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Introduction to our services for sellers

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Sellers packet

  1. 1. Over 19 years of experience helping you get the Most of your Real Estate Transaction!9755 SW Barnes Rd. Ste 560 | Portland, Or 97225503.748.8310 Direct 503.748.8360 FaxJohn@HatchHomes.comSeller’s PackageThe steps to selling your home for themost amount of money in theshortest amount of time.
  2. 2. SMeet Our TeamYour needs are first and foremost. That’s why the Hatch Homes Group always offer quality, professionalservice to their clients. You can count on our team to provide the commitment to excellence that youexpect from professional Real EstatePRINCIPAL BROKERJohn was educated in Eng-land and has an engineeringdegree. He moved to Aus-tralia where he managedvarious successful computerbusinesses and then settledin Portland in 1992.John has the prestigiousCDPE, CRS, CIPS, ABR,GRI, TRC, CLHMS &ePRO designations.JOHNHATCHBROKERClare has lived in Portland for16 years and has first handknowledge of eachdistrict. She enjoys workingwith out of town buyers andhelping them become familiarwith our great city. Clare alsoenjoys helping first-time homebuyers, providing extensiveeducation and support.BROKERAngela is a native Portlanderwho has a Bachelor’s degreefrom Portland State University.She is 1 of 2 of the Hatch teamsbuyer’s agents. She has 4 yearsof real estate transactioncoordination experience as wellas short sale negotiation whichhas given her an extensiveknowledge of the ins and outs ofa real estate transaction.Executive ClientManagerMichele recently moved backto Portland after 3 years inEngland. She has a Bachelor’sdegree from Portland StateUniversity. She is the HatchTeam’s first point of contactfor new clients. Micheleconnects you with the bestperson on our team to helpyou with your specific needsand wants.CLARESTEVENSANGELASTEVENSMICHELEDESCOMBESBROKERBarry was born and raised inthe Portland metro area andhasn’t spent much time away.He began his career inconstruction and spent severalyears as a general contractor.He also has 8 years ofexperience in the mortgageindustry. His love of homeshas made him a great asset as aHatch team buyer’s agent.BARRYWOODWORTHOFFICE MANAGERAngie is an Oregon Nativebut new to the Portland area.She was licensed in SouthernOregon for 6 years whichgave her an extensiveknowledge and background inReal Estate and officemanagement. Angie ensuresthe office is organized,documents are correct,deadlines are met, and alltransactions run smoothly.ANGIEPURRY
  3. 3. The role of the real estate communityThe entire real estate community includes all of the companies, offices, and agents in themarketplace. They work together to sell property in an incredibly efficient system ofsharing information.The multiplying effects of this cooperation will increase the promotion that is done oneach and every property in the marketplace. It brings purchasers into the home buyingprocess and after qualifying them to their wants, needs, and abilities, they can be directedtoward the home that meets their requirements.The price and positioning in the marketplacePurchasers have a tendency to want to look at all of the available properties that meettheir criteria. They will compare the homes according to value for price, condition, andappeal.Even if the buyers are not familiar with prices in a particular area, after seeing a fewhomes, it is easy to determine whether a home is priced correctly.Supply and demand has a direct effect on pricing. The subject property must be favorablypriced based on location, condition, and terms compared to the other homes that a buyerwill look at.The role of the marketing coordinatorThe agent’s objective is to get your home sold, not necessarily to be the one to actuallysell it. The sheer number of other agents makes it more likely that someone else will sellit.The listing agent’s job as marketing coordinator will be to manage the sale to maximizepromotional efforts, represent the seller’s interests, and to use their experience to makethe transaction go smoothly.Marketing Factors
  4. 4. At the highest possible priceThe average Sales Price to List Price Ratio experienced on our listings is higher than theaverage of the Multiple Listing Service. The benefit to you is more money after all of theexpenses have been deducted.In the shortest period of timeThe average time on the market experienced on my listings is less than the average of theMultiple Listing Service. The benefit is that your home will sell in a shorter period of time sothat you will receive your equity sooner.With the most favorable termsNegotiating the most favorable terms regarding mortgage fees, settlement fees, possession, andpersonal property can be important as the price. The benefit of third party negotiation can beone of the most effective services we offer as your agent.We have mutual objective…to sell your home.Owner and Agent cooperating andOwner and Agent cooperating andOwner and Agent cooperating andOwner and Agent cooperating andcommunicating to achieve a successful salecommunicating to achieve a successful salecommunicating to achieve a successful salecommunicating to achieve a successful sale....
  5. 5. Home Selling ProcessInitial InterviewDocuments Listing Agreement Property DisclosuresPromotion Internet Contacts MailingsOffer Written Negotiated/AcceptanceEscrow OpenedEarnest MoneyInspections Negotiate Findings Title SearchAppraisalSettlementPossession
  6. 6. Comparative Market AnalysisA written report of the transactions in the neighborhood. This identifies similar propertiesthat have recently sold and are currently on the market in an effort to determine a realisticprice for the subject property.Financing AlternativesAttractive financing can actually shorten the marketing time and increase the sales price.We stay up-to-date with the types of mortgages that are available and maintain businessrelationships with mortgage professionals to provide choices. Some of the reports that wecan supply you include: buyer qualifications, 80-10-10 mortgage, 75-15-5 mortgage, 15year vs. 30-year mortgage, adjustable Rate vs. Fixed Rate mortgages, rent vs. own, andrepurchase analysis. These will help buyers and sellers make better decisions.Market PreparationImproving the condition of the home,“setting the stage” before showings, and knowingwhat to do when the property is being shown are just a few of the things that will helpmaximize the marketing efforts. We’ll take time to examine your home and explore thealternatives to showcase your property.Homeowner’s analysisThis is a report that illustrates the tax advantages and the investment potential of homeownership. It demonstrates how the tax savings from the interest and property taxdeductions will reduce the impact of a house payment. The investment results fromanticipated appreciation and reduction in the unpaid balance through loan amortization.Special ServicesIf you have to vacate the property prior to selling, special services can be arranged to helpyou with your specific needs such as: collecting the mail, removing advertisements,maintaining the yard, turning off the lights at night, setting the thermostat at a reasonabletemperature, paying bills and forwarding statements monthly, and reporting to youmonthly.Services Provided
  7. 7. Home protection plans can increase the marketability of a home by providing a“peace of mind” extra that competing homes may not have.A home warranty increases marketability:• Warranted homes sell up to 50% faster than non-warranted homes.• Reduced chance the seller will be asked to reimburse the buyer for abreakdown of a covered component.• Better chance that the closing won’t be delayed by the malfunctioningwarranted item.• It provides the buyer with a full year of coverage on the home’s major systems andappliances after they move in.• In the event that something covered breaks down, only a deductible is paid and theWarranty Company pays the remainder.Buyer coverage on selected items:• Central Heating System• Electric CentralAir System• Interior Plumbing• Built-inAppliances• Electric Pool EquipmentThe seller may also have coverage on certain items while the property is listed for sale,even before the coverage is paid for.Home Protection PlanHomes sell 50% faster and for a higher price than homesHomes sell 50% faster and for a higher price than homesHomes sell 50% faster and for a higher price than homesHomes sell 50% faster and for a higher price than homeswithout a home warranty...according to a study by thewithout a home warranty...according to a study by thewithout a home warranty...according to a study by thewithout a home warranty...according to a study by theNational Home Warranty Association.National Home Warranty Association.National Home Warranty Association.National Home Warranty Association.
  8. 8. The benefits of ordering an appraisal and an inspection when initially listing the home canmake the entire marketing process move smoother and quicker.Establishes Objective ValuesThe price is not merely set by the seller but placed on the home by disinterested thirdparty whose profession is to value property.Validates List PriceIf the appraisal and the list price are the same, there is less likelihood that the buyer willdiscount the “asking price.”Establishes Basis for ComparisonThe appraisal and inspection can be used to compare with subsequent reports and can helpto validate or challenge their findings.Creates Awareness of Condition of HomeA third party inspection of the home by an inspector will identify areas that need attentionand serve as a marketing tool to buyers to give proof to the condition. It can also be usedto challenge claims that the buyer’s inspector might make.Anticipates Potential Problem AreasIf certain things are identified by the first inspection, it gives the seller the opportunity torepair them at competitive rates instead of possibly having to rush to get them done priorto closing.Saves timeBy understanding what might need to be done to a home early in the marketing process, itcan save critical time between the contract and closing.Benefits of Pre-Appraisal and Pre-Inspection
  9. 9. 1. Organize photographs and drawings of your property.2. Install professional For Sale sign & secure electronic lock box.3. Create professional “Home Book” to give prospects full information on yourproperty.4. Carefully submit your home to the Multiple Listing Service complete withmultiple photos, intriguing description, and virtual tour or movie.5. Design custom property flyer and list of features.6. Submit flyers of your listings to our company’s sales staff for their waitingpurchasers.7. Present your home at various industry networking meetings.8. Create a “360 degreeVirtualTour.” Links to this will be in the RMLS and onvarious web sites, including and Consult with you as to any changes you might want to make in your propertyto make it even more marketable to purchasers.10. Promote your home to the real estate professional community for maximumexposure to the other agents in Portland.11. Send information to agents marketing similar homes or working in this area.12. Have the cooperating brokers in the area tour your home-BrokersTour.13. Show a copy of all published advertisements for your acknowledgement.14. Advertise property Nationwide on the Internet through several websitesgiving you exposure that is second to none.Marketing Plan
  10. 10. Marketing Plan Continued15. Submit advertisements in the best and most effective media.16. Direct market to people in the surrounding area.17. Hold open houses if agreeable to seller.18. Aggressively follow up from open houses, sign calls, and advertising calls.19. Follow up with all of the salespeople who have shown your home for theircustomer’s response.20. Discuss buyer comments and activity with you.21. Pre-Qualify, when possible, all prospective buyers.22. Constantly update you as to any changes in the market.23. Assist you in arranging interim financing, if necessary.24. Fully represent you upon the presentation of all contacts by cooperatingbrokers and assist in negotiating the best possible price and terms.25. Handle follow-up and keep you informed on all mortgage, title, and otherclosing procedures after a contract has been accepted.26. Coordinate any inspection and finance company valuation.27. Be present at the signing of all closing documents.28. Personal Real Estate representation by John & Melody Hatch &Hatch Homes Group.
  11. 11. We feel so confident in our ability to sell your home, that when yourproperty is entrusted to our company under an exclusive right to sellagreement for 180 days or more, our firm assures you that if at any timeduring the listings period, you are not satisfied with the service you arereceiving, you may notify our office in writing and your listing will beterminated.______________________________Owner’s Signature______________________________Owner’s Signature______________________________Broker______________________________Performance Guarantee
  12. 12. We can follow up on prospects that have seen your home without themthinking you’re anxious. A homeowner calling a person who has seen theirhome can give the wrong impression that may lead them to think you aredesperate.The problem with a homeowner calling a prospective buyer “to see what hethinks” is that the buyer might get the wrong impression.You don’t want toappear as though you’ll take less money. This could lead to lower cashproceeds for you.To the contrary, it is natural for a third party like the listing agent to follow upwith a prospect. It is the responsibility of the agent to find out what kind ofreaction the buyer had to the property. This will help encourage a contractand can lead to learning about adjustments that can be made to make thehome more marketable.Sincere InterestWe know you are concerned about the sale of your home. We pledge to takea sincere interest in getting it sold for the most amount of money, in theshortest time, and with the fewest problems.Follow Up
  13. 13. Your needs are first and foremost. That’s why John & Melody always offer quality,professional service to their clients.You can count on John & Melody to provide thecommitment to excellence that you expect from professional Real EstateAgents.John & Melody’s extensive real estate expertise is coupled with over 30 years of sales andmarketing experience, highlighted by an extensive business background. Their industryknowledge and dedication to customer service will ensure that you get top market value foryour real estate transaction.Melody is a native Portlander and attended Lincoln High School. John was educated inEngland and has an engineering degree. He moved toAustralia where he managed varioussuccessful computer businesses and then settled in Portland in 1992. John and Melody havehelped 100’s of people get top value from their real estate transactions and have personallyinvested in real estate.John has the prestigious CRS accreditation and is also a member of the Real Estate BuyersAgent Council and has earned theAccredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR) designation.John is also a Graduate of the Real Estate Institution (GRI) and a Principle Broker withKellerWilliams. John has the ePRO designation awarded to high tech Realtors who havecompleted special NationalAssociation of Realtors training. Melody is a Broker with KellerWilliams and has theAccredited Staging Professional designation (ASP). John and Melodyare backed by a strong marketing and transaction coordinatorAngela Stevens.John & Melody are members of the:• Portland MetropolitanAssociation of Realtors• NationalAssociation of Realtors• OregonAssociation of Realtors• Million Dollar Club (Highest Level)John and Melody are dedicated professionals– committed to quality, committed toexcellence...and committed to you.Service Commitment
  14. 14. Service Commitment cont…What can John & Melody’s team do for you?• Offer experience– advice and guidance from top performers who have doneapproximately one transaction per week for many years.• Offer skilled negotiation– getting the best deal and a reputation for winningmultiple offers.• Good Communication– accessible and responsive by personal phone or email.• Detailed analysis– you will have detailed information to proceed withmarketing in confidence.• Provide the best tools-continually incorporating the best tools to help us makeyour transaction as efficient and successful as possible.• Provide industry connections/ referrals for all your transaction and movingneeds.• After sale, follow up to make sure everything is completed to yoursatisfaction.PROFESSIONALS503.748-8310 Direct 503.748.8360
  15. 15. “We trusted in the experience and judgment of John and Melody and our house soldquickly at a fair price.” -John & Daphne Settle“Excellent service with knowledge, integrity and efficiency. John & Melody werethe best real estate experience we have had.” -Raja andWalterWhite“Excellent! John & Melody worked hard on every aspect and were great listenersand communicators.” -Jay Almarode“Very upbeat and hard working. The market research done was very helpful.”-Russell Porter“This was a tough property to sell– John & Melody did a great job for us.”-Thomas D.Brusco“John and Melody are exceptional people. We appreciate their effortstremendously.” -Sandy and Ed Bear Jr.“After dealing with other realtors we found John and Melody to be outstandingpeople.Very helpful in everyway.” -Lee Gaworski“Very thorough and presented with professional quality.” -Hayes Family“John & Melody made us extremely comfortable first time home buyers.”-Andy and Michele Kraatz“Your dedication and commitment to customer service truly made a difference.”-Dan Benedetti“We will be recommending John & Melody to our friends.”-Andy & Anne Eichelman“Melody and John care for their clients like family.”-Cindy Murphy– Pacific NorthwestTitle“Five Star Service!” - Nancy Monroe“John & Melody are the greatest– great marketing and fantastic follow through!”-Richard and Robin FrazierTestimonials
  16. 16. The Hatch Homes Group ofKeller Williams Realty Professionals“Hassle Free Listing”Hassle Free Listing”Hassle Free Listing”Hassle Free Listing”Put more money in your pocket with our Hassle Free Listing exclusively withHatch Homes Group. Most brokers will charge you the same fee no matter how your houseactually sells...even if you find the buyer.With our program you have complete flexibility...from“Full Service” to “Do It Yourself.”If the owner elects to participate in Hatch Homes Group Hassle Free Listing program, itincludes a variable commission based on the following outcomes:5%Listing Agent procures the Buyer and writes the contract. There is no other Agentinvolved. Total commission to be 4%.1%Owner procures the Buyer and there is no other Agent involved. Listing Agent willwrite the contract, and process it through escrow for Owner. Total commission to be 1%.6%Owner’s property sells through a Buyer procured through MLS. Another agentrepresents the Buyer. This commission will be split with the Agent representing the Buyer.0%You find the buyer and there is no other agent involved. You don’t want ourassistance. You pay nothing.Cancellation PolicyCancellation PolicyCancellation PolicyCancellation Policy Owner or Listing Agent may cancel the listing at anytimesimply by calling and notifying the other party. The cancellation becomes effective fromthe time you call. However, allow two business days to have signs removed and thelisting withdrawn from the MLS.“No Pressure” PresentationNo Pressure” PresentationNo Pressure” PresentationNo Pressure” Presentation Owner authorizes Listing Agent to instructall Selling Agents that presentation of all offers are to be made to the Owner by ListingAgent only. Owner authorizes Listing Agent to receive all offers from SellingAgents and to present said offers to Owner via fax, telephone or in person.
  17. 17.• Search all local listings. If it’s on MLS, you haveaccess to it!• Set up to receive automatic emails to help you findyour perfect home.• Gain access to the latest market information.• Free Real Estate reports• Loan information• Investment tools• Free Newsletter• Real Estate Tips• Our Featured homes
  18. 18. The Competitor’s Listing on…..The Competitor’s Listing on…..The Competitor’s Listing on…..The Competitor’s Listing on…..
  19. 19. They Can’t Compete with Our Featured Listings on!They Can’t Compete with Our Featured Listings on!They Can’t Compete with Our Featured Listings on!They Can’t Compete with Our Featured Listings on!
  20. 20. Some examples of howWe get the word outAbout your-New Listing-Price Reductions-Open Houses& More
  21. 21. Hatch Homes RMLS ListingHatch Homes RMLS ListingHatch Homes RMLS ListingHatch Homes RMLS Listing
  22. 22. Preparing your homefor saleStaging: Is ItWorth It?The main benefit of hiring a professional to stage your home is that they will look at your surroundings with an experienced,tasteful and objective eye. They wont be attached to grandmothers antique table, nor will they have the same affinity you mayhave for that pink bathroom. They will be able to come in and tell you which items should be removed, what should be addedand how best to feature your home.While home staging may seem like an unnecessary expense, there probably isnt a single house that couldnt benefit from a bit ofcarefully manipulated staging-even if its a simple matter of re-organizing, freshening up and removing clutter. Often,suggestions and changes from professionals can amount tosignificant increases in the bottom line profit when sellingyour home.Some benefits that home staging provides:1) Staged Homes sell faster2) Staged homes get higher offers3) Staged houses look better in the MLS pictures, gettingmore potential buyers to actually come see the homeTips for preparing your home yourselfEvery seller wants his or her home to sell fast and bring top dollar. Does that sound good to you? Well, its not luck that makesthat happen. Its careful planning and knowing how to professionally spruce up your home that will send home buyers scurryingfor their checkbooks. Here is how to prep a house and turn it into an irresistible and marketable home.De-Personalize.Pack up personal photographs and family heirlooms. Buyers cant see past personal artifacts, and you dont want them to bedistracted. You want buyers to imagine their own photos on the walls, and they cant do that if yours are there! You dont wantto make any buyer ask,"I wonder what kind of people live in this home?" You want buyers to say, "I can see myself living here."De-Clutter!Remove extra books from bookcases.Pack up knickknacks.Clean off everything on kitchen counters.Put essential items used daily in a small box that can be stored in a closet when not in use.Think of this process as a head-start on the packing you will eventually need to do anyway.Rearrange Bedroom Closets and Kitchen Cabinets.Buyers love to snoop and will open closet and cabinet doors. Think of the message it sends if items fall out! Now imagine what abuyer believes about you if he or she sees everything organized. It says you probably take good care of the rest of the house.Neatly stack dishesTurn coffee cup handles facing the same way.Hang shirts together, buttoned and facing the same direction.Line up shoesBEFORE AFTERBEFORE AFTERBEFORE AFTER
  23. 23. Important Information AboutImportant Information AboutImportant Information AboutImportant Information AboutListing Your Home TodayListing Your Home TodayListing Your Home TodayListing Your Home TodayThe numbers are in: buying a home is cheaper than renting.In a recent Forbes article, Trulia’s Chief Economist Jed Kolko, breaks down why it is cheaper to buy rather thanrent based on current market conditions.Since last summer, home asking prices have risen 2.3%, whereas rents have risen more than 4.7%. Mortgagerates have dropped to a record 3.5% from last year’s 4.5%.What does this mean? Based on the comparison of home prices to cost of renting in the summer of 2012, buying ahome is now 45% cheaper than renting in all 100 largest U.S. metros, saving homeowners an average of $771 amonth.Kolko outlines the major components that must be taken into account in order to save hundreds of dollars a month:- Can you qualify for the lowest possible mortgage rate?- How long will you be living in the home? (The average American lives in a home for 7 years)- Which tax bracket are you in and do you itemize your deductions?The article breaks down several scenarios of tax situations, mortgage rates, and time span of homeownership. Italso displays a city by city breakdown of buying vs. renting for the top metro areas.Here’s the comparison chart for the major West Coast metroareas:
  24. 24. Every week we take thetime to check out thenew Active, Pendingsand Solds in yourneighborhoodYour Virtual TourStatistics will show youhow many views &where the views comefrom each weekWe send you theshowing feedback fromthe agents who viewedyour property that week.We explain any newinformation you shouldknow & the marketingupdates for the week.Our Weekly Update Reports!Our Weekly Update Reports!Our Weekly Update Reports!Our Weekly Update Reports!Just another great part of listing your home withHatchHomes!We keep you informedon how many hits youreceive & where you canget further stats aboutyour area
  25. 25. CoreValuesLive ByThe Get By Giving PhilosophyMake Our Clients # 1 Goal Our # 1GoalLive UpTo Our Standards DespiteTemptations to LowerThemBeWillingToWorkTowards a CommonGoodDoWhatWe SayWe’ll Do. SometimesMore. Just Never Less