the page: Manage your Starbucks gift card via Facebook. „Around the World‟ tab that brings you to the Facebook page of your location. What‟s cool: It‟s the brand with the most number of Facebook fans. No. of fans: 7,701,775 as of 6/15/2010
  20. 20. Starbucks Card Application • Register / unregister cards • Check balance / review rewards • Reload cards / edit profile info • Soon, fans will be able to reload a Facebook friend‟s Starbucks card as a gift
  21. 21. “Facebook is not an experiment for us anymore. It is a key part of how we go to market.” - Chris Bruzzo, Starbucks VP of brand, content and online Last year’s Free Pastry Day drove more than 1 million people to stores.
  22. 22. What‟s on the page: Witty wall posts, like “Anyone have a recurring dream? Mine involves synchronized swimming under a Skittles waterfall.” What‟s cool: Fans can vote on Flash Mobs via the „Mob the Rainbow‟ tab. No. of fans: 4,861,505 as of 6/15/2010
  23. 23. What‟s on the page: Dunkin‟ Perks, News/Promos, Maurice the espresso bean What‟s cool: Most fan pages use corporate logos as their profile picture, DD uses the space to honor its “Fan of the Week” contest winner. No. of fans: 1,489,445 as of 6/15/2010
  24. 24. What‟s on the page: Interactive games, contests, promos, live events. What‟s cool: Used Facebook to run campaign on Vitamin Water‟s next flavor – Black Cherry Lime No. of fans: 1,398,851 as of 6/15/2010
  25. 25. What‟s on the page: Menu, Store Locator, Games, Promotions. What‟s cool: Acquired 350,000 fans in one week through bagel giveaway. No. of fans: 612,348 as of 6/15/2010
  26. 26. What‟s on the page: Support from staff, applications, and promotions. What‟s cool: Shop + Share allows you to browse products and ask your network for buying advice. No. of fans: 1,127,177 as of 6/15/2010
  27. 27. What is the value of a facebook fan? Consumers who are fans are more valuable to organizations across all variables studied than are consumers who are not fans. • On average, fans spend an additional $71.84 on products for which they are fans compared to those who are not fans. • Fans are 28% more likely than non-fans to continue using the brand. • Fans are 41% more likely than non-fans to recommend a fanned product to their friends. Source: Syncapse 2010
  28. 28. Recent changes within facebook
  29. 29. “We are building a web where the default is social.” - Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO
  30. 30. Open Graph Protocol • Extends Facebook functionality to any page on the web • Pages on a website become objects that users can add to their profiles • Users establish connection by clicking “Like”
  31. 31. Facebook has developed social plugins that websites can add to make it easy for users to... • see info from or about their Facebook friends • share things with their friends without leaving a site or going through a time-consuming login process
  32. 32. From now on, any website can become part of the Facebook ecosystem, outside of
  33. 33. The Activity Feed plugin shows users what their friends are doing on the site through likes & comments.
  34. 34. Recommend / Like plugins let users share any content they like back to their Facebook profile.
  35. 35. One of the first major brands to integrate Facebook‟s social plugins into their online shop.
  36. 36. Instantly see what news articles your friends have shared on the website.
  37. 37. Whenever you encounter a song that one of your friend likes, a tag will appear to let you know.
  38. 38. Steve Madden increased mobile site traffic by 30% in 24 hours.
  39. 39. Results? • Over 100,000 websites have implemented social plugins • The Washington Post has seen its Facebook referral traffic climb 290% • IMDb has doubled the number of visitors • Dailymotion has seen users click the Like button tens of thousands of times per day on their site
  40. 40. What do all these changes mean for you? • Integrating facebook into your web presence will be easier • Instantly socialize your site, or areas of your site
  41. 41. Future of facebook and the web
  42. 42. Information vs. Privacy
  43. 43. What would it take for you to quit Facebook?
  44. 44. Facebook Credits • Users can purchase credits to play games, purchase virtual gifts, & buy apps. • Earn credits by watching advertisements, completing surveys, etc. • One-third of all transactions will go directly to Facebook.
  45. 45. Facebook adding Location Features soon McDonald’s will be 1st brand to test new features
  46. 46. The Possibilities of the Open Graph… • Netflix can recommend films for you to watch based on the type of movies you‟ve liked on IMDb • Best Buy can offer gift recommendations for your friends based on their interests they‟ve identified within Facebook • Amazon can display Family Guy boxed sets for you to purchase based on the Family Guy video clips you‟ve liked on
  47. 47. Questions?